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  1. @Greenbaum I'm just now reading all these posts as well. I guess it makes sense for them to ask the form for CR-1 since that gets them the conditional GC right away... Probably not for K-1s, but please let us know if you find out otherwise! Also... https://www.murthy.com/2020/02/21/newsflash-dos-implementing-public-charge-rule-effective-24-feb-2020/ Found this as well.
  2. @Greenbaum Where would this form be located? On the consulate's website? I did see this link which says at the very bottom that these forms might be requested for the K-1 applicants, however, I-864 would be required after admission in the states and marriage within 90 days. https://cliniclegal.org/resources/ground-inadmissibility-and-deportability/public-charge/state-departments-new-fam-public Not sure how accurate everything is, but why not be prepared! I'm glad I checked this thread and saw your post. People must think: Oh, this person is around all the threads. Yeah, you bet! I want to be informed. Especially when I know people like you, @Greenbaum, are SUPER knowledgeable. I for one have learned a lot by being around and present. Thank you for all you do!
  3. I wouldn't bank on that 😂 I've more time to browse around now, but I'm going away starting next week to see my fiance until the end of March. In fact, I am hoping you guys post on here while I'm gone with approvals! Lol
  4. Hmm, I would consider what's on the hard copy. But really... I guess it doesn't make much of a difference, maybe just for the purposes of accuracy on here... 🙂 Mine matches the date online in my case status.
  5. I think that means that for the purposes of your timeline, your NOA1 is 12/27!
  6. Just wanted to say that I am seeing quite a few November filers getting approved already and we still have 3 days this week! Just so excited that we are getting closer! And once they get to December filers, it will be a matter of days or weeks! SO EXCITED for this group to be flooded with NOA2s come the second half of March!!! Let's goooooooo! Lol
  7. Wait... so you sent in your petition on 12/17, but your actual notice date is 01/03 ? Or is January 3rd the date you found the letter with the NOA1 in your mailbox? Confused.
  8. You'll get the RFE letter and can see exactly what they're looking for. Could be as simple as having forgotten to check a box. Hope it's an easy fix!
  9. Thank you so much! I heard that too. That is what I did when I had to "send" my fiance back to Australia earlier this month. Got him hand sanitizer and wipes. I will definitely do the same as you. Listen to The Points Guy podcast if you're interested as well. They had an episode on the coronavirus and what they advise people to do. I guess as long as you avoid going through Asia, everything should be fine with some extra measures of precaution. Thank you for putting my mind at ease! ❤️
  10. Definitely! I will be doing all of those. I kind of already always pack the hand alcohol gel... I am such a germophob. But will definitely look into getting a mask as well and make sure I get the wipes as well. I guess beyond that, not much I can do but hope that nobody coughs or sneezes in my face. 😬
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