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  1. Should I try again? When I called last week, the gentleman I had talked to was so nice as well.
  2. We are still waiting on our case to get to NVC... 😐 It's been 5 weeks. They responded to my email yesterday saying it may take up to 6 weeks at least. I guess I'll wait another week. My fiance said not to email them again this week because they are short-staffed so instead of processing petitions, they are responding to emails from impatient people like us. 😄 oops, he does have a point.
  3. We got our NOA2 on 24 MAR, I was also using the case tracker app on iOS. I had added our WAC in there and the previous 11. All I-129Fs. I searched a few months ago for the fun of it and there were at least 100 petitions with the same NOA1 date of 2 DEC. In that group of 12 WAC #s in my case tracker, ours and 4 others were approved on or around 24 MAR. The other 7 are 3 RFEs issued in the first half of April and 4 other petitions that were not yet processed.
  4. I'm also still waiting on the case number. I've noticed some people get it quickly, others closer to the 6-week mark... But it is coming!! ❤️
  5. @Sparkle Sparkle You did it, girl! Smile!!!! This is amazing and who knows, always a plus to have the petition approved instead of pending review... Can't go wrong! Let's pray for the best for everyone and that we all get to be reunited with our loved ones in the USA!!
  6. I have also signed it and I see the 1 person only as well. Might just take a while to update? Not sure.
  7. My mind is blown by this administration... If they block immigration, me and my fiancé are moving back to Europe. If God is for us, who can be against us? And on that note... praying he doesn’t go ahead with the EO.
  8. Hmmm... has anyone seen what the current administration wants to do? Temporarily stop immigration to the US...
  9. Hi, I hope everything is going well. Have you contacted the NVC to if they have received your petition yet?

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    2. Rob Beri

      Rob Beri

      Same. I will give them a call at  two week mark anyways. And plan to follow up every week though. 

    3. EllaC


      You mean 2 week mark from the NOA2? Or 2 weeks from today?

    4. Rob Beri

      Rob Beri

      From NOA2.

  10. Replying to this a bit late... Yes, no email or text! I used the iOS Case Tracker app and then verified on the USCIS website for accuracy.
  11. @Greenbaum I have lost my job due to the COVID-19. We have received our NOA2 on 23rd of March. At the moment the consulate in Naples is still closed, but I was wondering, if I don't manage to get a job by the time the consulate opens again for the public, will I be able to use just savings for the I-134? I was reading that I must have 3x the poverty line amount($21,550). Is that correct? What about for the I-864 for the GC?
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