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Tourist visa for mother in law
4:42 am November 14, 2019


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My wife has been with me in the US for 11 years. We have talked about her mother visiting us. So I secretly helped her get a passport and visa appointment, with the help of my sister in law. I wanted to surprise my wife with her mom visiting us for Thanksgiving. Today, she had her tourist visa interview. DENIED!

She's 60, not working due to disability, married, owns own home, has 5 adult kids (3 living in her home). Was coming by herself for a month.

They have her that generic "you didn't show ties" paper. BS. But they told her like everybody else that she can re-apply. In Costa Rica, tourist visa applications is a nice little business.

I mean what is she supposed to do? She's old, and she's leaving her home, husband, kids, and grandkids there to visit us here. Where's the risk? What am I missing?

And the screwed up thing is that there's nothing she can do to change her situation to re-apply. They will just deny her again. Basically, poor blue collared working people have almost no chance to come to the US. I understand that some people will probably not get a visa because they are high risk. Like my sister-in-law, single, about 30, some education, no real steady job. Then again I know 2 woman in Costa Rica who are hookers and they both have tourist visas. It's very much luck of the draw, but once they deny you, chances of approval get worse, not better, I think.

Any advice?

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Traveling with CR1 Visa/ Green Card
9:59 pm November 4, 2019



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My husband received his CR1 Visa in May of this year from Costa Rica. We have a trip planned in a few weeks together to visit his mom, but I am nervous to travel. I know that our documents are all valid, unexpired, and legitimate, but I fear that we would have some horrible border control person and they'd give us a hard time re-entering. After all the years apart, it is difficult for me to risk this. Can anyone who has a similar visa/ situation give their experience or reassure us that traveling will probably be ok?


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K1 Visa Income Requirement
7:02 am November 2, 2019



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My partner and I are going to file by June the latest next year and so I am beginning to do research and really trying to understand everything necessary. My biggest concern is regarding the income requirements mainly because we will NOT be getting any help with co sponsors at all.

I did not make the 125% the past two years but for sure before this year ends I will be over the 100% mark. I recently started a new job that will put me above the 125% requirement but I am wondering how I am able to prove this during her interview? Do I provide pay stubs? Ask my employer stating how much I make per hour & that it is a full time job?

Thank you. My partner and I are very new to all this and trying to prepare as much as we can.

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Case Status Estimated Wait Time
5:49 pm October 22, 2019


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What is that waiting time for?

We received your application

You submitted your application on October 19, 2019

We will begin reviewing your application by conducting a background check in order to identify any issues that need to be addressed. We will schedule a biometrics appointment to collect your fingerprints. We will also review your application to make sure you have submitted all of the required information and documentation.

Estimated wait time:

12 days

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Lockers at San Jose Costa Rica
1:35 am October 18, 2019



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Hi , Just wondering if there are locker spaces for use at this location. We plan to use Uber so we will need our phone, is there somewhere there we can store it?

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