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Making corrections on form I-864
9:16 pm October 31, 2023



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Hi! I need to correct an error I made on my I-864, which has already been uploaded to & accepted by CEAC. Once I make this correction on the form, should I update my signature and date, or leave the original signature and date as is?

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Waiting for Interview for I-751, passport will expire next year
11:08 pm October 29, 2023


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Looking ahead: we are still waiting for the interview for my husband's I-751 removing conditions. His biometrics appointment was in December of 2022. I was looking at his passport today and realized it will expire in May of 2024. If we don't have the interview before then, and he needs to get a new passport, will this be an issue? Should we submit copies of the new passport page to the government somehow? Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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I-134A for Venezuelan Friend
6:18 pm October 21, 2023



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I have a Venezuelan friend whom I worked with some time in the past while they had a humanitarian stay in Costa Rica. That stay has expired and they are back in Venezuela. Can I sponsor them to come to the US?

I make more than enough money. I was reading through some posts and had some questions.

Does a family member have to start an initial petition for them? I am not family and as far as I know, no qualifying family lives in the US.

If I can just file the I-134A only and that works.. can she also bring her granddaughter of whom she has full custody for a couple years now?

Anything else I'm not thinking of?

I'm just trying to help her move to somewhere safe, or at least work here for a couple years and save money for when things improve.

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K1 application received in consulate (Costa Rica)
1:14 am October 2, 2023

Jorge Leon

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Last week we received the letter from NVC saying that our I129F has been received in the consulate. They've attached a pdf with a series of instructions to complete before scheduling the interview (form DS-140, medical exams, etc..). What we want to know is how long do we have to complete the steps they required to schedule the interview. Is it recommended to complete them in a short period of time like 2 weeks or a month?

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Schedule an Interview
10:31 pm September 25, 2023


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This questions are for my peeps who filed a K1 in Costa Rica.

We received the U.S Embassy letter with the instructions packet. We have done everything, we paid the fee and filed the DS-160. The next step would be to schedule an appointment for my fiance to get interviewed at the U.S Embassy in Costa Rica and get his medical exams done before the interview.


1. How do you schedule the appointment? Is the embassy going to schedule that for you? When we try the website https://portal.ustraveldocs.com/?country=Costa Rica&language=Spanish it keeps saying that there are not available appointments, are we doing something wrong?

2. In Costa Rica they use the first name, middle name and the two last names, let's say that my fiance's name is Juan Jos Garc a Gonz lez. That is how it shows in his passport, once we paid the $265 fee at ustraveldocs.com the name required was First Name and Last Name so we wrote Juan Garcia. Is this going to be an issue at the moment of the interview? The receipt says 'Juan Garc a' but I'm scared they are going to be very strict about this.

3. His first passport ever was expiring next July 2024, they are asking for a passport that has more than one year validity so he processed a new passport that will expire in years from now. When we filed the DS-160, we included the old passport's information because the new one would be delivered in a month or so. Do you thinks this is also going to be an issue? We are thinking about presenting both passports at the embassy.

Please, please, please help! Thank you.

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