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Can I work without an SSN or AOS but with EAD?
7:47 pm April 29, 2022



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My EAD is approved but I still don't have a SSN, I've been told it keeps getting automatically deleted from the system because we didn't get it processed before the 90 days were over so we had to wait until I've got my AOS to apply for one again. Is it possible to apply for a SSN once I get the EAD or do I really have to wait for the AOS? Our AOS is still being reviewed because of an RFE.

Also, is it possible to work with my AOS pending or without a SSN but with an EAD?

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People working for USCIS
3:54 pm April 13, 2022


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I was just thinking this morning - you never see any posts from people who either worked/work at USCIS processing these applications. I wish we would so it would give us more insight on the day to day activities, LOL. Just a random thought. Has anyone else thought this or seen posts where the author states they formally worked there?

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Fiancée has visitor visa what now?
8:59 pm March 21, 2022


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My fianc e just graduated from medical school she will receive her MD credentials this month she wants to come here and work at a non medical job while we work on her post grad process she needs a work permit/ SSN what is the best next step any help would be appreciated thank you she is Costa Ricanshe gas a 10 year visitor visa in good standibg

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HELP - Tax Fraud - how does this affect us?
3:15 pm March 17, 2022


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Good Morning everyone, I will start off by saying that I have read the guides and did a search on the site before creating this post.

I am a US citizen who has been living abroad for seven years, I have been married to my Costa Rican husband for those seven years, I am currently pregnant and have a 12 year old US citizen son that only has my last name and I am the only listed in his birth certificate. My husband is his step father.

While living abroad I have not filed taxes since I was under the impression that if I made little to no money I was excempt from doing so, I am now kicking myself for how dumb I have been, although I think this can be remedied by filing back taxes. My husband and I have been seriously discussing filing an I130 for me to petition him and move to the US. We are aware that we need a co sponsor, considering I have not had a US job in more than seven years. I believe my father could serve as a a co sponsor however we are still considering our options.

I recently spoke to a CPA who specializes in Expat taxes and he assured me I could receive taxes from the past three years if I filed this year, I briefly mentioned this to a family member which prompted a call from my mother. We do not have a relationship currently for various reasons, she informed me that she has been filing taxes and claiming my son as a dependent since 2019, God knows how much money she has received by falsely and fraudentlently claiming him. Aside from being angry, I want to know if any of you have encountered something like this? I know I have to report her to the iRS but how will this affect me petiotining my husband in the near future? Any tips/advice words of encouragement are appreciated.

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I751 Interview
2:46 am March 3, 2022



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Hey there-

CR1 visa couple here and we had never interviewed in the USA- just in my husbands home country. We have our interview here in our home city in a few weeks and I m unsure if I m supposed to bring my evidence back from the initial CR1 I130 interview (like travel proof, old photos from before marriage etc) or if I need to just bring our new stuff - house deed / bank statements / shared children s birth certs etc.


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