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Should We Include These Pieces of Evidence?
2:44 am May 23, 2020

Kate + Evgeny

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Hi, guys.

My husband and I are running late (last few days before his GC expires -- yes, I know it was not wise) getting our evidence turned in, and I am panicking a little bit about feeling like we don't have enough. It's weird ... we were so busy building a life together that we didn't do as much documenting as we feel we need -- we share a bank account, rent, and utilities, get mail to the same address, etc., but do not have documentation of owning a house together or anything like that. We have been trying to make ends meet and moving across the country together, so taking vacations and going to concerts and stuff didn't happen, and we can't present that kind of documentation.

We do own two old cars together, but neither are registered would it be okay to include that? We bought another, much more expensive, much newer car together for his work (I've only driven it once or twice, because I work from home and trust his driving much more when we go out for other things) but it's a loan in only my name as his credit was not well established enough to be put on it, and our state does not allow me to write his name on the title.

We were looking at what other options there were for evidence, and we see that we can include being each other's power of attorneys for all medical and financial matters.

We actually think both of those things are really good ideas, anyway, and we should have gotten them done regardless. The question is, if we do them at the last minute and include them in the packet, will that be worse than not including them at all because it will make us look fake?

Thank you!

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What Is The Actual Deadline for Filing ROC -- To the Exact Day?
1:03 am May 23, 2020

Kate + Evgeny

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Well, I've done something very stupid. Very, very stupid.

My husband and I have, like all of you, been in this process so long since filing for our K1 visa that it seems like some kind of mythical saga with no beginning and no end and not a fun one, obviously. We were so horribly dreading starting to deal with this again and have made the huge mistake of waiting until the last minute to turn in our ROC paperwork -- financial hardship that made it difficult to come up with the filing fee, general stress with all the craziness of having to face this immigration process again on top of all the stresses of the pandemic -- not that those are great excuses for something this important.

Now the worst part we are faced with a Sunday and a post office holiday right in a row -- which we didn't realize was a holiday until today. (Like I said at the beginning stupid.)

I was under the impression that if the post office had its receipt date marked as the expiration date on his Green Card, that would still be okay. Now I'm second-guessing that. If we send it on that date, will we have filed in a "timely manner"? Or does it actually have to be at the lock, box, received by somebody at the USCIS, in their hands, whenever they decide to go and retrieve it after the holiday weekend, or else it will be rejected for being late? I'm really freaking out about that possibility now, and don't know why I didn't think about it and take it seriously before.

The date on his card is Monday. The "Priority Mail Express" option from USPS looks like our best option, as it says it will deliver on Sundays and even holidays, with an "Overnight Guarantee," so I think that's how we'll send it. But now I'm trying to figure out if we should try to cram everything we have together and get it mailed off tomorrow (Saturday) before 1:00 pm at the regular post office (an option I'm also worried about, because I don't feel like it will be as ready as I would like it to be, and in case there was something else we could have included if we waited another day, or we're so short on sleep we make a mistake), or if we should try to send it on Sunday or even Monday if it's perfectly safe as long as we give it to the post office on the expiration date on his card ... or if we're already doomed because nobody will check that box until Tuesday, and we are about to face being deported and dying of Covid on the streets of a country that already almost killed us the last time at a much simpler time in the world and in history, and I should just go ahead and curl up into a ball right now and weep.

I know I'm being dramatic right now. But this FEELS very dramatic. This is so scary that if there was an option to just drive it there, we would do that. But I highly doubt paperwork is accepted that way. How serious is this? Do we need to include a waiver for late filing, even if we manage to send it off tomorrow? Would that make things better, or worse?

Sorry for the babbling and the sniveling. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated right now.

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Dual Citizenship after US citizenship
6:22 am April 22, 2020



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It's been a REALLY long time since I've posted.... we went through the whole process of the i-130. And I wanted to ask how dual citizenship works after your spouse is fully naturalized and a US citizen. I think he gave his Costa Rican citizenship up when he took his oath? But we were thinking about moving back someday, and I wanted dual citizenship for us both. How would this work? Thank you so much for input!!!

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handwritten corrections in I-129F
9:48 pm March 26, 2020



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We are ready to file form I-129F, but I realized there were 2 mistakes so I crossed out the information and added the correct one.

Is there going to be an issue because of this?

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Tax Question
3:27 pm March 21, 2020



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Just had a bad experience at HR Block trying to file taxes. My husband has a GC valid as of 6/15/19. He did make some (small) income in his country of residence prior, but they don t really do taxes there and there is no documentation of anything related to income.

HR Block told us we had to claim money he earned before we attended our visa interview, but that seems inaccurate to me because why would we pay US taxes on money earned abroad before he was even a visa holder and permitted to enter the USA? I don t see why we d have to claim anything that he made unless it was after the date of US entry.

Thank you

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