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US Immigration from Costa Rica

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Is it appropriate to reschedule Oath Ceremony?
2:56 pm March 18, 2019


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Hi Everyone! I'm looking for experience and advice on whether or not rescheduling an Oath Ceremony is appropriate and whether or not it would even be beneficial. My parents (husband's in-laws) have been SO EXCITED about this ceremony and desperately want to be there to celebrate with him. Unfortunately, this date is right in the middle of a 2.5 week out of the country trip for them. The Oath letter states if you can't attend, to return the paper with a written explanation and you will be rescheduled. It definitely does not say it will accommodate a specific date. Is it a bad idea to request a reschedule? If we get another date where they are still gone or even worse, one where I can't go..... then we are SOL. If it is inappropriate, we will keep this date. If it is not, it means a lot to my husband and my parents for everyone to attend. Thoughts?

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At the interview, how critical is a common language these days?
11:29 pm March 16, 2019

N & Nancy

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My wife is fortunate enough to have her CR-1 interview coming up, and I plan to join her at the interview. We are both having a case of the nerves, because we want everything to go well, of course. One possible "red flag" in our case is our lack of common language. Both her English and my Spanish are VERY limited. I can mostly get through dinner with a waiter, but we use a translator a LOT together. It's really not an issue for us...and it I've been a bad Spanish student partly as a result.

I've read some comments, from pushbrk specifically, that say a language barrier is not much of an issue these days. I'm hoping that this is the case. I'm also hoping he will chime in?

We have quite a bit of face time since we got married last trip, 6 times since our wedding last year, including trips to Cancun and Columbia together. We talk everyday on WhatsApp. I've met her whole family, including her closest sister multiple times. She talks with my mother often via email. I'm hoping our other evidence will outweigh this possible issue. Any anecdotal evidence?

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im us citizen
4:13 am March 11, 2019


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How long takes to bring my mom from costa rica or how long take from the beginning of start the application 1.130 to be approve by the way god bless my country :America'

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Two helpful tips for opening a bank account!
10:17 pm March 10, 2019


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Hey everybody,

My husband and I just successfully opened a joint bank account yesterday, and there were a couple things that came up that I thought might be helpful for others to know. First, we opened the account at Chase, and the lady helping us said that a Social Security number is not necessary to open an account. My husband did have his SSN already, but she said it was not necessary. My husband had to provide one photo ID and one form of ID with his address on it. They accepted his passport as photo ID, and our electric bill in both our names with our address on it as the secondary ID.

The other thing I noted was that the girl helping us was very well-versed in opening accounts for foreigners, and it turns out it is because we happened to go to the branch closest to the university where a lot of students also go to open their accounts, including a lot of foreign students. She even told me that she has the ID requirements for foreign students memorized, she opens those accounts so often. She was very helpful and friendly and excited to practice her Spanish with my husband. I suspect that others might have the same experience elsewhere, with branches nearest to universities (or other hubs for foreigners) being more accustomed (and open) to dealing with opening accounts for foreigners and/or special circumstances.

Hope this helps someone down the line, enjoy your weekend!

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Question regarding police certificate
5:38 am February 26, 2019


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Hi, for Costa Rica.. Do you have to apostille the police certificate "certificado policial para tramites internacionales?

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