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  1. Hiii, the lady didn’t ask me for anything at all, only my baby’s birth certificate. She said that it was an easy case and there was nothing to ask besides those yes/no answers related to trafficking drugs that I think they have to ask.
  2. OMG! I'm so naive!! lol maybe so tired with my newborn but you are so right!!! I knew visajourney would have the answers!!! thank you so much!
  3. do you know where i could find that information? i read somewhere that it would be valid for 2 years if it was signed by the doctor 60 days before i sent the papers to USCIS.
  4. yeah but they sent me another paper besides the letter saying that my medical exam was expired. My medical exam was in june 2018 so by this time has been more than a year i guess that is why.
  5. hiii! did anyone have the experience of their medical being expired? i have the interview this 26th and i dont want to get everything done again since i just had a baby and got my blood tested a few times and all that stuff. Also i dont know how much is going to be
  6. Got my interview date for April 11th and I’ll be out of town. Don’t know how to reschedule it. 😩 they say calling but that they will deny it maybe.
  7. Hey guys! Just a simple question. What are you guys doing to find a job now that the work permit is so close? I was an accountant back in Costa Rica and I hated it so much.
  8. Ohh ok! Thank you! It’s because I was talking to a Colombian girl who told me her card to travel AP got denied, but got the EAD.
  9. Last night I checked and didn’t say anything till today, but it has yesterday’s date.
  10. I’m October 1st and got that my card to work is being produced. I wonder if both cards get approved or denied in different times.
  11. Hello! Since I haven’t seen any from October yet, I thought to make one since I sent my paper September 28th, I will probably be an October filer. Hope you all have an amazing journey.
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