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  1. Thanks for all the input here! She is very excited to be training (and studying) in the USA! Now we just got to get her to make the Olympic cuts! 🤪
  2. Thanks so mUch for this comment! I decided to have her focus on the athletic portion of "why" she wants to go to a university in the USA. I told her to get all her medals she has won, any newspaper clipping, articles that mention her and bring them. I told her make sure the CO doing the interview understands that the scholarship she received is athletic based. I told her to say she wants to continue training in the USA with hopes to make the Olympic team and represent Ecuador in 2020. Shes been given a tourist visa. She's been to the USA and back. They have trusted her before. She needs to prove why she needs to study outside of the USA, and this is why. Hopefully this (plus all the other stuff I told her to get together) will be what she needs!
  3. She's swimming. She wants to train in the USA to try to make the Olympic team. She is quite good for her country. She contacted the university and they were basically like "there's nothing we can do" Which is true. I mean they can't force the US government to give out visas.
  4. I also just found out she (and her family) has been granted a US tourist visa in the past. I told her to bring evidence that she has been to the US before and has retuned on time back to her home country. Would it be important to show that her family has also gone to the US and returned? Or is that not as important?
  5. Yes I was worried when I heard about the cousin. Unfortunately it's already done and we can't take back that they know about her. Perhaps she could apply for a loan from Ecuador? Even a small $1000 loan?
  6. I told her to get a letter from the cousin sponsor to say why she planned on sponsoring, any though as to what it should have? Draft: To whom it may concern, My name is xxxx. I am writing this letter as a sign of intent to sponsor my cousin, xxxx, during her education at xxxxx university. She has explained to me her desire to be on the athletic team and I believe her training will be superior at xxxx university. She has obtained a large athletic scholarship and informed me there is a small portion left over of a sum of $5000 per year. I am happy to help her with this amount while she is studying at xxxx university. thank you for your time, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. name phone number addresss
  7. Yeah she's fresh out of high school. I'll ask about the certification, maybe she graduated from a technical high school. Yeah, so they did estimated costs for 9 months to be $26,000 (including like $7000 of extra costs). She Is receiving $21,000 in scholarship. There is a chance she will be bumped to a full ride after her freshman year.
  8. Could she get a letter from another team saying they would hire her as a coach? Not a big company, but at least not family? Not a big improvement, but something. I really appreciate your input. I'm trying to think what else could she prove? She's 18 so not a lot of financial investments or long term ties, ya know?
  9. Thanks for all this info! Yes, I'm getting new information as we go. Above I listed what I recommended she brings to the next interview. Told her to buy an accordion folder to organize papers so She looks official. I think the cousin with money in the USA is going to be hard to overcome. But hopefully if she brings enough.... we'll see. Any other suggestions for showing intent to return to Ecuador?
  10. Cousin is listed on I20 as sponsor. Yeah as soon as I heard the cousin in USA was sponsoring I was like NOOOOOOO. That's going to be tough to overcome. I told her to get all bank accounts, company papers that her dad owns, house and land titles in her parents names, a letter from dad saying he will hire her when she returns, letter from coach at university that she could potentially get a full scholarship for the next year and not need a sponsor, pictures with family and friends in Ecuador, letters from any local organizations she's been involved with. I'm asking my mom (was her coach in Ecuador, helped her find this university and plans to help move her in) to write a letter showing her support, but that she plans to stay in Ecuador (mom Is permanent resident there).
  11. Thanks! Yeah she she got the I20 from the university. Okay so she is reapplying and already has the interview set up for next Friday. Got the denial paper and it was for 214b. Evidently her sponsor is a cousin in the USA who has plenty of money to cover the $5000. I told her it was sketchy that she had a rich family member in the USA and she needed to have a really good reason for why the cousin planned on sponsoring her. I told her to get house papers, land papers, etc.
  12. Her first interview was today. She was denied. They gave her a second interview next week.
  13. They already gave her another interview for next week. So I'm taking that as a good sign?
  14. Yes, seems like total cash in bank would cover one year tuition. Evidently dad has additional assets in land, houses and such.
  15. Okay i just got some more information. The amount difference between the scholarship and costs is about $5000. The dad has $2000. Evidently the mom (parents are divorced) has money and the girl herself has money. Those three together will cover the $5000 and some. Would showing bank statements for those three accounts work? Since it is parents and the actual student? Or does it all need to be in one account? Does she need to show finances for just one year, or for all four years? thanks for your help!!!!
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