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  1. Hi, we finished filling up DS-260, and already have my I-864 form almost ready to submit. But I have an issue, currently I'm below the federal poverty line. Recently finished my nursing Degree so my income is not the best on a federal basis, pretty standard puertorican income though. Thing is, I was wondering if it would be possible to add my mother's income (household member) since we reside in the same address (property), she is just below the line, I'm assuming that it adds up to my income, but, the problem is she submitted last year (2023) taxes with 3 dependents (her grandchildren), since she took 'em in that year. This year she won't. My questions are: Is it possible to add her as a household member? Will it affect the total income (summed) if she has 3 dependents? Should I just get a Joint Sponsor that meets the income requirement? Really appreciate what you're all doing on this forum.
  2. Do I add the Handwritten reason on the bottom of the same PDF document, or do I add it separately to "Additional documents"?
  3. Hi again, regarding form I-864, part 6, item 23.a I marked I haven't filed Federal Income Tax returns for each of the most recent years since I live in Puerto Rico. I still have my last 3 tax year transcripts since I fill them here (U.S. Territory). Anyway, I just noticed that the form asks for the total income of my last 3 years, shuld i leave them in blank or ad the total income by tax year?
  4. Hello, I'm a natural born citizen born and raised in Puerto Rico. I don't have any federal taxes reports since I don't fill those, will it be a problem if I upload my local Puerto Rico (planillas) tax reports? (Including W2, that I do have in case they ask)
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