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  1. Oh my goodness! That was so fast! Congratulations! We started the process in Costa Rica in 2019 and were finally approved in December of 2020. I'm glad to see the process is picking back up in CR for others!
  2. Update incase anyone finds this thread along the way.... I wanted to share some hope for those of you in the same position!! I spoke with USCIS after FINALLY getting through the automated system and explained what was happening. She said that due to COVID, they aren't sending anything to the SSO until after the official green card arrives and that will take at least 90 days upon arrival. She said that there would be no problem if we restarted the process with Social Security if we didn't want to wait for the USCIS to put his number into the system. With that clarification, I contacted our local social security office and we were put on the waitlist for an appointment in person to restart the process. It took about two weeks for them to contact us for the appointment time. We had our appointment at the SSO and it took literally less than 5 minutes for us to turn in the paperwork. He made copies of my husband's passport and CR-1 visa (with stamp) and that was it! We received his social security card today! It only took a week after our appointment. 🎉
  3. Hi! So sorry I missed your message! I would check with the requirements for entry into your specific state to be sure. When we arrived, we didn’t have health insurance and weren’t asked about it at the port of entry. We ended up going with a monthly insurance plan because in order to have an actual short term insurance plan, you have to have been in the US for the last 12 months which didn’t apply for myself or my husband. Hope you got everything figured out! :)
  4. That was my understanding too but what I am confused about is how is he able to work without having a social security number? It is my understanding that he isn't able to open a bank account, have a driver license or be paid legally without a social security number. Do employers overlook him not having one at the moment because of his immigration status? Is there a way to prove his immigration status other than just the stamp in the passport? He hasn't received his green card yet either.
  5. Oh okay thank you for clarifying the time that the activation begins. It's a bummer since we understood that he would be able to work right when arriving with the CR-1 visa but now it seems like there is this extra step before he can begin working. We are definitely used to lots of waiting so I guess this is another chance for us to practice patience. Thank you for your response! Stay healthy and safe!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! Was there a reason that you waited the full 2 months prior to restarting the process? Is that what they suggested incase the number appears? I know the paperwork we received said to call if it had been over 3 weeks of waiting upon arriving in the states but then to receive such different information between two people in the same office was confusing. Basically we want to wait the least amount of time possible so he is able to begin working!
  7. Awesome, thank you for the information and super helpful links!
  8. Hello Everyone, It has been 4 weeks since my husband arrived in the US and we haven't received his SSN so I called the local office and wanted to share my findings with you all and see if other people have had the same issues. First off a little timeline: -We requested that a social security number be created on the DS-260 form when filing for his CR-1, that paperwork was submitted to the online filing system October 23rd. -Visa approved December 16th. -Arrived January 16th to USA First call to local office: Not in the system. Woman said that we needed to wait 2 months upon entry into the states to see if the number would appear in the system. Suggested not to restart the process for fear of duplicate number being assigned to my husband . Second Call: Still not in the system. Looked with Alien Registration number this time. Was told that if the paperwork was filed in October of 2020, it has been too long for it not to have been submitted to their office so he does not and will not have a social security number assigned to him. We were put on the wait list for emergency in-person services and told we need to restart the entire process which could take 3-4 weeks. Has anyone had the same issue? Do you have any tips or ideas for us? I will continue to update with findings incase this can help anyone else!
  9. Hey Everyone, Little bit of background: My husband's CR-1 visa was approved December 16th, 2020, paid the immigration fee December 23, arrived in the US January 16th. When we submitted the DS-260, we selected the create a social security number option and were told by our lawyer that we should receive the SSN within 1-3 weeks of arriving in the USA. Since we hadn't received it yet (and our lawyer has often told us the wrong information) I called the Social Security office on Friday and the person said that there was no evidence that he was even in the system yet. She said that he would need to wait 2-3 months due to COVID to begin the process of applying from the beginning because they don't want there to be a duplicate number. This is the part that we are both confused/frustrated by, with the CR-1 visa and the stamp, technically he is eligible to work in the US but how can he work if he doesn't have a SSN yet for payroll? Has anyone successfully been able to secure employment without a SSN to provide right away? Any advice on SSN problems, possibilities to work w/o having the actual SSN yet or pretty much anything would be amazing!
  10. Thank you @Boiler! Yes we do so that is a good idea! @aaron2020Thank you for your suggestion. I have spent a lot of time googling but I wanted to see what people had personally experienced because there are so many options it's hard to know which is legit!
  11. I haven't yet! But I will! Thank you! We are beginning in Illinois but then moving to Texas or Tennessee depending on where we can find jobs!
  12. My husband and I are planning to move to the states sometime in January of 2021, well, that is if he receives his visa when we have our interview in a few days. I'm a US citizen but have lived internationally for 5 years so I don't have health insurance in the states and neither will my husband . Anyone have any ideas on where to look for temporary health insurance as we look for jobs when we arrive in the states? I have found a few private health insurance companies that I could qualify for as a US citizen temporarily, but not sure if I would be able to add my husband to them since he is an immigrant. We really don't want to risk getting COVID-19 without insurance! Any ideas or places to look would be awesome! Thank you in advance!
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