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  1. I recently arrived on cr1 and went to the ssn office to apply for the number but was told i couldn’t apply as it automatically will be processed and sent to me in three weeks. For people who checked the box on the ds200 how long did it take for the physical number to arrive?
  2. That is usually covered by asking working permit status, which is asked in most online forms along with whether you will need sponsorship in the future . The how part though was weird.
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses. I spoke to many other recruiters who did not ask that either. I feel more confident to tell any other recruiters that ask that it’s not their business.
  4. Been approved and have CR1 visa in passport so now seeking job. In a recent chat with a recruiter I was asked how i got my green card? I asked why they needed that info and they claimed its because of the client. I have applied for the client directly before and all that is asked on their website is whether I have work authorisation. He then asked if its though diversity lottery.. I said no. Then he asked if I have ever been to the USA.. I said yes, may times. Does it really matter? Is this something I should be answering? *note, explaining how would reveal my family situation which is not the recruiters concern imo, but maybe I am overreacting.
  5. Depends on where you are it could be way cheaper . I wish I had
  6. You can get married anywhere as you meet the requirements. Whether you leave or stay and adjust is up to you. Thousands have just married in the USA and left to do documentation in their home countries.
  7. I think the op is not being rude just pointing to the very specific question asked which is ONLY about offering extra information. I don't have an answer beyond don't offer what isn't asked. I know many people who with the most details and ties still got denied. Be positive. Have her speak the truth about what's asked and let it be. For example if asked why she is going to see daughter at this time then she could offer details about pregnancy and critical time. Good luck!
  8. Drivers license can be used for proof of domicile. I think our also need proof of citizenship/ residence status. I know I uploaded a passport as well. Maybe birth certificate too.
  9. I have not apostilled mine from a third country, did you use a lawyer for this?
  10. For those who finished the interview and did it in a third country, did you need apostilled versions of your civil documents? Thanks on advance.
  11. They were all cc'd at different times. Then child was given interview first. I waited a couple days to see if they would align then I Had to send an email to NVC expedite to request interview for same date. They responded a couple hours later. Same date and time. I would wait for at least the interview for one to be set then request alignment.
  12. Hi Everyone. For someone who had multiple family members and only one got the IL, did you have to call NVC or just send an email to NVC expedite to get the other ILs for the same day?
  13. Someone had mentioned that only one of their family members got the IL and they had to contact NVC to have them interview together... how long did that take? Did you just email nvcexpedite and wait?
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