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  1. Being here illegally is ILLEGAL. I'm not sure why people think its not. 10 years, 20 years or 2 years...if you entered illegally, that is deportable. Read the immigrating laws. Its very plain. The new administration is vowing to prosecute anyone who enters illegally. I would not doubt the fact that the DOJ is now following the laws already on the books, that there will many more deportations. They aren't playing anymore. It has nothing to do with nice or mean people...it has to do with the rule of law and respecting the laws in the United States. The sooner your husband leaves, the sooner you'll know if he will be granted a visa. Its not up to Mexico, its up to the Dept of State at the U.S. embassy in Mexico. BTW, I recently knew a guy from Costa Rica who was here 20 years..had to go back to Costa Rica and finish the process... He waited 15 months..and he wasn't deported. That's just how long it takes. Consider all the backlog in Mexico...you need to plan for a long stay. Its a definite possibility.
  2. You don't need to pay for an expedite. Mine was completely free and informal. My lawyer old me it was a waste of time so I did it myself. My reason : that my employment was ending I wanted my husband here to help pay the bills. That's it. We filed I601 waiver end of Aug. Expedite approved mid Oct. Husband entered U.S. January 18th.
  3. If he's out of the US, the waiver gets filed after a refusal. The waivers being sent before the interview are the 601a waivers they file while still in the U.S.. Your lawyer is correct. You'll need the denial paper from the interview to include with the waiver. Looks like You'll need the I601 and I21
  4. The excuse they use is further security checks...our I130 took 11 months. The last5 months they gave us the additional security check excuse. I had the senators office checking once a week the last 6 weeks. The state dept only took 30 days because I followed the guide on this site. The waiver only took 4 months..I got sick of these people and asked for an expedite. It was approved. So it went fast from there.. I was told that all processing has been slowed down recently since the new administration took over. My friend now works in the state dept processing passports . Nobody knows when it will pick up ...
  5. I'd say the administration has slowed processing down on everything. I read something online about it. Sorry I can't Remember where.. Just the other day actually. Depending on what the DACA deal turns out to be and the chain migration decision. I think I read it on www.dmldaily.com ..you'll have to search through the articles.
  6. That's just saying they want you to stop contacting them. Been there...done that. They literally do not care how much your want to see your husband. Just chill and wait for the answer. It could be tomorrow and it could be a year from now. I'm sure our president has put in place some very strict vetting procedures.
  7. The waiver approval doesn't guarantee a visa. The embassy has the final decision.
  8. You have to wait for the RFE...otherwise it's almost guaranteed it will be lost...plus, what if the RFE has more requests ? Then you will be sending more information. The additional information you want to send now has nothing to get paired up with. Its not like they go looking for your waiver package and file it together with new information they receive before it's with an officer. They receive SOOOOOOO many packages everyday.
  9. Did the brother file papers for him after the adoption? You don't automatically become legal...he would have had to follow the correct procedure.
  10. Try searching in the search bar on this site..this question has been answered 1000 Times..each embassy follows their own procedure depending on the country.
  11. We did not have another interview. They just called him to pick up his passport. He did have to get a new medical exam though... Costa Rica is really easy...they will tell you if they need another interview.
  12. We filed the waiver Aug 28, 2014...requested an expedite in mid Oct. Expedite was approved Oct 20th. His waiver was approved Dec 17th. The holiday kind of interfered so he didn't enter til January 17th, 2015. I'm reading now that it's taking18 months... We used a lawyer. His only offense was a tourist visa overstay. No other crimes. He had a 10 year ban.
  13. My waiver package was about 3 inches thick...done By an attorney...it's way more than just filling out forms...and I had at least 3 serious issues...And many secondary issues. My suggestion is to get a lawyer who's experienced in waivers...the last thing you want is a delay because your package isn't complete
  14. If they say 9 months..I would assume longer. .back in 2013 my i130 took 11 months when they said 5 months...just be ready...the back ground checks and vetting is no joke these days
  15. I never received notice that my expedite was approved. You should call the uscis Ana ask to speak to tier 2. Just note..our expedite was approved Oct 2014 and it went fast after that but he didn't get his visa until January 2015. Expedite doesnt mean he enters as soon as the Expedite is approved..it just Expedites the waiver adjudication. It still needs to goto the consulate. And he will still have to comply with their requests..if any.