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I-130 Questions Regarding Divorced Parent of US Citizen Adjusting Status in the USA
2:57 am September 25, 2023


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Background: The petitioner is filing I130 and I485 for a divorced parent (mother) who is on a valid visa and is currently in the US. The petitioner is not filling an I130 for any other family members. The parent is living with the petitioner and will complete the process while in the US. The below questions will reference the I130 PDF with an edition date of 07/20/21 and expires on 07/31/2024.

Form Filling Question

  1. Does USCIS prefer ALL CAPS when filling out forms? If ALL CAPS are used, will that affect how legal names appear on future official documents?

Unanswered Questions:

These are questions I have not found the answer to.

  1. Part 2, Questions 40a to 41, page 4/12 - "If you are a lawful permanent resident..."
    • The petitioner was an LPR but is now a US Citizen. Q: Should the petitioner answer "N/A"?
  2. Part 4, Question 25a to 44, pages 6-7/12 - "Information About Beneficiary's Family"
    • The petitioner is the daughter of the beneficiary. Q: Does the petitioner list her "maiden name" or her "current" Family Name (Last Name)?
  3. Part 4, Question 46d, page 7/12 - "Date authorized stay..."
    • The Visa is scheduled to expire before the date on the I-94 online form. Q: Is it better to list when the Visa is scheduled to expire, or the date of expiration of the I-94 online form?
  4. Part 4, Question 58a to 58f, page 8/12 - Foreign Address in Foreign Alphebet
    • The foreign alphabet is Cyrillic. Since the beneficiary is living with the petitioner during the AOS, does the petitioner list this as N/A?

Unconfirmed Questions:

I found answers to the below questions, but need one more matching source for validation. Or found conflicting information and need confirmation.

  1. Part 2, Question 28 to 29, Page 3/12 - "Information About Your Parents - City/Town/Village and Country of Residence"
    1. Parent 1 is the Beneficiary. Q: Since the beneficiary is living with the petitioner in the USA while on a valid visa and is establishing residency in the USA, does the petitioner put the beneficiary's foreign City and Country, or the current US city and USA as the country?
      1. Source 1 and Source 2 says to list the US City and Country. Source 3 says to list the foreign City and Country
  2. Part 4, Question 19, Page 6/12 - "Date of current marriage (if currently married)"
    1. Q: Does the petitioner leave this "N/A" since the beneficiary is divorced?
      1. Source 1 covered widow(erd) but not divorce. Need verification.
  3. Part 4, Question 20a to 20d, page 6/12 - "Place of Beneficiary's Current Marriage"
    1. Q: Does the petitioner leave this "N/A" since the beneficiary is divorced?
      1. Source 1 covered widow(erd) but not divorce. Need verification.

Questions I had answered:

Originally I was unsure how to answer. I found multiple sources to validate these questions. Please correct me if the answer is wrong.

  1. Part 1, Question 2, Page 1/12 - "If you are filing this petition for your... parent..."
    1. Child in this case refers to the petitioner being the beneficiary's "Child". "Child was born to parents who were married..." is the best fitting answer. "Child" does not refer to any children the petitioner has.
      1. Source 1 and Source 2.
  2. Part 2, Question 1, Page 1/12 - "A Number"
    1. Since the petitioner was an LPR in the past, enter the Alien Number, even though the petitioner is a US citizen now.
      1. Source 1, Source 2, and Source 3
  3. Part 4, Questions 11a-13f, page 5/12 - "Beneficiary's Physical Address"
    1. Since the Beneficiary is living in the US during the I130 and AOS process put the US Address.
      1. Source 1, Source 2, and Source 3
  4. Part 4, Questions 25a-44, pages 6-7/12 - "Information About Beneficiary's Family"
    1. No need to list ex-spouse in this area since they are no longer family.
      1. Source 1 and Source 2

As a side note, ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Bot were not helpful at all... don't use them for reliable form-specific research.


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Second green card question
12:38 am September 23, 2023

Volha Tong

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Hi, everyone! Hope to find some answers to my questions. Please do not judge, I did looked for info here but not too deep.

Is there an interview for second green card? What is the process? You gathered documents send them 90 days before expiration of 1st GC and what's then?

I appreciate any info. Thanks in advance!

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F1 student got married with US citizen
4:47 pm September 6, 2023

Palina Minalto

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Hello there! I'm Polina, a new member here, still figuring out how everything works here. It is very interesting to know your opinion about my situation. I am an F-1 student, who got married with a citizen inside the US. 2 months after marriage, I realized that it is difficult for us to pay for my college and now there is a threat that I will be left without status. We have not yet submitted the documents, we will send them in a few days. How do you think this will affect my case?
Also, I'd be happy to get your advice about the evidence of the reality of marriage. In addition to many photos, we made a joint bank account and I am included in the car insurance. Since there are no joint rent bills or tax returns (now we live with his parents and before we lived with our friend and paid him cash), I have attached receipts for my husband's school and insurance payments for the year. What else do you think I can add to my documents?
Thanks to all of you in advance!

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Tourist visa for Belarusian citizen question
2:42 am September 3, 2023

Volha Tong

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Hi, everyone!

Could anyone tell me how a Belarusian citizen can apply for tourist visa and what timeline looks like now? Appreciate any info.

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"Do you reside in the US?" w/ Pending AOS
5:02 pm September 1, 2023



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Searched around for this and couldn't find anything concrete. Many employment applications and other forms have a generic "where do you reside?" question; interestingly, even AmericanAirlines has this for some reason. Given the multiple meaning of 'residence,' what is the safest answer to this question for a person doing AOS? Is it the citizenship country, or the United States? TIA.

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