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  1. If anyone is in administrative processing in Kyiv, I can tell you about my experience there and how it turned out ok.
  2. Well that wasn't my question. My question was not about what was said in the affidavits or if my affidavits will say something wrong if contacted. The question is that the instructions in the I 751 state that dob, and place of birth of each affidavit reference must be included. I only included phone#, address name and how they know me. forget to to have them put place of birth and dob.
  3. I have a question about the Removal of conditions part of the green card. We have finished the application and we're about to send it. I read through the I-751 Instructions, and I have a question about the affidavits. It says in the instructions to include the date and place of birth of the affidavit writer. We forgot to ask them to do that. We have affidavits which are notarized with their id and address only. Do you think this will work, or should these be redone? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello Folks the 90 day mark is approaching (90 days before my wife's 2 year green card expires), and the question is do we have to file exactly 90 days before or within 90 days for the removal of conditions? Thanks, Chris
  5. Hello folks, my wife received her green card a while back and she came in on a k1 fiance Visa. She would like to be ready for the removal of conditions in 9 months from now. We know 90 days before we must submit the application. The question is what evidence if any is needed for the interview? Thanks,
  6. Got a question. My wife got her greencard last year. Are there any restrictions to travel for its 2 years of use? Do we need a special travel form along with it? How about w/ the regular 10 yr greencard? during the time we are waiting to get approved for the 10 year Greencard are there any travel restrictions in the mean time? Do we need a special travel form in addition? Thanks, Chris
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