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  1. Hello folks: We are getting ready to go to our Green Card Interview, and we got our I707. It said we need to bring our paperwork including: w2's, employment verification, and medical vaccination. Do we need current ones or will those submitted with the green card application be ok? Thanks,
  2. Hello Folks: We are about to go for our green card interview, and we are both a little bit nervous about it. Can anyone tell me about what to expect in that interview? How difficult is it? What should we know before going? What kind of questions are asked and we sort of evidence do we need? Thanks, Chris
  3. Hello Alexo: Sounds good. Apparently the DHS has a website where you can keep track of the visa status there, however it requires too many hyper sensitive bells and whistles to sign up to the point where logging in is very difficult. Yes, we called USCIS and were told there is quite a long wait over at USCIS in our city around 26 months max. We also realized that the location in our city is reviewing cases for July 2016. So they are exactly 14 months behind now, our date filed was in Aug 2017. Pretty ridiculous.. We need to pay lower taxes, because we are not getting what we pay for.
  4. Hello Folks: The glitch is still there. I hear the main USCIS website has had problems lately. I also understand that there are 2 other websites that cover greencard application status other than just USCIS. I believe one is by DHS. In fact I have found the DHS one to be very difficult to access, because it asks so many security questions combined with the fact that it is hypersensitive we have had no luck with logging into it. Does anyone have any tips to getting logged into the DHS site, or about the other site since USCIS is down for us and many others? Thanks! Harvard
  5. Hello Folks: Things were looking good, and the interview looked like it was going to happen at any time. sincw we have been waiting almost a year and got the biometrics+work permit done. Then there was a problem, when we checked our case status it said this: " At this time USCIS can't provide you with information for your case. Please contact the USCIS Center at 1-800-375-5283 for additional information". Does anyone have any information on what this means? Thanks, Chris
  6. Hey guys, I would like to hear your opinion based upon your experience. My wife was here on a fiance visa, and we got married. We have also applied for the green card. Now we are trying to prepare for the interview, and I am interested in your opinions what kind of info will we need for the interview? I understand that photos together, records of texts, bank accounts together, trips together, dental appointments all come together to show proof of living together. What sort of questions should we expect at the interview, what sort of pitfalls has anyone experienced in terms of the interview. Is there anything I am missing in terms of what to bring as evidence? How much should I know about my wife to show the reviewers that we are a legit couple? Please give me a list of evidence I should bring and anything else helpful. Thanks! Chris
  7. Hello Folks: I have a question about the biometrics appointment. We filed for my wife's work permit and AOS at the same time. Does anyone know if we need to complete the Biometrics Exam first in order to get the work permit?
  8. Hi Geowrian: Thanks for the quick reply, she applied in Houston, we got something in the mail from them about 2 months later but our mailman was incompetent and we did not get the notice in the mail, so we filed a change of address and met with USCIS. Then they said wait 4 weeks.
  9. Hello Folks: My wife is filing for the AOS and Work Permit, but we had a mishap with the post office and we updated our address w/ USCIS, but it seemed to delay the feds a little bit, and we made an appointment with USCIS and they told us to get back to them in 4 weeks if nothing happens. So guess what? Nothing has happened, so how long do these people take? Thanks
  10. Hey Folks: We are waiting for my wife's green card. She only has a passport from her country and her fiancé visa has expired and we are now married. Can she travel with me on domestic airlines without any problems in the USA? Maybe I should ask an officer, but I want to see what you all know about this topic first. Thanks!