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US Immigration from Belarus

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Question about change of address
4:39 pm October 30, 2023



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Hi we are filing the i-751 in a few weeks and just found out that we should have let USCIS know about our new address within 10 days which we didn't do. I submitted the change of address online just now but what are the potential issues here? How would they know what date we moved anyway?

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Belarusians obtaining a Schengen visa at the Polish visa center to visit the US consulate
11:42 am October 30, 2023


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In the last six months, anyone from Belarus managed to obtain a Schengen visa at the Polish visa center for the purpose of visiting the US consulate?

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I-864 and I-864A Questions For AOS Packet
12:34 am October 25, 2023


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Background: We are submitting the I-864 and possibly I-864A with our AOS packet to USCIS. My wife, who is a US citizen, is sponsoring her mom who is legally here in the USA and will be doing the AOS process in the USA.

Question 1) Transcripts vs Tax Returns? Per https://youtu.be/b48zJLTP4ko?si=HDBdA9jZlm1tFIOn&t=1242 USCIS does not follow their own rules and issues RFEs for just transcripts. Just curious if anyone did AOS with transcripts and turned out fine. My tax return packet would be very thick if I had to go that route (up to 137 pages). I would prefer the transcript route as it is the cleanest.

Question 2) If I did have to send in my Tax Returns, which option would I select in Turbotax?


Question 3) Does USCIS accept Turbotax's 1099 and W2 forms, or would I need to make copies of the originals (if I had to submit returns)?

Question 4) My wife (primary sponsor) made less than the 125% poverty limit in 2022; however, makes significantly more than the poverty limit for 2023. We have an employment verification letter from her employer showing her current pay and can submit paystubs showing her pay increase. Should I (spouse/household member) still submit an I-864A since it seems like USCIS only cares about tax records? I made more than enough to satisfy the I-864P so if needed can file an I-864A with no issue.

Question 5) If tax transcripts are acceptable, do we still need to provide 1099s and W2s if we have to file an I-864A to show who made what income (we filed Married Filing Jointly)?

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Passport Name Different than AP
2:56 pm October 17, 2023



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Good morning! My wife and I are finalizing a trip to visit her family in Poland. I searched this question before, but want to understand completely the answer & what to prepare for - my wife's passport (Belarus) has her maidan name, whereas her EAD/AP combo card has her married name. It is impossible to update the Belarusian passport. Given this, I understand the following:

  1. We need to book the tickets under the name on her passport (i.e., maidan name);
  2. If the tickets ask for any reentry permit number, this should be the card number on her AP;
  3. She is fine reentering the US with only the unexpired combo card and passport, and presenting these at check-in should not produce any issues; and
  4. She should additionally carry both her Form I-485 receipt notice and our marriage certificate.

Additionally, is there anything I can print out to provide for the airline staff to ensure they know she can travel with the different surnames? I have had extremely bad experiences myself with staff (particularly in FRA - story for another time), and my worst fear is the airline not letting my wife leave Poland because they can't understand what's going on. TIA!

*I also wanted to confirm: it is not necessary to maintain an unexpired passport throughout the immigration process, correct? We are on over 14 months waiting for the Green Card, and the passport will expire before eligibility for naturalization. The passport is fine for this trip (will not expire w/in 6 months).

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What to put for household size? AOS of MIL [split thread]
2:42 am September 30, 2023


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@joaovily What did you put for your household? I am in the same boat...

As I read:


So if my wife is filing for her mother (my mother-in-law)... My mother-in-law is the applicant for I-485.

Do I put a household of 1 (applicant only)?

The way I read it You = Mother-in-law (applicant) = +1
Your Spouse = N/A. Mother-in-law is divorced, she is the only applicant
Your Parents = N/A. Mother-in-law is the only applicant
Your unmarried siblings under 21 = N/A
Your children as defined in INA 101(b)(1) = Cannot figure out what this is, but from what I read here (removed link), my wife is not a stepchild and is over 21
Any other individuals... (for both bullets) = N/A. Applicant has never filed a federal income tax return.

Or do I put a household of 5 (my family plus my mother-in-law/applicant)?

i-485.pdf i-485instr.pdf

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