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  1. Our NOA2 is 05/14. The case was received by NVC last week, no case number yet. Anyway, there's no rush, as we haven't met the deadline for 06/11 shipment. So, we will patiently (ha ha) wait for 06/25.
  2. Yay! They received our petition! No case number has been assigned yet, but anyway it's great news
  3. @Greenbaum hello, could you please share the information you've got on Poland, Warsaw? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. @Hd1170 just curious. Your timeline says the consulate is Armenia. Is it a typo?
  5. Download the pdf file from the first post in this thread. You will find all the answers to your questions there
  6. My fiance called them today for the first time. Nothing yet. We will call again next Friday. It's so difficult - no, utterly impossible - to concentrate on something else at this point, although we both understand it is the best thing we can do. Luckily, our understanding boss keeps us both quite busy with work 😁
  7. So probably the word 'certified' is not so important here, as there is no way they can verify whether a translator is certified or not.
  8. Hello everyone, I am wondering what the US embassy in Warsaw means by a certified translator. The website says all documents that are not in Polish/English have to be translated by a certified translator. How do they know a translator is certified if I translate the documents or have them translated in Belarus? Are translated documents supposed to have a translator's stamp or something else besides the signature? I used to be a certified translator years ago, and I would simply sign translated documents certifying that I am fluent in both English and Russian or Belarusian. And now I am confused. Could anyone share their experiences with translating documents for that embassy?
  9. You can find this information in the first post in this thread. Download the pdf file with detailed instructions, which will answer your question.
  10. Congrats! My hands were shaking when I logged in lol. Funny thing, I had a dream last night we got approved. I used to be sceptical about such things..well, I'm changing my mind And I'm so relieved we didn't get an RFE. Now I'm trying to be reasonable not to call my fiance till at least 8 am his time lol..not sure I'll succeed.
  11. Hey there, we got NOA2 dated May, 14. So, we are joining the club @Greenbaum thank you so much for the super helpful pdf file!
  12. Yaaaaaaay! We got approved on May 14. The new website has just updated. So happy! Can't believe it, and can't wait to tell my fiance. It's too early in the US Will keep my fingers crossed for everyone here. Fingers and toes
  13. My to-do list also includes a few dentist's appointments
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