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Glory be to God- We are APPROVED

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Philippines

Hi to all,

me and my fiance are chatting now..... then email pop in...... Case Status Information for Receipt Number XXXXX this case has been approved on March 7, 2006. Wow! we cant believe, we didnt see our case touched since Jan. 10th when they encashed the check, but wow, after wondering whats goin on with our case, email pops in ( WE ARE APPROVED) . Guys thanks a lot for ur help.

"""" God thanks a lot for this notice of approval, thanks for the hope that we will be together in your perfect time for us.""""

Robert and Charlene

05/28/05 - met online

11/25/05 - met in person

01/05/06 - NSC receipt date

01/12/06 - NOA1

03/07/06 - NOA2

03/21/06 - case # MNL200658****

03/29/06 - USE MNL receipt date

06/08/06 - Packet 4

07/12/06 & 07/13/06 - Passed medical

7/14/06 - Attended CFO

08/09/06 - Interview - Approved!!!

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Canada



Service Center :Texas Service Center

Consulate : Montreal, Canada

I-129F Sent:October 27 2006

I-129F NOA1 2005-11-09

I-129F NOA2: 2006-01-30

NVC Received: 2006-02-09

Packet 3 Received: 2006-02-21

Packet 3 Sent: 2006-02-27

Interview date: June 8 2006

Visa approved

August 20th 2006: Our wedding day

August 27th 2006: AOS and EAD mailed to Chicago lockbox (day 1 let the waiting begin again)

September 1st 2006: NOA from MSC for AOS and EAD stating AOS and EAD recieved (day 6)

September 7th 2006: EAD touched (day 12)

September 15th 2005: email stating AOS transferred to CSC (day 20)

September 16th 2006: Biometrics (day 21)

September 18th 2006: EAD and AOS Touched (day 23)

September 21st 2006: Snail mail transfer notice (day26)

October 18th 2006: Still waiting (day 53)

November 2nd 2006: Still waiting (day 68)

Jan. 11 2007 : Still waiting nothing since September 18 (day 138)

November 22 2006: EAD Approved

Feb. 22 2007: Still waiting (day 180)

March 5th 2007: Finally a touch case now pending at the office it was transferred to wooooooohoooooooooo (day 190)

March 6 2007: Touched again (day 191)

March 7 2007: Another touch ( ohhhhhhhh I'm all fluttery inside ) (day 192)

March 12 2007: Touched (day 197)

April 3 2007: Touched ( day 220)

April 4 2007 : Touched (day 221)

April 6 2007: Approved (day 223)

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Thailand

congratz :dance::dance:

09/05/2005 Met Tik thru my brothers Thai Wife

12/01/2005 First meeting in Thailand

12/12/2005 Returned to the USA

12/13/2005 I-129F mailed express mail to TSC

12/15/2005 TSC Recived paperwork

12/21/2005 Noa-1

12/27/2005 Noa-1 recieved snail mail dated Dec 21 transfered to CSC

03/14/2006 NOA 2

03/16/2006 Medical, Police report and postal fee paid.

03/21/2006 NVC Sent to Bangkok

03/24/2006 Bangkok gets package tracked online with DHL

03/27/2006 Mailed in packet 3

04/04/2006 Interview assigned May 22 2006

05/22/2006 Interview day... delayed Approval because of FBI NAME CHECK

05/26/2006 VISA RECIEVED!!!!!!!!!!

05/27/2006 POE LAX ..MY BABY IN AMERICA!!!!

06/17/2006 Wedding DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! MARRIED!!!

06/19/2006 Applied for ssn

06/26/2006 Recieved SSN


08/03/2006 Sent AOS paperwork to Chicago lockbox

08/07/2006 Recived at Chicago

08/15/2006 NOA for 485 and 131

08/30/2006 Biometrics

08/30/2006 Notice Transfered to CSC.. Hello My old CSC Friends

9/26/06 Received Welcome Notice email

09/30/06 Green Card IN HAND

01/08/07 Pregnant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/26/07 Baby Here!!!!!


( ='.'= )


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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Pakistan



Everything I respond to is from personal knowledge, research or experience and I am in no means a lawyer or do I claim to be one. Everyone should read, research and be responsible for your own journey.

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Colombia

Congrats! :dance:

Peter Miami

Johanna & Peter

Colombia / U.S.A.

I-129F / K-1 Fiancee Visa

08-20-02 - Met Johanna in Armenia, Colombia

10-05-05 - K-1 Sent to TSC

10-14-05 - Received NOA1 by E-Mail (Day 9)

12-22-05 - Reveived NOA2 By E-Mail & Mail (Day 78)

03-03-06 - Interview Date! (Day 149) Approved

03-10-06 - Johanna Arrived

05-27-06 - Married

I-485 / AOS (Did not applied for EAD or AP)

06-05-06 - Sent I-485 application to Chicago via USPS (Day 1)

06-06-06 - AOS Package Delivered at 12:29PM

06-12-06 - Received NOA1 by Mail

06-14-06 - Check Cashed

06-22-06 - Received Appointment Notice for Biometrics

06-26-06 - "Request for Additional Evidence" Online, waiting for letter

06-29-06 - Biometrics Done!

06-30-06 - Received RFE Letter by mail. (Missing Birth Certificate)

07-10-06 - Sent RFE by Express Mail USPS

07-11-06 - RFE Delivered @ 10:54AM Sign by D. Atwell

08-28-06 - AOS Transferred to CSC E-mail & USCIS Website (Day 85)

08-30-06 - Touched #1

08-31-06 - Touched #2

08-31-06 - E-Mail from CRIS & USCIS-CSSO - CSC received AOS Application

09-01-06 - Touched #3

09-01-06 - NOA by Mail Regarding Transfer to CSC

09-05-06 - Touched #4

09-07-06 - Touched #5

09-13-06 - Touched #6

09-15-06 - AOS Approved by Online Status & E-mail

09-21-06 - Received GC and Welcome Letter (Day 109)

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Congrats! :)



02/02/2015 - Filed Dallas lockbox. Atlanta office.

02/13/2015 - NOA received

03/10/2015 - Biometrics

03/12/2015 - In-Line for Interview

04/09/2015 - E-notification for Interview Letter

05/18/2015 - Interview - passed!

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: South Korea

AWESOME NEWS!!!!! :luv:

1/12/06 Mail I-129f express mail

1/13/06 TSC rec'd

1/23/06 NOA1 from CSC

1/27/06 - Check cleared

7/10/06 - NOA2

7/14/06- rec'd @ NVC

8/14/06- NVC sent petition to Consulate

8/17/06 - Korean Consulate rec'd Petition

8/23/06 - rec'd packet 3 from Consulate

8/25/06 - sent packet 3 back to Consulate

8/27/06 - got confirmation email from Consulate, they rec'd packet three

8/27/06 - requested interview date via Consulate internet site.

9/1/06 - Checked internet site for interveiw date, it was there

9/25/06 - Interview date - APPROVED

9/28/06 - Visa in Zaeems Hand - YEAHHHHH

1/6/07 - leaving for USA

1/20/07 - Wedding Date

1/20/07 - MARRIED!!!!!

2/10/07 - rec'd certified copy of marriage license


3/13/07 - AOS package rec'd at Chicago Lockbox

3/20/07 - Rec'd Social Security Card

3/21/07 - Checks Cashed and Case Status online

3/24/07 - NOA1 Rec'd for AOS and EAD

3/27/07 - rec'd Biometrics appt letter - scheduled for 4/20/07 @ 11:00am

4/02/07 - "touched"

4/20/07 - had biometrics appt.

4/21/07 - rec'd letter stating case was transferred to CSC

5/22/07 - rec'd Case Pending at CSC email

6/25/07 - EAD card production ordered

7/7/07 - EAD "touched"

7/7/07 - AOS "touched"

8-6-07 - Rec'd EAD Card in the Mail


7-2-10 - Received 10 year green card in mail

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Morocco


Tho' lovers be lost, love shall not... and death shall have NO dominion!



The will of God will never take you,

to where the grace of God will not protect you.

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Thailand

Congrats! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

Looks like NSC has been doing some work! :yes:

K-1 Timeline

11-29-05: Mailed I-129F Petition to CSC

12-06-05: NOA1

03-02-06: NOA2

03-23-06: Interview Date May 16

05-17-06: K-1 Visa Issued

05-20-06: Arrived at POE, Honolulu

07-17-06: Married

AOS Timeline

08-14-06: Mailed I-485 to Chicago

08-24-06: NOA for I-485

09-08-06: Biometrics Appointment

09-25-06: I-485 transferred to CSC

09-28-06: I-485 received at CSC

10-18-06: AOS Approved

10-21-06: Approval notice mailed

10-23-06: Received "Welcome Letter"

10-27-06: Received 2 yr Green Card

I-751 Timeline

07-21-08: Mailed I-751 to VSC

07-25-08: NOA for I-751

08-27-08: Biometrics Appointment

02-25-09: I-751 transferred to CSC

04-17-09: I-751 Approved

06-22-09: Received 10 yr Green Card

N-400 Timeline

07-20-09: Mailed N-400 to Lewisville, TX

07-23-09: NOA for N-400

08-14-09: Biometrics Appointment

09-08-09: Interview Date Oct 07

10-30-09: Oath Ceremony

11-20-09: Received Passport!!!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada
:dance::thumbs: CONGRATS.

our timeline

01/03/06 - mailed I-129F application to NSC

01/16/06 - received NOA1 via snail mail

03/07/06 - received NOA2 via e-mail

03/22/06 - received at NVC

03/23/06 - case forwarded to embassy (Montreal)

04/03/06 - packet 3 arrives from embassy

04/11/06 - sent checklist and DS-230 part 1 to embassy

07/07/06 - Interview in Montreal

07/07/06 - Visa denied, handed in completed I-601

08/19/06 - I-601 received in Vermont

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Vietnam



K1 Timeline

12/27/2005...I-129F Sent (Nebraska Service Center)

07/19/2006...Visa Approved

AOS Timeline

01/23/2007...AOS Sent

03/08/2007...AOS Approved

Removing Conditions

01/12/2009...I-751 Sent

06/10/2009...I-751 Approved


03/27/2010...N-400 Sent


12/09/2011...Oath Ceremony

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Thailand


K1 1/18/06 Fedex VSC

1/20/06 Package delivered to VSC (Day 1)

1/24/06 Check was cashed

1/24/06 NOA1 (Day 4)

2/2/06 NOA2 Approved (Day 13)

2/7/06 Case number assigned at NVC (Day 18)

2/16/06 Received Medical, requested Police record, paid Visa fee at post office

2/20/06 Mailed in her Checklist and DS-230 P1-Never received her Packet 3 (Day 31)

3/06/06 Received Packet 4 in the mail (Day 45)

3/07/06 Mailed in 2 photos and copy of passport photo page

4/24/06 Interview BNK Embassy (Day 94)

4/25/06 Received K1 Visa

5/09/06 Entered the USA at POE Chicago

5/19/06 Applied for SS#

6/21/06 Received SS#

7/01/06 Our Wedding Day

7/07/06 Changed name on SS Card

7/19/06 US Civil Surgeon Supplement $43.00

AOS 7/26/06 Mailed out the AOS to Chicago Lockbox (AOS day 0)

8/10/06 Received 3 Notice of Actions AOS, EAD, AP (Day 15)

8/19/06 Received RFE for financials...I already gave them everything! ??????

8/21/06 Biometrics in Manchester NH 11:00 AM (Day 26)

8/24/06 Mailed RFE financials again (Day 29)

9/07/06 Transfered to CSC (Day 43)

9/22/06 Received Welcome Notice email (Day 58)

9/28/06 Received "Approved" email

9/30/06 Received Green Card in Mail (Day 64)

I-751 06/20/08 Mailed out

06/25/08 NOA Received

01/26/09 Biometrics appointment

02/12/09 Transfered from VSC to CSC

04/05/09 Approval

06/30/09 Mailed N-400 to Texas

07/06/09 NOA

07/29/09 Biometric Appt

08/13/09 IL Reeived

09/21/09 Passed

10/16/09 Oath and Passport Application

?Notify S.S. of Citizenship

?Passport Received

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Congrats! :star:

And so he did what countless punk-rock songs had told him to do so many times before: he lived his life

10/07/2006 WEDDING DAY!

11/14/2006 AOS packet made it to 'the box' after being overnighted.

12/02/2006 Paul had biometrics

12/14/2006 AOS Forwarded to CSC AND AP Application approved.

01/17/2007 First touch of 2007 at CSC

01/20/2007 Touched AGAIN (also the 18th) come on...

February: Oops, RFE for a REGISTERED marriage certificate. Oops! Overnighted it.

02/28/2007 Paul gets email letting us know his GREENCARD is on it's way! It's done...for now!

03/09/2007 Paul's greencard arrives. And breathe...

We began with mailing the I-129 in on February 27, 2006 so the whole process took us approx. one year.

Good luck out there!

See PCRADDY for our official timeline.

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