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The Wedding

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Hi guys, i just wondered if you could help me gain an idea of what you all are doing in regards to the wedding.

Currently my fiance and I are planning on going the Justice of the Peace route and then having our big wedding when we can afford it further on down the line.

I was wondering if anyone else is doing this. If so who are you having at the Justice of the Peace with you?

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My fiance and I are going to a judge to get married, and then having an actual wedding with family and friends later. His parents will be away in Chile when he gets here, and we want to be able to file for his AOS as soon as possible, so that he can work quickly. Besides, without him working, it's hard to justify spending $$$ on a wedding when I've got to support a family of 4 on my own for a few months.

Angela & Peter


K-1 Process (Condensed)

02/01/10: Took atty's bad advice and applied for B2 visa

02/16/10: B2 Visa Interview: DENIED - K1 Required

05/07/10: Atty sent I-129F Petition to Chicago Lockbox

05/31/10: Atty rec'd Petition back due to wrong location

06/01/10: I-129F pkg sent to VSC

06/11/10: NOA1 Rec'd/Touch


10/22/10: Marriage in the US

AOS Process

11/13/10: Mailed Packet to CHI Lockbox

11/18/10: NOA1 Rec'd via Text

11/20/10: Soc. Sec. fixed mistake/Processed SSN

11/23/10: Rec'd SSN

11/23/10: Touch

12/09/10: RFE - Supposedly didn't sign I-864 when I KNOW I did. (Copies to prove it.)

12/20/10: Biometrics Appt

12/20/10: RFE Response Rec'd/Processing Resumed

12/27/10: Transferred to CSC

12/29/10: Contacted Senator re: EAD Expedite Request

12/30/10: AOS Touch

12/30/10: EAD & AP Approved (Card Production Ordered)

01/05/11: AOS Touch (Rec'd @ CSC)

01/06/11: AOS Touch/EAD Mailed

01/08/11: EAD & AP Rec'd

01/10/11: AOS Touch

01/14/11: EAD Touch

01/26/11: AOS APPROVED!!

02/02/11: Green Card Received

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We're doing a ceremony infused with Bini tradition (FH is Nigerian) then having a celebration party directly after. A few months down the line we'll do an actual wedding. This was the easiest way for us to go in regards to planning and inviting, etc.


My honey is NIGERIAN and I'm AMERICAN

K1 Journey

07/27/10 Mailed Petition

07/28/10 Petition received at VSC then forwarded to Lewisville, TX (received there 7/29/10)

08/02/10 NOA1 Notice date

08/06/10 Touched

08/07/10 Received NOA1 in mail

08/10/10 Touched

10/03/10 Touched

01/31/11 I-129F Petition APPROVED!!!

02/03/11 Received hard copy of NOA2 (although the envelope is stamped Feb 2...so only one day to get to me :) )

02/07/11 Arrived at NVC

02/07/11 MADE APPOINTMENTS FOR MEDICAL AND INTERVIEW. (Will post actual dates after they occur :) )

02/08/11 Left NVC

02/17/11 Medical

03/01/11 Interview (FH is in AP)

04/12/11 AP COMPLETED!!

04/13/11 FH notified to come to the embassy with his passport!

04/26/11 FH received Visa

04/29/11 FH Arrived in the US!!! JFK POE

06/08/11 MARRIED!

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I have a big yard in the countryside & have offered it to Bride & groom for a lovely outdoor garden style wedding. No need to reserve & they can invite as many as they like! They will have a second ceremony back in Mexico with bride whole family after the AOS or AP is granted.

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We were married in front of a judge, then had a reception party the day after. Both moms came to the ceremony.

flag45.gif Damian & Kelly 1502.gif

Rugby, England >> Harrisburg, PA.

Summer 2005 -- Met on Pokerstars.com

June 15th, 2006 -- Met in Person

Feb 1st, 2008 -- Filed I-129F

May 2nd, 2008 -- Visa Interview = Approved. (91days)

May 27th, 2008 -- Damian moves to America!

July 23rd - 30th, 2008 -- Damian's Mum Comes to the US for our wedding.

July 25th, 2008 -- Wedding Day!

March 16th, 2009 -- AOS Sent

May 8th, 2009 -- EAD & AP Approved (51days)

July 14th, 2009 -- AOS Approved!! (118days)

July 21st, 2009 -- Green Card Received (125days)

No RFEs the whole process :) All done myself.

December 4th - 30th, 2009 -- Visited England

April 8th - 30th, 2010 -- Damian's Brother visits us here in PA.

January 19th, 2010 -- Damian got his PA license.

December 10th - 19th, 2010 -- Visited England

September 16th - 30th, 2011 -- Damian's Parents came to visit us here in PA.

June 1st, 2011 -- Mailed ROC to Vermont.

February 21st, 2012 -- 10 Year Green Card Received

April 14th, 2012 -- N-400 Sent to Dallas Lockbox

November 26th, 2012 – Damian Became a US Citizen!!!

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We're planning to have an intimate ceremony at the courthouse and then once we've saved enough money to have a big wedding (probably in Ireland)we'll celebrate with family and friends. We think this is the best option because the visa process is stressful enough without having to plan a wedding as well, and our current finances would only allow for a small backyard party so I think I'd be sad if I never got my dream wedding.

K1 Visa

I-129F Sent :------------------2010-07-28

I-129F NOA1 :----------------2010-08-05

Transferred to CSC:--------2010-08-10

I-129F NOA2 :----------------2011-01-04

NVC Left :----------------------2011-01-19

Consulate Received :------2011-01-25

Packet 3 Received :---------2011-01-27

Packet 3 Sent :---------------2011-01-27

Packet 4 Received :---------2011-02-17

Interview Date :---------------2011-02-24

Visa Received :---------------2011-03-07

Flight: March 10th 2011!

Married: March 22nd 2011!


AOS Packet sent :------------2011-04-28

NOA1 :---------------------------2011-05-04

I-485 RFE :---------------------2011-05-16

Biometrics letter : ------------2011-05-23

Biometrics Walk-In :---------2011-05-26

RFE Response :--------------2011-05-31

Transferred to CSC :--------2011-06-14

EAD Approved :---------------2011-06-24

AP Approved :-----------------2011-06-28

EAD / AP Received :--------2011-07-02

AOS Approved :---------------2011-08-04

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My fiance and I are planning everything in advance, letting the vendors know what the deal is, and having back up vendors. Once the Visa is approved we call everyone up and book it. I for some reason just couldn't have a court room wedding then a party later. Call me crazy but it made me feel depressed. Totally works for some people, I am not knocking it. Just not our style... and plus I live 2hrs from where I am getting married so travel back and forth frequently. A lot of people aren't so lucky.

Edited by Tater&Bugger

See profile for our K-1 Visa/AOS story from 2010-2011Apparently we love USCIS/NVC so much we left and are doing it again! This time giving IR-1 a whirl. Rock on immigrators.

07/09/2014 sent in IR-1 packet to Chicago Lockbox

07/16/2014 NOA1

07/17/2014 check cashed by USCIS

10/01/2014 found out we are expecting baby #2 June 2015!

12/15/2014 NOA2

12/30/2014 Case received by NVC

03/23/2015 Received Case and Inv # from NVC after many calls and bogus excuses.

03/24/2015 AOS payment accepted by NVC

04/09/2015 IV payment finally accepted by NVC after the set the wrong fee and took weeks to correct it.

*many more delays thanks to the agency processing my fingers prints to the RCMP and the post office losing our mail*

05/20/2015 Packet sent to NVC via UPS, eta May 28.

06/16/2015 Baby #2 due - homebirth in Scottsdale, AZ

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Doing the same as Tater because personally I also didn't want a separate party later. We're having a small-medium (ok, maybe crowded!) JoP ceremony in my parents' great room, and the reception at a restaurant's private room. For me, planning the wedding is helping to make the wait a little easier.

~ Long version of K-1 timeline in profile "About Me" ~

November 2007 - Met on Tortus server of Rappelz

3 October 2009 - Met IRL

13 November 2010 - POE Lewiston NY

28 November 2010 - Married!

23 December 2010 - Filed for AOS/EAD/AP

31 January 2011 - walk-in Biometrics

04 March 2011 - Green Card Production ordered - no interview

05 December 2012 - Mailed I-751


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Registry office (or equivalent) next month and then hoping to plan for a blessing ceremony in April next year. Nothing too big as money will still be tight and we thing big weddings are a waste of money / trying to get friends and relatives from all over the globe is too much hassle. Just a nice outdoor blessing and then dinner at a nice restaurant. We're looking forward to it but have not planned anything!

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I have many close relatives who all live in the same area and I really wanted to celebrate with them, so we decided to book the vendors a year in advance of sending off our I-129F, with the option of pushing the date forward. It ended up well, got the visa in March, came in June. Then decided to get married anyway just to start the process and the fact that he can't apply for federal student loans without a green card and the FAFSA is due in early February...

So, the religious wedding is still in September...and my uncle who is doing the ceremony has told us that we're not married anyway :blink: so it's our "real" wedding, apparently.

Edited by Justine+David


9/9: Mailed N-400 package off

9/11: Arrived at Dallas, TX

9/17: NOA

9/19: Check cashed

9/23: Received NOA

10/7: Text from USCIS on status update: Biometrics in the mail

10/9: Received Biometrics letter

10/29: Biometrics

10/31: In-line

2/16: Text from USCIS that Baltimore has scheduled an interview...finally!!

2/24: Interview letter received

3/24: Naturalization interview

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We had a customary Chinese tea ceremony in my home country before coming over on the K-1 that almost all my extended family and my best friends attended, and since it wasn't a real wedding, we called it our engagement party (which in a sense is the truth). On flying over to the USA and like the Visa stated, my husband and I were married at the courthouse within 90 days of entry. His parents and our closest friends were in attendance, as you would need witnesses.

Six months later, we had an outdoor re-enactment and reception in his parents' backyard where my husband's extended family flew in from back East (upstate New York... Pennsylvania etc) to attend, and his co-workers and a few of my in-law's neighbours dropped in too. My immediate family also flew in from Singapore to attend. :D

So we have three anniversaries. MY family knows the tea ceremony date, HIS family knows the re-enactment date, and the two of us remember the legal date. Haha. All the more reason to celebrate, right? ;)

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good day..as for us, as soon as we have my visa approved(really praying for this one,,interview date coming already..God help us!!),...no choice at all..although his from CA, but we will have our wedding at Missouri(his family lives there..)..no problem if we have it on court(it's ok for me, just being practical now)..but somehow his mom is very excited for the event(he's the youngest),helping us with preparations(really thankful my mother-in-law to be is very nice :yes: )..his uncle is a pastor and we will not rent a chapel for the ceremony(big help already)..either so, we will just have his family and my sister coming on our wedding..It would be a simple and memorable ceremony for us(..just no roses..don't like it!!..I love lilies more!!.. :bonk: )..in any way, it's not the ceremony..it's about the promise you will have for each other that will make it memorable and the most special day in your life together!!..have a good day everyone..

* K1 Journey

2009-12-09 -met online

2009-23-09 -became a couple(was so happy:)

2010-21-03 -visited Philippines(spent wonderful times together)

2010=27-03 -engaged(Yes!!)

2010-09-04 -went back to US :(

2010-29-04 -Filed I-29F

2010-04-05 -Received NOA1

2010-12-07 -NOA2 approved

2010-18-07 -Received NOA2 hardcopy

2010-26-07 -US Embassy(Manila) received our petition!!..(yahoo!!)

2010-04-08 -HAPPY BDAY MATT!!

2010-18-08 -Medical Exam-PASSED!!..God is so good!!

2010-26-08 -Interview @ USEmbassy- APPROVED( Thank you Lord!)

2010-03-09 -Got my Visa in Hand!!..Yepey..Thank God!!..

2010-17-09 -POE:SFO,CA

2010-23-10 -Wedding @ Springfield, MO

* AOS Journey

2010-07-12 -Filed for AOS & EAD(USPS Express Mail)

2010-08-12 -USCIS received the package

2010-14-12 -Received text & email from USCIS that they accepted our AOS & EAD Application..HAPPY BDAY MARIA!!

2010-20-12 -Got our NOA1 letters in the mail for our I-485 & I-765...A wonderful Christmas gift for us!!

2011-19-01 -Received Biometrics schedule!!

2011-07-02 -Biometrics done!!..thanked God!!

2011-17-03 -AOS Interview..APPROVED!!

2011-24-03 -GREENCARD received!!..it's green indeed!!..lol..

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