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Email Fixed from Site
6:30 am January 15, 2019

Captain Ewok

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We had an issue the last few days to a week with email deliveries. The issue should now be fixed! Let me know if you have any further issues. Sorry for the delay -- it took some sleuth work to track things down!

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DWI (petitioner) occured while waiting for NOA2 of K1
8:31 am January 14, 2019


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As the subject suggests, this happened

Is there something we need to do? Like do we need to inform uscis? Or we just wait? How do you think this will affect our case

My fiance deeply regret what happened, so im hoping for kind advice...

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How to understand the case status (response to RFE)
4:00 am January 14, 2019


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Hi all

I received a RFE digitally regarding DS258 fingerprint cards, and I Fedex'ed them back before I received the actual mail- (I reacted too soon, I know)

The actual mail contains the FD258 cards, and an envelope which I was supposed to seal and send back.

2 days after the Fedex was delivered, on Jan 9, my status changed to

We received the information we requested from you

You do not need to do anything at this time

We will let you know if we need anything else from you as we continue to review your application.

This wording seems a little different than what I have read on the forum, but it does sound like the cards were accepted after all.

Is that right?

I know I could probably send again properly this time, but I don't want to confuse things, but again, I don't want to find out it was rejected after sitting here waiting for months.

Does anyone know how to read this status? and what it supposed to change to next?

Thanks a ton!

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Really anxious about NOA1
6:28 am January 13, 2019


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Hello there,

We sent our package to the Lewisville lockbox through UPS. Tracking said that it was delivered to the lockbox on January 4th. I doubled check the address and zipcode, it is at the lockbox I would presume. But we literally have not received any email, text, or money taken out of my fiance's account for the cheque. We also filed the g-1145 for notifications and this is getting me exasperated. Should I be worried that we have not gotten our NOA1? Do I call USCIS this coming Monday?

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Round-trip airplane ticket is Cheaper - can i use it?
2:12 am January 13, 2019


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Background.. K1 still waiting for noa2

My fiance and i were just checking air tickets and it seems that roundtrip ticket is cheaper than 1 way..

Ok so.. The problem lies on, my fiance plans to come ang get me.. Hopefully on the date we expected.. So we were checking those dates.. So ticket would be usa - singapore then singapore to usa...

So can i get the same ticket? Which means i wont be using the usa to Singapore... Will this be ok.. We are just gonna cancel the usa to Singapore (for me) when the date gets closer..

Thank you all in advance and i hope i explained clearly to get the advice and thoughts that i need..

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