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DS 260 question
7:44 pm


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Hi All,

I hope someone who has completed the form DS-260 can help me with some clarifications.

There is a question on DS-260 form that ask if my husband and child will be immigrating with me. They are both US citizens except me who is the applicant. We currently live outside US and will move to US once my visa is approved. We have no problem showing my husband has evidence to proof domicile too.

So, is it correct to answer "No" since they are both US citizen and not really "immigrating" but will? be returning to US?


Thanks a lot!?

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2:41 pm


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Hey all!

I just received my NOA2 for K1 VISA and would like to start preparing documents. I have a question regarding which country to obtain my police certificate, here is my background:

- Born and lived in Indonesia until before 10

- Moved to Singapore to study from 10 - High School

- Went to the US for University and came back to Singapore

I basically lived in Indonesia before I was 16, and spent about a 3-4 years in the US, do I need to obtain police certificate for all 3 countries or only Singapore?


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HELP!!!Wrong gender printed on K2 visa :((
12:17 pm


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Hello there! So I collected our passports today through aramex. My son noticed that his gender was printed as "F" instead of "M".

anyone encountered this problem? how long does it take for embassy (SGP) to process? will they retrieve K1 passport too? we already booked our tickets !!!

I want to stay calm but ...im really starting to panic! HELP!!!!

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Police certificate of clearance
1:33 pm


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Hi All,

While waiting for NVC to assign case number and the welcome letter, I would like to check if anyone have successfully used the NOA 2 letter as supporting document or proof to apply for the police certificate. As the process takes 5-10 working days, I am hoping to start on this first while waiting for the nvc welcome letter.

Please share are your experience or what you have used beside nvc welcome letter to successfully start on the police certificate process. Many thanks!

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Delay of Medical Report Delivery - Visa Status still in Administration Processing
9:49 am


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Hello everyone,

I had my K1 visa interview last Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at the US Embassy in Singapore. The interview went exceedingly well, and it was over in 10 minutes. The consul did not even ask to see any relationship evidence.

However, my medical was not delivered in time for the interview - it was delivered one day later, on 10th October. The consul told me aside from the medical report they were waiting on, my case looked good and I should expect to receive my visa on hand in about a week's time.

My visa status on the CEAC website is still in Administrative Processing - my case was updated twice, on 12th and 17th October. I am kind of in limbo right now. It has been 9 working days since my interview. I've checked with a fellow Singaporean VJ-er who had her interview on the same day as I did, and her visa was promptly issued Monday, 15th October.

P.S: If it was not for Fullerton Healthcare's negligence and inefficiency (!!!), I probably would have received my visa days ago. Singaporean filers, please be wary of Fullerton Healthcare. They have caused much distress. As I had a very short window between receiving Packet 3 and the Interview date (less than 14 days), I had to rush to have my medical done. I called Fullerton daily to remind them to expedite my report, but clearly it did not help.

Would really appreciate if anyone here could give me an idea of when I should expect my visa status to change to 'Issued'? Surely a one-day delay of medical report delivery would not have such an impact on the processing time?

Thank you!

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