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Got A 221(g) - What Happens in AP?
2:57 pm yesterday


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Hi guys, not sure whether anyone knows about the workings of AP in Singapore but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

Had my interview 2 days back (16/10), and unfortunately, even though I've mentally prepared for every scenario i thought of, I got a 221(g) because the clinic that handled my medical did not tick the box about the visa I was applying for.

Everything else seems to be okay, according to the consular officer, but he said he needs the amended report before he can go ahead to approve my petition. They kept my passport, which i am hoping is a good sign? Then I got the "refusal worksheet" with the remarks "minor amendment to medical examination report".

After some frantic phone calls, I got a callback from the clinic the same day in the afternoon, saying that they have gone down personally to the embassy to settle the matter. Have been checking my status on CEAC since then, and it says it is in Administrative Processing (AP).

Question now is, what exactly happens in AP, and would anyone know the timeline for that in Singapore? I emailed the embassy, and all they could say was that my "application is under consideration".

Now I'm simply terrified that they find a reason to deny the visa now too, since I never got the catharsis of being told my visa was approved. And rather resentful of the clinic I trusted to handle my medical.

If you've read my post till this far, thank you so much for listening. I know its very possible you might have not have an answer, but it felt good to speak about my frustrations somewhere where it can be understood.

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Retired US Army
8:39 am October 12, 2019



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Just question regarding filling up the K1 visa form

About the current job my fiance is retires since 2013 what should we put on the job as he was retired 6yrs ago

Plus about the tax turns? He doesnt pay taxes as he is retired army

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L-2 Visa Application
2:59 pm October 9, 2019

Koon Guan

Koon Guan

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Hello, I am applying for L-2 visa under my wife L-1 visa and we are applying separately.

Anyone similar to my case here?

I am currently applying as my wife has been working in USA SF for the last 1year and she recently asked me to join her over.

I had stayed in SG to concentrate on my career and also earn more money for my CPF to pay my BTO in 2020 3rd quarter.

I think I am prepared to move to USA to be with my wife now.

Please share the kind of interview questions for me to take note.

Thanks a lot guys.

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Outside US for 11 months
3:53 pm October 4, 2019



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Hi all,

First of all please dont judge as i needed some advise or anyone who went thru the same thing.

I got my 10 yr Green Card and Date of Entry to US Feb 2019 (it is on my GC too). We were in US for 2 weeks

Then We entered US again Sep 2019 for 2 weeks.

I know that we are supoosed to move permanently once i get my GC but we have our reasons. we are definitely moving to US in Aug 2020. I just found out that i am pregnant and we are also aware that we have to go in to US every 6months. I couldnt file re entry as we are outside US. My Edd is end of may 2020 and i will out US 11 months before we moved permanently.

Anyone here had the same or similar situation? Any advise or anything? Thank you so much

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Is There A Passport Book Number for Singaporean Passports?
12:06 pm September 30, 2019


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Hi all! Received my packet 3 today and was mulling over the results of my DS-160.

Basically, as title says, does anyone know whether there is a Passport Book Number for Singaporean passports?

Saw other posts on other countries' passports but didn't see one specifically pertaining to Singapore.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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