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Do you annotate bank statements / transactions (rent, school fees, etc)?
3:23 pm August 5, 2020



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We're still a few months away from needing to send in the ROC package. In the spirit of avoiding last minute work, I want to print out a few past bank statements and going forward, print them out as soon as they come in. We use our joint bank account to pay rent, some school fees, and going forward, utilities as well as Internet bills. I noticed that for our rent checks, the statement itself doesn't say where the money is going to, just a check number. Do you annotate your bank statement to show what various substantial transactions are for? Is that important/necessary/helpful? Or do you just let the statements speak for themselves, showing that there's regular and substantial movement within the account?

And if you do annotate your statements, what's the best way of doing so? Post it labels? Write in a differently colored ink pen?

Thanks in advance,

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Any K-1 visa holders got a driver's license without SSN?
12:01 pm August 3, 2020



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Anyone has gotten a Arizona driver's license without a SSN? Especially those who are K-1 filers.

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Medical before interview or if they ask in the interview?
3:22 pm July 28, 2020


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Hi All,

I'm adjusting from K1 and applied for AOS in May 2019. Our interview was initially scheduled to be in March 2020 but was cancelled due to USCIS closure.

Our interview has been rescheduled to Aug in NJ (yayy!).

They have sent us the standard interview prep letter and in list of documents needed, they have stated:

A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed environment (unless already submitted).

We submitted vaccination supplement with I-485 and medical was completed for K-1 visa.

My understanding is, if the interview was completed in March 2020, new I-693 was not required. But if the medical is older than 1 year, a new medical examination is required for the interview.

In current covid19 situation, I'm trying to avoid going to the clinic unless absolutely necessary. I'm wondering if it's a good idea to wait till interview and see if they really require a new medical?

Anyone else have been in a similar situation?

Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated!

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A bit of hopeful news... 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far!
6:40 am July 27, 2020

Captain Ewok

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Despite Covid and a swath of US consulate closings, 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far! Good news and congrats!



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August 2020 US Visa Bulletin & September Estimates Released
4:23 am July 21, 2020

Captain Ewok

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The latest August 2020 US Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State. VisaJourney has also updated estimates for September.

ball.gif Visa Bulletin Predictions (Family)
ball.gif Visa Bulletin Predictions (Work)

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