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Getting a US Passport for my daughter
12:35 pm July 1, 2022


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My wife and her daughter became US citizens in April and applied for US passports in May. My wife has sole custody of her daughter, however the state department says that she needs the approval of her ex husband to get her daughter a passport because he is listed on her birth certificate. Her ex is a Singapore citizen and he is not being cooperative. He will not agree to sign the form and give permission for his daughter to get a US passport. The passport website says my wife can get a passport for her daughter without the father's permission if she has sole custody, which she does, but the letter we received said that is not true. Does anyone have advice on how we can get a passport for my daughter without her father's permission?

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Confused... I Filed the I-864, but apparently did not supply enough evidence...
2:28 am June 7, 2022



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... now I have received a "Request for Evidence" letter...

"Based on the documents submitted, we could not determine that the petitioning sponsor, "ME" on form I-864 Affidavit Of Support, is qualified. In order to be a qualified sponsor, the petitioning sponsor's form I-864 must be properly completed and signed, and the supporting documents must establish that the petitioning sponsor's income meets 125% of the federal poverty guideline for the sponsor's household size...

...for Further instructions and the latest edition of form I-864 visit the USCIS website..."

Apparently, I submitted information that was not in the format they want. The request for information states how I should submit that information.

I am using my assets and my retirement (SSI) income instead of a job - as I am retired.

My question is... since I submitted the original AOS, the market has crashed and I lost a significant amount of money - not enough to no longer qualify, but an amount 15-20 percent different from the original AOS I submitted.

The Request for Evidence does not say to resubmit the AOS, but it does mention where I can find the latest copy.

Should I submit a modified AOS (and how) or just supply the information they requested and let the original AOS stand. I read on the USCIS site that "one" AOS (I-864) should be submitted.

I know this sounds elementary, but I am afraid of goofing and getting my wife booted from the country.

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FIled 485 already without 601 -- should i bring to interview?
12:42 pm May 7, 2022



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I have already filed AOS and haven't done medical eval yet. We are planning to do that when we get our interview invite (takes 2 weeks where I am and 30 days before our interview so we have about week/2 for breathing room) bringing that Med exam with us to interview ALONG with form 601.

Question: Will the adjudicating officer be able to decide on our exemption request form 601 there during interview or will our case be denied or post poned? Trying to wonder do I need submit 601 before interview since I already filed 485 or good enough to bring to interview or both?

I know it should have been filed with 485 from the beginning but I learned of that after I sent it in and trying to do what is right to remedy the situation now!

Thanks!! :)

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Is the I-864 Redundant?
10:09 pm April 21, 2022



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OK, I completed the I-129F 1.x years ago - along with the required I-134.

Now, my former K1 fiancee is here, we are married and I am completing the I-864. Why?

Isn't this redundant?

The I-134 had all the information I am being asked for on the I864.

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March 2022 Filers for Parents
3:46 pm April 1, 2022



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Anyone else in the same boat?

Filed for my mom on 3/20. Case is currently received. Does anyone know how long it takes to get to the next point?

Looks like the case went to Texas and I checked the processing times here:

Processing Times (uscis.gov)

It says 11-14.5 months. Is that he whole process from filing to interview, or is this to approve i-130?


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