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  1. I have a hand-me-down nook that no longer wants to keep a charge, but I only read it when traveling on long haul flights. If I'm at home, a real book works for me. My local library also has audiobooks you can borrow, and since I have a cleaning job that takes about 3hrs of my day, I plough through books at 1.8x speed so I can finish them before the deadline. I find myself re-"reading" the same ones over and over again though, and I'm a little more than upset that Joy Luck Club hasn't been transcribed into an audiobook yet. If I finish listening to a book that piqued my interest, I go on Amazon (sorry) and purchase a physical copy so I can actually read it again. Now that all my free time is dedicated to knitting though, audiobooks are perfect.
  2. Oh like those digestive biscuits from the UK?
  3. I actually looked Mr Lobster up on the repository before I started dating him. He had a looooong list of violations, all traffic-related. 😂
  4. My interviewing officer kept referring to my (ex)husband as though we were still married. She asked how long we were married for, and I answered truthfully. About 3.5yrs, which is obviously not a long time. She then asked what happened, to which I answered truthfully as well. My ex know about it now, and I'm sure he'll relay that information. Though I don't think he needed to sponsor me since the marriage and me having a job... I don't actually know the proceedings in that regard, lol 🤣
  5. No rich gringo, Mr. Lobster still looking for a job. And I work 13hr days, no relegation, man. You're just jealous of my neener. Good luck!!!
  6. Real life happened, man. My hands are now being used for knitting not typing, so neener!
  7. My new year's resolution is to knit as many hats and scarves as I can to give to the less fortunate this next winter.
  8. CBD oil has little to no THC, which is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Some states require CBD oil to be produced ONLY from hemp, which has a significantly lower THC content, and not marijuana, and even then, all traces of THC are usually removed in the processing of the plant into oil. Of course, you're right, it isn't a cure-all. However, if it comes to relief for your child's suffering, wouldn't you consider it as a viable option, alongside actual medical treatment? While I wouldn't recommend any child smoking pot EVER, nor do I do so myself (I can't stand the taste or smell), drops, salves, and ointments made with CBD oil have proven to be beneficial. Even gummies, like the Flintstones Vitamin gummies have shown to be useful. But to each their own, this is a strongly debated topic for sure.
  9. @FEODORA, what information are you trying to update? I can help! Just list the dates you require updated.
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