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US Immigration from Gambia

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K-1 Visa Process
11:07 pm March 27, 2020

Laytona Campbell

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Hello everyone since I received the NOA2 letter in February and since this COVID-19 has been effective and the Immigration is closed will that mess up my fianc part because he haven t had an interview or medical exam appointment yet and we have until June 17th do we still keep going with everything such as the I-134 support form and the DS-160 even though the offices are closed?

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I-134 Form
10:42 pm March 17, 2020

Laytona Campbell

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Hello everyone my question is the I-134 form do my fianc (beneficiary) has to have that form with him for the interview I m lost because once I fill the form out including the bank statements and everything else that s needed how will he get it do I take pictures and send it to him? HELP?

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Health insurance for husband when unemployed.
5:35 pm March 11, 2020


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Hi, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction if this has already been asked.

I'm the petitioner and I've never been employed because I started University immediately after high school. Therefore, I don't have the option to add my spouse to any plan. What insurance plan would be acceptable to the interviewing officer? I read that travel insurance is not okay since he is immigrating (IR-1). But I'm not sure how factual is that. Is it okay to use travel insurance? If not, please point me somewhere, cause I'm literally lost as to how he will have insurance if he can't get it through me or even use travel insurance. Thank you all.

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Medical Exam and Interview
4:13 pm March 10, 2020

Laytona Campbell

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Hello everyone my question is what documents my fianc the beneficiary has to bring with him to the medical exam and interview?

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rfe waiver
10:51 am March 8, 2020



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Hello everyone i recently got an rfe requesting that i wright a waiver letter because i filed 2 other petitions in the past. does any body have any suggestions on what to write? My first one just expired cause i broke off the engagement and the second one was denied cause he coukd not prove to the interviewer that he and his ex was not living together.

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