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US Immigration from Gambia

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Waiting for interview 10months now
1:46 am March 22, 2021



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Are they conducting interviews in Dakar Senegal. I can t get a response from them. We have been waiting now 10 months for an interview. I just want to know if they are working and if anyone has gotten a interview there lately. I m running out of patience. Please help. They can t answer a simple question for me.

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Rescheduled Appointment
10:38 pm March 21, 2021



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I am a US citizen who petitioned for my spouse in March of 2019. My DQ date was February 13, 2020. We have been waiting for an interview appointment and we received one for December 3rd of 2020. The NVC didn't notify me about the appointment until 2 weeks prior (November 16th ) and my husband did not complete the medical exam at that time. When he went to get the medical exam the physician panel told him that she could not guarantee that the medical exam would be complete in time for the interview so we rescheduled the appointment and got a new appointment for March 3rd. Fast forward my husband completed the medical exam on February 3rd just so that he could get it out the way and 1 week from the interview we received and email that his interview appointment has been cancelled due to the backlog of cases at the consulate and the next available appointment they have available is July 13. I contacted the embassy to let them know that he already completed the medical exam and I wanted to know if it would still be valid. They let me know that the medical exam would be 5 months old so it would still be valid at the time of the scheduled interview. My question is would he have to get a new medical exam once he is issued the visa? And will the visa be valid for 6 months from when it was issued if the medical exam expires.

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Consulate letter
9:42 am March 6, 2021



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So...I have done a little research on how to cut down some of the processing time after your case has been sent from the NVC to the Consulate. (Speaking of the Senegal Consulate.) I have read that once the NVC has sent my case to Senegal Consulate that I can pay my MRV fees, $265, and then go out to the AIS and schedule and appointment. Can this be done without receiving an instruction letter from the Consulate first?

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Paying Immigrant fee/Green card fee
3:34 pm March 4, 2021

Free Man

Free Man

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Anyone else having issues paying immigrant fee/Green card fee? Having error message the whole day.

Screenshot_20210304-153000_Samsung Internet.jpg

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DS160 FEES for Senegal Consulate
2:14 am February 23, 2021



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Does anyone know how to pay the DS160 fee to the Consulate of Senegal without having to travel to Senegal directly and paying in cash?

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