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US Immigration from Gambia

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Arrived December 2018 (CR1), filling taxes
4:56 am December 23, 2018


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I need some advices while I'm trying to understand US tax system.

I arrived ealy December 2018 as a green card holder through a CR1 visa. I don't work yet in the USA but I have income from a company based in my previous home country.

I understood I have to fill taxes for this year.

I have two questions:

1 . Should I report what I earned during my time in the USA (only December) or during all 2018 ?

2. Should I report my gross salary or only what I received on my bank account after the taxes were removed ?

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Age difference
6:48 pm December 22, 2018


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Hello guys, soon I am going to have my cr1 interview and I have? two question in my mind that disterb me that ..

1) I hope no issues will occurred about my wife and age difference she is 46 and I a?m? 33 at the time of interview.


2) And she filled AOSupport around 23500$ she making I hope that will not be issued at the time of interview please advice .


let me explain about us that we meet online December 2013 and since that time almost every day we talking and 2016 she came to my country and we live together for two months happily and disided to get marry and after we married she go back and applied I-130 for me now I expect my interview in February please advice about my issues.

thank you and best of luck all

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Visa appointment on local holiday
7:02 pm November 12, 2018


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My interview is sat for November 20 in Senegal.

November 20 is going to be an holiday. It wasn't known before because the date of the celebration depends on the moon.

I wonder if the interview will still take place or not.

Do you have the experience of interview during a local holiday?

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Sequence of Updates @ CEAC/ Administrative process
1:34 pm October 15, 2018


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Interview July17,2018 Dakar Embassy


1st -July25,2018-DS-5535 submitted

2nd - September 14,2018

3rd-September 24,2018

4th-October 4,2018

5th-October 9,3018

6th-October 15,2018

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Supporting documents for I-864 EZ
8:58 am June 13, 2018


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While my spouse and I are waiting for our case number , we have decided to prepare the NVC documents. I would like to bring our insights and get your feedbacks for the supporting document related to the I-864 EZ.

3. Signed affidavit of support

- Proof of US status (N/A)

Information regarding the joint sponsor

- Proof of domicile (N/A in our case)

When your mailing address or residence is not in the US

- Petitioner's civil documents (N/A in our case)

Only when you apply for a parent or brother sister/ or when your spouse was previously married

- Proof of relationship (N/A)

For those using I-864 to prove their relationship with the sponsor

- Evidence of income (N/A)

Only when your income is below the poverty guideline

- Forms (W2)

Optional if there is no IRS

- IRS tax transcript

Apply on everybody

- Federal income Tax returns

Optional if there is no IRS

- Social security statement (N/A)

For those using I-864W

- Proof of asset (N/A)

For those using I-864 or I-864A

We used the informations provided on :



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