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Our Marriage

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:help::dance: Just wanted to let all our friends on VJ know that tomorrow Saturday Evening at 6:30 PM Iryna and I will be putting the final touches on our journey through the visa process as we will be married in front of family and friends at that time. I just hope that eveyone on this site has found the happiness and love that I have and I want all to know that I am the luckiest man in this world. This is one fantastic site and I know it will help us on the next part of our journey the AOS.

Larry USA- Ohio Iryna- Minsk, Belarus

Met Iryna online at Myforeignbride.com 10/16/2004

We decided it was more then Friendship 11/25/2004

Pruchased my air ticket for Belarus 02/26/2005

Arrived at Minsk, Belarus 06/09/2005

Asked Iryna to marry me 06/25/2005

Left Belarus (Worst day of my life) 07/07/2005

Our Timeline:

Sent in I-129F via Overnight delivery USPS 07/18/2005

Received Petition at NSC 07/19/2005

NOA 1 Dated 07/19/2005

NOA 1 Received via snail Mail 07/25/2005

NOA 2 approved via email (Day 50) 09/06/2005

NOA 2 received via snail mail 09/10/2005

Petition sent to NVC notice via email 09/08/2005

NVC assignes Visa Number 09/21/2005

Received via snail mail Letter from NVC telling my case number 09/27/2005

Received Email From Warsaw Embassy that our file was there and its ok to fax in the Check list and DS-230's 09/28/2005

Received Email from Iryna that checklist and DS-230's have been faxed into the Embassy at 11:15Am Warsaw time 09/28/2005

Received Email telling me Iryna's interview date is 11/03/2005 at 8AM 10/03/2005

Iryna received via snail mail her packet 4 with her interview date and time of 11/03/05 at 8:10am 10/11/2005

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: South Korea
:dance: Congratulations and good luck on your wedding :luv:

1/12/06 Mail I-129f express mail

1/13/06 TSC rec'd

1/23/06 NOA1 from CSC

1/27/06 - Check cleared

7/10/06 - NOA2

7/14/06- rec'd @ NVC

8/14/06- NVC sent petition to Consulate

8/17/06 - Korean Consulate rec'd Petition

8/23/06 - rec'd packet 3 from Consulate

8/25/06 - sent packet 3 back to Consulate

8/27/06 - got confirmation email from Consulate, they rec'd packet three

8/27/06 - requested interview date via Consulate internet site.

9/1/06 - Checked internet site for interveiw date, it was there

9/25/06 - Interview date - APPROVED

9/28/06 - Visa in Zaeems Hand - YEAHHHHH

1/6/07 - leaving for USA

1/20/07 - Wedding Date

1/20/07 - MARRIED!!!!!

2/10/07 - rec'd certified copy of marriage license


3/13/07 - AOS package rec'd at Chicago Lockbox

3/20/07 - Rec'd Social Security Card

3/21/07 - Checks Cashed and Case Status online

3/24/07 - NOA1 Rec'd for AOS and EAD

3/27/07 - rec'd Biometrics appt letter - scheduled for 4/20/07 @ 11:00am

4/02/07 - "touched"

4/20/07 - had biometrics appt.

4/21/07 - rec'd letter stating case was transferred to CSC

5/22/07 - rec'd Case Pending at CSC email

6/25/07 - EAD card production ordered

7/7/07 - EAD "touched"

7/7/07 - AOS "touched"

8-6-07 - Rec'd EAD Card in the Mail


7-2-10 - Received 10 year green card in mail

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Philippines

congratulations , and wish you two the best of luck :dance::dance:

mike & jemema

7-28-05 first met online

10-4-05 engaged-in phills

12-19-05 filed I-129-f



1/25/06 nvc recieve's petiton

1/27/06 forward to manila

1/29/06 manila recieved

5/18/06 medical exam



5/26/06 Visa in Hand

6/5/06 Back to the States Together

6/13/06 Applied for SSN

6/26/06 recieved ssn

7/28/06 Wedding planned

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Brazil


Good luck to you guys and God bless everystep you take!!!

Be happy you got it!!!!

kiss from Brasillllllllllllll

wishing you luck and all the best things!!! (L)

Visa Approved!

Removal of Conditions

21/03 - VSC Received it

24/03 - NOA 1

27/03 - Check Cashed

08/04 - Biometrics received

July 8th - Approved

"Do you think who made the ears wont listen to you? Do you think who made the eyes, wont see? God is always watching you and listening to you"


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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Thailand

Congratulations! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

I look forward to that day myself!

Good luck on your new life together! :D

K-1 Timeline

11-29-05: Mailed I-129F Petition to CSC

12-06-05: NOA1

03-02-06: NOA2

03-23-06: Interview Date May 16

05-17-06: K-1 Visa Issued

05-20-06: Arrived at POE, Honolulu

07-17-06: Married

AOS Timeline

08-14-06: Mailed I-485 to Chicago

08-24-06: NOA for I-485

09-08-06: Biometrics Appointment

09-25-06: I-485 transferred to CSC

09-28-06: I-485 received at CSC

10-18-06: AOS Approved

10-21-06: Approval notice mailed

10-23-06: Received "Welcome Letter"

10-27-06: Received 2 yr Green Card

I-751 Timeline

07-21-08: Mailed I-751 to VSC

07-25-08: NOA for I-751

08-27-08: Biometrics Appointment

02-25-09: I-751 transferred to CSC

04-17-09: I-751 Approved

06-22-09: Received 10 yr Green Card

N-400 Timeline

07-20-09: Mailed N-400 to Lewisville, TX

07-23-09: NOA for N-400

08-14-09: Biometrics Appointment

09-08-09: Interview Date Oct 07

10-30-09: Oath Ceremony

11-20-09: Received Passport!!!

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Congratulations!!!! Have a wonderful wedding day!!!! :dance::D:thumbs:

> Texas have received out application and cashed the cheque!

We got our NOA1 as at 26 Oct 2005!

Sent to CSC 26 Oct 2005

NOA2 26 Jan 2006

Sent to Embassy 9 Feb 2006

Embassy sent pk3 21 feb 2006

Recd and return pk3 27 feb

Medical 8 March

recd pk4 11 April

Interview 10 May

Visa Approved 10 May

Visa Received 13 May

Fly to Memphis 21 june

Married 1 September

AOS NOA1 23 Jan 2007

Case transferred to Missourri

Case transferred back to CSC feb 01

Card in the mail March 05

Case approved March 005

Welcome to America Letters received March 08

Filed for lifting of conditions - received in Vermont Jan 20 2009

I-797C NOA received Jan 26 2009

Visit My Website

A Joy unshared is like and unlighted candle

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Filed: Country: United Kingdom

Congratulations and all the very best for your life together

Alison (F)


April A friend told me that she thought my ideal man lived in Wyoming or Montana.

May 17 Did search on match.com. Found no-one in Wyoming. Only wrote to one person in Montana...his name was John. He replied two hours later.

Jun 26 Flew to Missoula to meet him & a weekend trip turned into a five week visit...

Many trips between US, Canada & Europe.


March 31 During a meeting in Vancouver, John proposed & I said YES!!!

Jun 2 Finally sent off our I-129F & a few days later we received NOA1. I am now officially an alien bride-to-be.

Aug 22 Email notification of NOA2.

Sep 12 Received letter to say application would be forwarded to US Embassy.

Nov 23 Returned packet 3 to Embassy

Nov 30 Medical


Jan 5 Got interview date

Feb 1 Interview. APPROVED!

Feb 2 Visa delivered.

Feb 7 Flight to Seattle.

Feb 8 Finally back home in Missoula, MT. I'm happy, John's happy & the cats are ecstatic - together again!

Apr 22 Wedding Day!

May 6 Sent AOS application

May 7 Honeymoon

May 23 NOA date for AOS, EAD & AP

Jun 12 Biometrics

Jun 15 RFE for AOS mailed

Jun 20 RFE received

Aug 16 RFE reply sent

Aug 31 AP approved!

Sep 5 EAD approved

Sep 8 AP received

Nov 13 Interview letter

Dec 14 Interview. Success!

Dec 26 Got green card!


Oct 08 I-751 to remove conditions sent to CSC

Oct 14 NOA

Nov 21 Biometrics


Jan 7 Approval notice

Jan 12 Received greencard

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Colombia

Congrats!!! :dance::dance:

Peter Miami

Johanna & Peter

Colombia / U.S.A.

I-129F / K-1 Fiancee Visa

08-20-02 - Met Johanna in Armenia, Colombia

10-05-05 - K-1 Sent to TSC

10-14-05 - Received NOA1 by E-Mail (Day 9)

12-22-05 - Reveived NOA2 By E-Mail & Mail (Day 78)

03-03-06 - Interview Date! (Day 149) Approved

03-10-06 - Johanna Arrived

05-27-06 - Married

I-485 / AOS (Did not applied for EAD or AP)

06-05-06 - Sent I-485 application to Chicago via USPS (Day 1)

06-06-06 - AOS Package Delivered at 12:29PM

06-12-06 - Received NOA1 by Mail

06-14-06 - Check Cashed

06-22-06 - Received Appointment Notice for Biometrics

06-26-06 - "Request for Additional Evidence" Online, waiting for letter

06-29-06 - Biometrics Done!

06-30-06 - Received RFE Letter by mail. (Missing Birth Certificate)

07-10-06 - Sent RFE by Express Mail USPS

07-11-06 - RFE Delivered @ 10:54AM Sign by D. Atwell

08-28-06 - AOS Transferred to CSC E-mail & USCIS Website (Day 85)

08-30-06 - Touched #1

08-31-06 - Touched #2

08-31-06 - E-Mail from CRIS & USCIS-CSSO - CSC received AOS Application

09-01-06 - Touched #3

09-01-06 - NOA by Mail Regarding Transfer to CSC

09-05-06 - Touched #4

09-07-06 - Touched #5

09-13-06 - Touched #6

09-15-06 - AOS Approved by Online Status & E-mail

09-21-06 - Received GC and Welcome Letter (Day 109)

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Filed: Other Country: Canada

Congratulations and God speed on the rest of your journey together...........{{{{HUGS}}}}

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” JMAC

June 25, 2004 - Bruce & I met through mutual friends in my hometown in Newfoundland the night before he was going back to Maine

July 1 - First email between us

July 3 - I called him to wish him a Happy Independance Day

Daily phone calls and emails from there on in

October 20 - Bruce drove back to Newfoundland. He planned on staying a week but it ended up being 3 weeks. We knew for a fact we were in love!

March 19/05 - Bruce back in Newfoundland

April 8 - Bruce picked me up in North Sydney, NS and we drove to Maine. I stayed for a week due to work

July 26 - Bruce back to Newfoundland for another 3 weeks. I can't bear to see him leave.

August 10 - He asked me to marry him.........I had already asked him anyway just to make sure*_*

September 30 - I flew to Boston to meet Bruce there and then we drove back to Maine for 2 weeks

November 18 - We filed I-129F

December 1 - NOA Receipt #

December 28 - Received Packet 3

January 6/06 - Received my Police Certificate of Conduct

January 11 - Sent DS-230 Part 1 back to Montreal Consulate

February 3 - Sent off my check list to Montreal Consulate

March 24 - Medical

April 5 - Interview Date.....APPROVED......Yahoo

April 17 - Moving to Maine

May 16 - Bruce & I became Mr. & Mrs. in Las Vegas (Oh HAPPY DAY)

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