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    My 2 beautiful daughters and my 2 beautiful, wonderful, terrific, best in the world (you get my drift *_*) grandchildren (and another one on the way). <br />The Love of My Life..Bruce<br />Visa Journey has become an obsession with me since I found it...........can't soak up enough info.<br />

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    I met the LOVE of my LIFE June 25, 2004 in my home town in Newfoundland. He was vacationing here with a friend who's wife couldn't travel at the time (his friend was stationed at a base here and been back several times. Jack and Bruce work together in Maine). We only met the night before they were going back. We sat and chatted a bit, but were a bit shy because we felt something was happening (love at first sight.....cupid was in the air*_*) We were in a group of about 8 or 10 people. His friend, Jack emailed me to let me know they got home okay and I asked questions about Bruce and he sent him the email and said that he thought I could take a 'shining' to him....lol...we had a couple of emails then 2 days later........I called him to wish him a Happy Independance Day (got his number from the Internet)..... Can't believe to this day where I got the nerve!! He was so surprised and pleased and the rest is history........emails, phone calls (his phone bill for 6 weeks was almost $1000.......then he got the USA to Canada package (and so did I...lol) We both have been travelling back and forth between Newfoundland and Maine ever since. My family adore him. And tell me if anything happens to the relationship, they're taking his side..........lol.......sounds like he's accepted. And that's how I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE..

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