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Online notice for RFE disappeared after a few days
11:23 pm April 15, 2021



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Hi all,

Im currently waiting for my n400 interview and noticed a RFE pop-up message that'd say something like "we mailed you instructions blah blah." Yesterday the message was gone when I logged in, and now my account page looks just like it used to, except the time estimate to complete my case is gone. Haven't received anything in mail yet, but am starting to wonder if that was just a website glitch. I don't know for how long the RFE message had been up since I first saw it last week when logging in to check the processing time, but I usually do so once over the weekend. Has that happened to anyone else?

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Military spouse AOS expedite
9:26 pm June 16, 2020



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I applied for AOS in November of 2019 and it's been "Ready to Schedule for an Interview" since then. I was all fine with long waiting time at Phoenix USCIS office but we found out that my husband is PCSing to South Korea at the end of October. We are trying to get Command Sponsorship so I could go with him but now I'm worried about my Greencard interview not even being scheduled yet. I found some stories here on VJ of people who had similar experience with successful expedites but most of them are from 5-6 years ago. My husband doesn't have his orders yet and it most likely that he will have them one month prior to leaving. We tried calling USCIS military helpline today but the lady on the phone couldn't really help us saying that we don't fall into any categories for expediting. So now I'm confused, how did other people do it? what reason will be the right for that purpose?

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K1 refusal :( Suggestions
2:49 pm November 14, 2019


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Dear all,

I need an advice from you.

My k1 visa intetview was held on October 8th and I got RFE where the Embassy requested to send IRS transcripts for 2017-2018 by email.

At the interview day I had only #1040 form unfortunately ( for self employed petitioner)

I have submitted the requested IRS transcripts via email (the amount on them is below the requested 16910$, for 2018 is slightly below) but we have shown bank savings and sufficient current income.

On 28th of October the US embassy informed me that they received my documents and that the review will take some time and requested to refrain to send multiple inquiries ( I never did, I guess it's a standard message)

Today the status on ceac.state.gov changed to REFUSED ??

My questions:

1) Will I receive the official answer from the US embassy by email or they skip it and the status on the website is the one I should refer?

2) I have a valid B2 tourist visa until March 2020. Will they not let me in to meet my fiancee? I traveled 4 times to the States to meet my fiancee before.

3) if I apply for a tourist visa again, most probably I will be denied?

4) What the options are left now? Wife visa?

5) is there any list of countries where we can get married and the marriage will be legible, no any country restrictions?

6) what is the average waiting time for cr1?

If you read this message until the end I do hope you can give me any suggestions based on your experience and knowledge.

I am literally lost and feel so down

Thank you!

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New I-693 to resubmit AOS package
6:12 am October 31, 2019

Nafisa Zaripova


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Hi everyone!

Today I got my AOS package back from USCIS due to missing pages in all of the submitted forms (I-485, I-131, I-765 and even in I-864 Affidavit of Support).

I don't know who to blame in this and it's useless now..

After reading posts here for more than 2 hours I was unlucky to find an answer to the question that is bothering me.

The package I got back from USCIS was all reorganized and stapled in some weird way. I found out that I can send it back the same way they sent it to me.

But the thing is that the sealed envelope I got from civil surgeon with I-693 was opened and stapled to other papers.

Should I go back to civil surgeon and get a new sealed one? or I can just send opened one back?

Thank you!

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K2 Biological father
2:59 am October 30, 2019


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My fianc based out of Tashkent Uzbekistan has had her 4th interview for K1 since August. We have been on administrative processing since August, but they keep calling back for additional interviews. The last interview was today, October 29. We had a 221 g requesting for a PC from Dubai. We turned it in. Now they are asking for the contact information for the biological father of the K2. Fianc did not know the whereabouts of the biological father, but was able to locate information through social media. The biological father is not on the birth certificate since he did not acknowledge the child and wanted nothing to do with the baby. Now US Embassy is requesting his contact information to ask for consent for the child (1 year 3 months) to come to the US. Fianc reached out to him and he said he would consent.

my question is...

1) what is the process for this?

2) will they have to sign through an attorney? Or do they just contact K2s biological father and speak with him?

3) does the embassy help us out with this or do we have to deal with this on our own?

I just wanted some input of someone who has been in a similar situation.

I am confused here since the father is not on the birth certificate, but they said it was procedure for US law, which I understand, but I would assume they wouldn t contact him since he is not on the birth certificate.

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