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US Immigration from Uzbekistan

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Scheduling an interview after DQ
4:06 am April 14, 2022


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Hello! Please tell me how long it takes to wait for an interview after DQ (category F2A)

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F2A US Embassy in Tashkent
6:44 am February 26, 2022


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How long does it take to wait for an interview after DQ in Tashkent? (F2A visa)

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Visa Interview outside of Home Country?
7:06 am February 11, 2022



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My wife is from Uzbekistan, we live in Georgia now. I wondering what the process is to have the interview outside of her passport or residency countries.

It would likely not be very safe for her to return to Uzbekistan (apostate+woman living alone without her family) so if anybody has experience going through it all outside of your home country I would really appreciate you sharing how you did it. She has no residency here, and she could likely only get residency as a student.

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Administrative processing proof of relationship requested
11:29 am August 6, 2021



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Hello guys,

I would like to share our interview experience and ask couple of questions.
My wife had her interview couple of days ago and was handed a white slip with 221(g) on it indicating that we need to submit additional proof of relationship evidence. The CO also mentioned the fact that my wife had been denied an F1 student visa on 2 occasions 6 months prior to our marriage while we were in a long distance relationship and were not even engaged. Despite the fact that during the interview my wife provided the family and private photographs along with the flight tickets, the CO requested a history of our text messages and calls.
Yesterday we sent them 140 pages of new evidence of relationship:
1. chat and video call logs
2. Pictures of gifts exchanged
3. money transfer receipts
4. Additional pictures together
5. Wife's doctor's note about her pregnancy
6. Flight tickets and hotel tickets.

Do you think my wife's previous student visa denials will have any effect on her current CR1 visa?

What else could be a reason for an administrative processing aside from a lack of email and chat logs as we previously have provided at least 20 pictures of us together in different times and occasions as well as our travel and hotel tickets and marriage certificate?

Is there any data that points to a significant number of applicants being put in administrative processing?

Thank you for your help and feedback.

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Temporary residency in different countries to transfer the case
9:59 am July 22, 2021



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I am we wondering if it is possible to obtain temporary residency in different country like Poland or Dubai and transfer my case to their embassies. My embassy in Uzbekistan is not processing any k1 visas, it is only working on family based visas. And my case have been sitting at nvc for the last 7 months.

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