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US Immigration from Uzbekistan

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Divorce decree certified copy
9:48 am October 8, 2019


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Dear all,

Can anyone guide me in the following question:

After the interview we were told to bring the original of divorce decree and its certified copy.

I am wondering about certified copy. Should it be done separately now or its usually given with the original copy?

Thank you in advance!!!

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What kind of advise i can get, to bring mother, before getting GC.
4:07 am September 18, 2019


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I moved to US a year ago, already got my travel advance parol and work permit and waiting to be schedule for my interview for GC. Which we are hoping soon. I came by K1 visa, and we made our wedding within a month, but my mother couldn't join her only daughter wedding, because she was denied when she applied for tourist visa, and we all were sure she is gonna get it ?. Right now im expecting a baby, and i really want my mother be next to me when its gonna happen. But we scared that to apply for tourist visa gonna be the same result, i heard i can't even send her an invitation letter since i don't have a GC card yet.

Who else had same situation with bringing parents or relatives and what you guys did, it seems that supposed to be easy, but it doesn't. What do me missing out or what we have to do else.

Begging for advise???

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K1 Visa - “administrative processing”
1:26 pm August 13, 2019


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Hi, my fianc had her interview in TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN and our case was sent to administrative processing due to her not obtaining a police clearance from Dubai, UAE. We thought since she no longer lives in Dubai, she was not able to obtain a police clearance. Can someone point me in the right direction? Fianc said she was on tourist visa for 12 years in Dubai. Don t see how this is possible, but we have until September 30 to go back for 2nd interview and resubmit the Dubai police clearance for K1 Visa. There was 2!checks on the form provided, it was #11 for the UAE police clearance and #21 which says additional verification is required.


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K1 Visa - Interview and Medical Dates
2:29 am July 13, 2019


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My fiance who lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan has her K1 visa interview set up for August 13, 2019. The embassy gave us this interview date. However, when i log in to schedule a medical exam, the only dates available for medical exam are September 20, 2019. I am assuming i have to cancel and re-schedule her K1 interview date? is this a common issue? and also, who would i have to call or email?

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Affidavit of support K1 for self employed
4:12 pm July 11, 2019


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Good day!

We received our NoA2 on July 8th. Waiting for case to be ready at NVC.

Please could you advise on the following:

The requirement amount should be $16910 with household of 2.

1)While filing in affidavit of support, we put the income for projected 2019 (its about 60k) we will show the bank statements for 7 months at the interview.

2) the income for 2018 is 14k, IRS will be provided

3) savings 88k

4) car -7k

Will it be ok? Please advise...

I feel so frustrated (((

Thank you in advance,


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