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IR -2 visa
9:56 pm July 28, 2023

Diana Khalimova

Diana Khalimova

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Hello please need help with next situation, so I received this message first, what does it mean mine our income not enough? And next is says documentary qualified so what should I do? So I need add joint sponsor to NVC? I m confused maybe anyone had a similar situation?Thank you

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What is the Underlying Logic of the Petitioner's Domicile Requirement?
3:28 pm May 29, 2023



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My wife (a citizen of Uzbekistan) and I are getting ready to submit our I-130 soon, and as I've been looking into what comes next I learned about the "domicile" requirement that comes into play during the NVC/I-864 stage. I've read a lot of threads on VJ about how people have approached the issue of proving domicile or intent to re-establish domicile, but I still haven't been able to figure out the underlying reasoning behind this requirement.

1. Why is the US Government SO concerned about situations where the US citizen might not have domicile in the US? If a married couple is going through the trouble of submitting a spousal visa application, isn't it kind of obvious that that they want to live together in the US once the visa gets approved? Doesn't all of the proof that goes into the I-130 already demonstrate the couple is in a bona fide marriage?

2. A common suggestion often proposed on the forums here is that the US citizen move to the US several months before their spouse. Doesn't that kind of separation actually call into question the legitimacy of the marriage? Especially if the US citizen currently has the means to cohabitate with their foreign spouse in another country? That is to say, on the one hand couples are expected to provide a lot of proof of being in a real marriage and having spent time together, and then on the other hand they're expected to physically separate for some unknown period of time? I'm sensing some kind of fundamental contradiction here.

For context - I've been living abroad with my partner for the last few years, and we would prefer to not have to be geographically separated for more than a few weeks at a time. In terms of assets and income we're fine for meeting the financial requirements for immigration. Because of all that I prefer not to make overly-binding plans regarding our move back to the US before she actually receives her visa (e.g. signing leases or job offers). Right now I'm just asking these questions so as to better understand the underlying logic of this whole domicile thing, so that we can roughly plan where we need to be in life once the I-130 gets approved.

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How Many Marriage Certificate Copies Should I Request?
11:56 am April 19, 2023



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I'm a US citizen getting married soon in the country Georgia with my fianc who is a citizen of Uzbekistan. We plan to start the CR-1 application process shortly after that, and I wanted to know how many copies of the marriage certificate you would recommend we request from the Georgian Public Service Hall? A single translated copy with an apostille costs around $50, and each additional certified copy costs another $10. We'll be leaving Georgia after the wedding, so we don't want to have to come back here just for the purpose of issuing additional copies in the future.

More context: I'm still learning about the CR-1 process but I know there are a lot of stages (USCIS, NVC, Embassy Interview) and I imagine that once we arrive in the United States we might be asked to present marriage certificates for various other bureaucratic purposes too (bank accounts, insurance, etc.) I just don't know if the tendency among the authorities in the US is to take the original certified copy and keep it for themselves, if they usually return it after verifying it's authenticity, or if they typically just accept photocopies.

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US Embassy in Uzbekistan
5:02 am November 14, 2022


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Is there anyone who has recent experience with US Embassy in Uzbekistan?

Our DQ date is September 3rd 2022. We're waiting more than 2 months now to get IL but nothing yet.

I'm wondering if somebody had or has the same situation. How long to wait more? Any thoughts?


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New and learning (split and merged)
10:24 pm August 25, 2022

Madeline Miller

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Similarly, my boyfriend and I are wondering best place to apply - he is an Uzbek citizen on a student visa in South Korea; we met in school, but I'm back in the US now. He will graduate in January 2023 and apply for Korean D10 visa - "looking for work" visa - and hopefully find work there while we apply for US K1. Can we apply for his K1 through the SK/US consulate, and interview there? How do we document/verify his SK visa status change over time, in a way that doesn't negatively impact our US K1 application?

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