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  1. They must be confused. People going through K-1 visa can visit, so can CR-1 people. Like you said just be able to show proof of ties like you normally would. Of course you're subject to denial at entry point by customs if they seem it necessary; but just being in the process of a CR-1 won't be automatic denial.
  2. Travel ban k1

    You can attend or delay it.. It has been noted here on VJ that waivers or exceptions can be granted but are very few. Search here, top right corner for this matter and you'll find a lot of other threads covering this topic on 'travel ban' and similar topics.
  3. Manila has always seemed to be random in checks of the I-134 from what I have seen. Obviously you go into the interview prepared with all paperwork needed ready to provide; but then sometimes they have not asked to even see the I-134 form or any documents (for K-1 at least that I am aware of). We weren't asked to show anything even though he had everything ready to hand to them. Now, why is this... I think something that could determine the outcome is the review of the original I-129f petition, for instance, mine shows one full time job from that current time to the previous 5 years. So that shows stable, long term work which maybe makes them just go "No need to see it" and they feel comfortable. Where as someone who has 4-5 different jobs over same time frame maybe seems erratic and unstable and so they want to review their income to ensure they have the adequate funds.... Perhaps this update is going to make the I-134 actually required; or they are just correcting themselves on their requirements for the I-134. Either way, always is at the CO's discretion whether they believe someone may become a public charge or not; but will be interesting over next few weeks/months how this is implemented for people going through the process.
  4. Is this change for the beneficiary or petitioner? Beneficiary employment, while it is asked for, really doesn't matter. As for petitioner, again it happens, main concern is can you show adequate consistent income from the new job before the interview for the I-134 form.
  5. Booking flights

    Can be 1 way or round trip. Doesn't matter. Some people book round trip tickets (return flight like 4-5 months out) and then cancel it because it's cheaper than a one way. We did a one way ticket because it actually was the cheapest. Totally up to you.
  6. This has been discussed a bit here recently in part with the travel ban. As far as I am aware there are "waivers" or exceptions but very few are approved. Search here on VJ in the top right corner in the search bar for things like "travel ban" and other things and read up on it.
  7. Wedding Elopement Destination Ideas in the U.S.

    True I myself really never had much desire to go there. If I wanted to gamble I'd just go to Louisiana to some of the casinos there; but as for how it is "looked at" for AOS and to USCIS, it doesn't matter long as again you get married and fulfill the K-1 requirements, that was more the point. Definately a lot of good places to go though.
  8. First, what was the explained reason for denial? Or what can they best assume the reason was? Was it an actual denial or did they give any paperwork asking for more documentation?
  9. Wedding Elopement Destination Ideas in the U.S.

    A lot of people get married in Las Vegas, doesn't mean anything honestly as long as it's a legal marriage. We did a court house wedding in downtown. Made no difference. And hi from the Katy area.
  10. I have had the luxury of having consistent employment for 7 years with same company; but no that doesn't matter. What matters most if how much money you make consistently. If with this change of job you can still show you make the needed money annually to support your fiance, they don't care. It's only if it's inconsistent or below the needed amount. Adding this in my edit, if you took a new job now you'd be there almost a year by next May so that is good, not just brand new technically then. Good you're thinking a head of time; but if something comes along go for it.
  11. You submit the I-134 form, affidavit of support, during the interview stage.
  12. Couldn't give you 100% answer either way honestly. For myself our paperwork was always with our full names printed so we both signed as complete full names. I'm the same as you normally I just sign first and last. So for me I'd say just sign full name just to cover yourself, not worth risking an RFE over it.
  13. No, if you have AP you are allowed to travel. Maybe search here on VJ in the top right hand corner there's a search bar. Search for like "traveling on AP Canada" and see if there's any specific threads about this and it can give you insight as to what to expect.
  14. If you applied for AOS, and received the NOA1, or receipt basically saying they are processing your case, your I-94 doesn't matter now. You are legal because you're in the adjustment process.
  15. Affidavit of Support Help

    I-134. I-864 is for AOS after marriage in the US.