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    My dad's sister filed for him back in 1995, included my brother and I. We both aged out by the time his interview came around in 2009,he migrated in October 2009 and then submitted I130 for us both in 2010. Impatiently waiting.

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  1. What's goin on with you? Them free yuh up yet? lol! And you! Everything set?
  2. Y'all, for the love of GAWD! Make sure your visa pictures look decent, Lol! My I-551 picture is SO DIFFERENT from my passport and now driver's license. Ladies, make sure your face is on point! Thank the Lord I don't need to walk with my immigration card, I'd scare babies, lol! @Jarin12345, what's the news!? Any good news?
  3. Agreed with Lain. Bring original and photocopy and translated version and make sure your home country police certificate is also current.
  4. What?! that's not right.. we got here after you guys
  5. It happens, its just that you missed the cut-off date. There is a good chance that you might be current in next month's bulletin. You can start calling NVC to see if they've scheduled your interview. In the meantime, start making sure you have current copies of all documents required as in tax forms, pictures, your passport is current, etc.
  6. Well, fingers crossed! I haven't received my revised social yet, everyone keeps telling me I need to go in office and get it done, which I just might need to do one day this week, sigh.
  7. I still can't believe we left so close apart, lol. And I bet you flew into JFK, right? Fingers crossed. You can check status on the same site where you paid the visa fee. I need to go get my social changed tho - my brother went to get his like 3 days after we got here and he already got his card. All now me nuh get mine, smh.
  8. Agreed with Lain. I got a copy of my immunization record from the 80's. When you do your medical, they'll figure out what vaccinations if any you need at that time. And you NEED to bring a police record from every country you've lived in for longer than 6 months, and make sure they are certified translated to English - with a stamp, and get a receipt if you can. When I did my interview, I submitted the original and a certified copy of the translation, I even had the receipt taped to the copy, she was about to ask for it before she saw it and said that it was OK.
  9. Hello again!!! Received GC yesterday, valid for 10 years. Now, to get a transfer or find a job. The vacation is over
  10. Can he use the address of his choice of agent? Or the address in the US where his petitioner resides? I was living in a different country than my home country when I filed, I used my uncle's address in the US and that is where physical copies of all documents were sent, even though I also received them by email.
  11. Same here. I'm gonna go next week, after Independence day. My brother needs a new card, I just need to get the conditions on mine removed. And start the job hunt. I'm still up for beer at Dave & Busters y'all.