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arrowHelp pls! K1 fiance visa denied
February 1, 2016, 9:13 pm Last comment by Princessa1126

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Hi vj my fiancé visa was denied in Islamabad embassy. A little bit about our case that I filed the petition on October 6,2015 at Texas Service Center and it was forward to California Service Center for the most part everything went completely fast case was approve and forward to US emabassy in Islamabad on Nov 15 2015. I receive an email on December 3, 2015 with instruction packet 3.5 info what needed to be completed and mail back to have the interview fiancé completed everything. December 18, 2015 receive another email with interview date of Jan 3, 2016. The day of the interview fiancé arrived and complete all the formalities that needed to be completed with that selected English for his interview. He was interviewed by two officer one American and the other was Pakistani the first one was the American who was really nice ask a few question and fiancé answer then was told to have a sit in the waiting area to be called again by the next officer whom was really mean an rude, he ask fiancé the basic question where did we meet blah blah then he ask him question that my fiancé didn't no where do my brother work? How much do I make? What kind of car do I drive? Fiancé said he don't know to two of the question and Said she has a American car to the last question at that point the officer went off snapping at him saying I ask you want kind of car do she have you don't know this that he also went as far as saying I'm calling the FBI how did you get this police report then he pick of the phone and was acting like he was calling someone then told him tell me the truth are these paper fake who file this case for you so fiancé answer him then officer said go have a sit to get finger printed again after that he told him he will here something in 5-7 days. So after 10 days went by I email the embassy and they never replied back then email again then they said that he didn't show up for his interview I email them again saying he did that we can fax in proof than they email me back saying they are sorry that he did show up but he was place in Ap after a week went by we check the status of immigrant visa and it said refuse so I email them again to ask what does that mean was he denied so I got an email back saying he was in Ap that was on January 29, 2016 now on Feburary 1 2016 it says it was sent back to NVC I'm so confuse... I know I wrote a lot but it hard for me to deal with this disturbing news I receive..I know I'm not the only one out here that is going through this terrible ordeal.. Pls if you can tell me what I can do to try to get an second interview or will I be able to appeal this decision any type of way feel free to respond

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arrowhow to file for joint sponsorship, 221g- need complete instructions (merged)
December 10, 2015, 4:13 pm Last comment by mallafri76

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Im the wife of a us citizen, the CO said everything looked fine but you need to submit two more additional documents; which i did exactly after a week.
Now my case status updated two days after I submitted the documented which I understand means that they are acknowledging that they received my documents, but now it has been over two weeks and it hasn't updated yet.
I want to know if theres any severe back log or delay associated with 221g if my visa has gone to the back of the lot again, because holidays are coming and i really have to get there. Any idea how long it usually takes?

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arrowAP dates updated quarries
December 3, 2015, 7:41 am Last comment by Kastrs

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Hi every one pls share your experience- regarding K1..AP


well i am just wandering to know that some time embassy update date ,and some time it send e-mail along with date updated,

now my quarry is whats the difference in both things ..plus does it a response of the electronic email u send to embassy or they actually working on the case...just wanna know difference between two.


also my senator says they are not gonna contact emassy until its 3 months?

can my lawyer contact the embassy by any means to know ,whats happening with my case ,since i m a week over 2 months of AP ,now?



pls share your experiences.

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arrowConfusion Regarding My Online Visa Status
December 2, 2015, 9:49 am Last comment by yasmin fatima
yasmin fatima

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I have a confusion regarding my Online US Visa Status for K1 Visa. I have already been interviewed on 19th Nov. At the time of my interview, the consular asked me to correct my Surname on my passport, then send it back to the Embassy and they will issue my Visa. They also asked me to send 221g letter along with my passport to them.
Since then my Online Visa status is in Administrative Processing. A week ago i have sent my corrected passport and 221g letter to the Islamabad Embassy. Today i checked my Visa status Online and it is showing "Ready" with further details that i have to schedule an appointment for the Interview.
I am really confused now. So could anyone please help me, why they have updated their status with Ready notification, as at the time of interview the consular said to me that your all papers and other things seems fine, you just have to send us your corrected passport to issue your Visa. I also havnt got any email from them, for the Interview Appointment.

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arrowCR1 - Post interview AP upon Visa approval
November 16, 2015, 3:14 pm Last comment by UB3R

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Hello all,

My wife had an interview yesterday and they didn't ask for no paperwork at all since it was all complete. However, they did ask her allot of questions and in the end the CO smiled and said your visa is approved and you will get your passport in 7-10 business days.

I check the status after 12 hours and it says Administrative Processing. 

Any idea?

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