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Administrative Processing
4:22 pm


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Has anyone got I-130 / I-730 visa after administrative processing in 2017? kindly mention with visa category. People whose visa has been denied afte AP can also share their experience.

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Administrative Processing Islamabad, no paper? (merged)
7:31 am

rafiq akhtar

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hi my wife had her interview on july 24th at Islamabad embassy for her US visa... after the interview the officer took her passport and said will call u to retrieve ur passport with ur visa... today is august 11th and we dident get a reply.. i checked online and its on administrative processing.. why is that??? they dident give my wife no 221-g form or anything.. all papers etc was completed.. i have a 4 months old daughter whos in pakistan and i eant her to go america due to the heat... can someone help me on why they taking time????

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Status says READY. What does it mean?
3:44 pm


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My mother's case status says Ready, but beneath the status it says you will be notified of your interview. But she already had her interview. In fact she had one, and then after we provided some additional docs that they requested, she had a final interview for oath and fingerprints.

We are confused what this status mean. It has been this status since past 2 weeks.

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Administrative procesing after visa was approved on interview
8:54 pm


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Hi everyone my fianc had her interview about three weeks ago after the interview co told her visa is approved you get your passport in ten days kept her passport for to weeks states was showing application raseved then on 21 July changed to administrative prosesing on 28 she got email from embassy saying g221 and nead more information like treval history previous passport number phone number and the name of her siblings did anyone else had similar issues and also after sending requested information how long it will take or what to expect know

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Request for Passport Return, get Job in UAE , Pls guide me specially someone from UAE
2:12 pm


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I had given interview for CR-1 visa in first week of April in US Embassy Islamabad, consular man took my interview for 5 minutes only and issued me a slip with administrative processing highlighted on it, and he kept my passport. Now I want to ask following questions:

1)-I am an Electrical Engineer and get a Job in UAE, is it fine to request Embassy to return my passport as I got job in UAE.

2)-Other question is that if I move to UAE can administrative processing take longer time?

3)- Third question is that if I move to UAE, is it easy to get police clearance certificate from UAE?

My wife is currently in US to meet her parents, and she is willing to move with me to UAE.

Please answer above questions.

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