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  1. Can you give your Facebook or any contact of you

  2. No they dont ask me for anything they just give me form 221g and put me in AP . Well i wanted to know for example if my case is deny and i transfer to another country like whatever so i can reapply from there ? They will conduct my interview from that embassy where i am living or i have to come back to Pakistan for interview?
  3. I heard they don’t interview everyone like that so its a positive sign because they are double checking everything like if the marriage is real
  4. This is not about the age gap this is about the right person for you … and i know i am from Pakistan we dont have a good image but sometimes people should’ve understand this is about the 2 life staying together they understand each other and if she can’t give me babies they are alot of more solutions or who knows maybe i can not have babies its not every time age
  5. And what are they checking if they will go to some departments ? Or come to my home?
  6. Hye seniors I’m from Pakistan my spouse is Native American my interview was done in this year july but they’ve put me in AP because I guess of age gap but after three months of My interview the embassy send email to my wife there for having her interview after four days she got her interview the interview was fine enough in good environment even the CO asked my wife once your husband arrived there what he’s gonna do i mean they asked about the work she answer what i wanted to do well the interview go through for 45 minutes almost and after interview my case was updated and now its been a month embassy didn’t answer anything even we send inquire one time they reply the same so what we can expect after all this situation..
  7. There is a big age gap for my husband and myself also. When the CO asked him why he chose to marry someone much older, he said he didn't think age was an issue, it's about finding the person that is right for you. The CO said good answer. His visa was approved amd he's been here since Jan. 22, 2021. Started working within 2 months. What matters is how many times she has visited you and the time spent together. Also make sure to have all your documents in very good order. Best of luck!

    1. Patricia Owuh

      Patricia Owuh

      Also I had an attorney and he said he wanted proof of me sending money so I had bank wire transfers where I had sent my husband money. Please don't listen to people putting your age gap down. Live is love and age is a number. My husband is 28 years younger than me and we are happy! He is 38 almost 39 and I am 67! By the way we have a great sex life. Let people talk! Do what you need to do to be with your wife. 

    2. Vaqar Malik

      Vaqar Malik

      Thank you mam for giving me hope I really appreciate that for positivity 😇

  8. Go chek up yourself i saw alot cases approved even petitioner sending money. So please stop now youre not consular to judge now stop argue ..
  9. I make a mistake to post my status i didn't get any advice i didn't get any positivity from any single member. I will remind you everyone this is my right to marry anyone no can blame me . And i will delete my post because not any other member will disappointed because of you guyz comments.thank you
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