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  1. An update regarding my case Finally received the email from the embassy - Passport submitted and Visa received Following are the timelines 14th feb-Interview Email for passport 4th Nov Passport received back - 21st Nov However they only ask for my passport and kids email is yet to be received
  2. Hi, Do you recommend to contact embassy for case update if someone is in 221-g Ds5535

    over the over or phone 

    how often we should check with embassy 


    please do suggest 

  3. Respected Group Members, I have created a Telegram and WhatsApp Group Specifically for Islamabad & Karachi Applicants with 221-G Let's Join to help each Other. WhatsApp (removed) Telegram DS-5535 Islamabad & KHI Only (removed)
  4. Most of them got cleared within 30 to 60 days. Since you hold the Syrian Nationality this is a bit tricky keeping in the view the current situation But hope for the best.
  5. How did you evaluate the nationality of this candidate as Pakistani or you just quoted a reference?
  6. All Right! Application received refer to following "One is to let you know that they received your application … So you don’t have to worry if they received or not .. The second is to let you know that your application has started the process within the system" However, after they also put me in this 221g thing , I observed . that this notice / slip is being issued to the majority of Middle Eastern countries, particularly Muslim males So the only option is to wait, moreover if you have significant links to your nation / country , such as a job, a steady income, a home, or a family. After proper processing, you will get the visa Best wishes.
  7. Which Embassy / Consulate ? moreover, Call back from Embassy is strange most of time i heard they will contact via email ?
  8. Nothing Yet, But I believe this process will have different impact keeping in the view the Visa Category.
  9. I applied for the second time, with family, in a little different scenario. Please review my thread/profile for complete information. From another perspective, this is a positive indicator, the VO assumes that the applicant is eligible for the visa after due scrutiny, thus he issued this document, whereas he may just deny, they have their own opinion. Anyway, I've seen most instances be cleared in less than 60 days, two cases get cleared in more than 80 days, and so on. I've also seen some of them waited more than six months While re submitting the passports, and one should be optimistic; there is only one thing we can do now is wait. In your scenario Did they return the passport or kept it?
  10. Nothing has changed in this regard. Considering present practice, rigorous vetting is now a typical procedure for the majority of us. Anyway, I'm hoping for a quick update. Was this your first time or did you already have the visa?
  11. Hi, I am also in the same situation, Any developments in your case? Do you already had the visa or you applied for the first time, please confirm?
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