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arrowAny link to exactly what documents are needed at the interview ?
October 23, 2014, 11:40 pm Last comment by Darnell

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Thanks !!!

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arrowOne year Drug ban Finished , Please Help [Mexico]
October 23, 2014, 5:00 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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My husband got a 1 year ban on his appointment Jan 2014 that was lifted September 2014 his last drug use was September 2013 .

We have been calling to try and schedule an appointment since October 1st  ( this is when we were told we can call and schedule a new appointment )

We have not been able to make an appointment, so frustrated with this process

Has anyone been thru this ?


How do we make a new appointment, just keep waiting

The only answer we got was to keep calling every 5-10 days so they can get approval from consulate to schedule an appointment.

will we need  to update any documents since its been less than a year since his last appointment

( SPECIALLY worried about affidavit of support , since I been with him  and our kids in Mexico since April and not working) 

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arrowSupporting Documents for I-130
October 23, 2014, 3:17 pm Last comment by RobbieG

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Hi everyone! I am new to visajourney and I am hoping this website and the people who contribute to the forums can help me with my questions and concerns.


I am a US Citizen who recently married the love of my life in Mexico (September 2014). I dont see myself living here (Mexico) I will be returning back to the US soon and I want to hopefully in the near future take my husband to the US with me. I have done some research myself and I learned that I first have to fill out form I-130 with all of the requirements and send a package of some sort to the USCIS office. I am planning to use the IR-1/CR-1 Route.


I have started filling out the forms (I-130 and G-325A-one for each) and started gathering other documents that I will send in ex. supporting documents as evidence of our marriage. For supporting evidence of our relationship I want to send screenshots of our facebook and whatsapp conversations. My question is if our conversations also must be translated to English as they are in Spanish and various websites state that everything should be in English.


Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it !

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arrowIs this the letter that means "NVC Left"
October 23, 2014, 3:08 pm Last comment by teddy k

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I just got this letter today from the NVC.  I called NVC about 2 days ago and the operator said the case was complete on 10/16.  Does this letter, issued on 10/23, indicate the "NVC Left" date on the VisaJourney timeline?  Just want my timeline to be as accurate as possible to help both me track the dates, and for others to are interested.






Dear Sir/Madam,
All documentation necessary to complete the National Visa Center's processing of your case has
been received. As soon as an interview date has been scheduled, the applicant, petitioner and
attorney (if applicable) will be notified.
The applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell property, or give up employment
until the US Embassy or Consulate General has issued a visa.
The US Embassy or Consulate General may require additional documentation at the time of the
National Visa Center
Beneficiary's Name: XXXXXXXXXXXxx
Preference Category: CR1
Priority Date: 27­AUG­13
United States Department of State
National Visa Center
31 Rochester Avenue, Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801­2915
Attn: WC

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arrowCR1 visa delivery
October 22, 2014, 10:28 pm Last comment by socrchik

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How long does it take for one to get the dhl packet at cuidad Juarez after their interview and with an approval and approved 601A? My husband had his interview on Oct 15 and still has no waybill. His status keeps changing from issued to ready on tg ceac website.

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