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arrowStraight Forward I-751 (out of loop for awhile)
December 20, 2014, 10:26 am Last comment by Ms Hogan

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Hello all,


This is my first time back to visa journey since my wife received her green card after we got married (K1) process. Her 2 year green card expires in April and I would like to start looking into the I-751 process since the 90 day period is approaching.


I just read the guide for the 751 and seems delightfully easy and straight forward. (Once again I am incredibly thrilled to have had visa journey at my side throughout the entire process).  


After going through the whole K1 process I guess I just can't believe that this step is so easy. Just wanted to make sure that I am not forgetting or overlooking anything. We have been married, have not moved, have no children.....


Is it really this simple/




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arrowTraveling before receiving physical Greencard
December 18, 2014, 9:19 am Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I have seen many variations on this question, but have not found the answer to my specific problem. I am sorry if this is a re-post. 


My husband received his passport with the initial visa to enter the United States and then the Greencard will be sent to my mother's house in the US. The initial visa will expire in March, so we are travelling to the US in a week for Christmas and will get it stamped then. 


The problem is that we are not quite ready to move yet, so we are coming back to Mexico in January, and then are planning to move a few months later to the United States. 


We have not found any concrete information telling us how this will work and what kind of problems we will encounter, if any. 


How much time can he be outside of the United States with just the stamped passport and not the actual Greencard? What about once we receive the physical card? 


We very much appreciate any and all advice. Thank you. 

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arrowMedical in Juarez
December 18, 2014, 2:17 am Last comment by RobbieG

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hello VJs!!


I have my interview in Juarez on Jan 28, ill be getting there the 26 late and ill be doing the medical the 27 at clínica medica internacional really early. Now i am kind of stress out because its just the day before the interview, im not sick, no drugs, no tattos, all vaccinations, nothing that can delay the results but I am thinking about changing the flight and get there one day before..


Someone with experience with the medical a day before the interview?? HELPP

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arrowmedical exam- Juarez
December 17, 2014, 6:01 pm Last comment by RobbieG

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Which of the 3 medical offices do you recommend for the exam?

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arrowRFE Birth Certificate - wording and strategy
December 17, 2014, 5:47 pm Last comment by StevenCarmen

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Hi all.  After three successful applications for my wife and two step children, I'm now doing the fourth, for our daughter who is now over 21.   I filed in December of 2013 but then got an RFE in October 2014.   We were traveling so I didn't actually see it until recently. I have a few weeks to get this together.


The RFE says:

"Delayed Registration 

...submitted a birth certificate that has a delayed registration of approximately four years. As such, you are required to submit secondary evidence to establish ...relationship between the beneficiary and your spouse, the beneficiary's biological mother.  Examples may include but is not limited to the following"



- it lists possible evidences here - hospital, midwife, school records etc. then adds:


Any document of evidence that will help to establish the relationship in question should be submitted for consideration.  However, the only persuasive evidence will be documentation that indicates the child's parentage."


"In addition, all secondary evidence must be contemporaneous with the event(s) in question.  Evidence that originated back when the child was young will be deemed more persuasive than evidence that was created as a result of this ...RFE.


If none of the above secondary evidence is available, you must first establish that such evidence is not available by submitting evidence of non-existence.  After doing so, tertiary evidence, such as affidavits, may be submitted.



It then goes on to describe requirements for submitting affidavits, the tertiary evidence.  



Finally,as a seperate category (I assume it would be primary evidence)  it suggests DNA tests., which it names as an option, voluntary,  It mentions that the lab will send the kit to the consulate/embassy overseas.


I can attach the RFE if anybody really wants to see it. Let me know.


NOW.  Though I've successfully dealt with immigration and it's various agencies for three successful family-based PR visas so far, I'm still a bit stumped about some issues on this RFE;

Part of the problem is that we don't have so much more to offer than the birth certificate.  We have family photos over the last ten years, but only one or two faded polaroids before that with a brother or sister.  Cameras were rare at that time and place.  We have a few school report cards naming the beneficiary and signed by her mother on the back.  I can submit scans of those with both sides and her passport signature beside it.  We have one school record from 2000 showing the list of students incribed in the primary with parents by their names.  Finally, I have a2005 document from "Opportunidades" which is a welfare type program that lists the members of Carmen's family.  


My questions are:


1) How does this evidence sound?


2) the cover letter says that failing to submit  ALL evidence requested at one time may result in denial.

So, I should be thorough.  Yet, the DNA test is expensive and probably not necessary with a valid (but 4 year delayed) BC and some secondary evidence.


3) The wording of the caution before the "tertiary" evidence of Affidavits complicates.  It indicates that I first need to prove that I can't get any secondary evidence before submitting Affidavits.    Thisis not true, I have some secondary evidence, and then how do you prove I can't get more ?    I suspect this wording is boilerplate for situations where affidavits are used in leu of Birth Certificates, but this is merely a delayed  but existing and good, BC. 


So, do I get affidavits and risk breaking this rule, or do I just submit the somewhat weak secondary evidence I have and hope it's enough to fill in the gap?


4) Do I go for the expensive and complicated DNA test now, or can I simply suggest that if the evidence submitted is insufficient, we will be glad to get the test.


In the end, all of this hassle is so my daughter gets in the....what is it - 45 years? - line for a visa.   Of course the law could change, quotas could be increased or recovered.


Thanks for any help with my complicated post!  






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