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arrowROC filed at VSC. RFE to CSC. Transfer with no notice?
May 5, 2016, 4:12 am Last comment by MikloGoesLegit

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I was wondering if anyone knows about this very particular instance. I moved from Texas to Washington. When it was time to file for ROC I had to file at the VSC. I read that they were transferring workloads to the CSC but I never got a notice about my case being transferred. Suddenly I received a RFE to be mailed to the CSC in Laguna Nigel. I assume that means my case was transferred? Also, I registered my change of address right after filing the ROC and even did the biometrics at the Seattle Field Office but the RFE was mailed to the old address in Texas. Luckily our old neighbor was kind enough to re-mail the letter to us, otherwise I might have missed the deadline, completely oblivious about it.


In an additional question, does anyone know if the total fees for Naturalization are $680? I had heard it was about $1000 in various fees but everywhere I search I keep coming across the same answer for the total fee being $680 (application plus biometrics) I did find a post about someone paying an "Immigrant Fee" of $165 with their $680 for the n400. I can't seem to make sense of that fee and who it applies to.


I feel pretty confident about the RFE package I sent, from what I've read on these forums (huge help!) I supplied the kind of documentation they are mainly wanting to see. This site is an amazing place for resources and invaluable information which provides much needed insight into processes that are otherwise confusing, frustrating and at times stressful. 


Thank you for any help!



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arrowI601 waiver approved
May 5, 2016, 1:12 am Last comment by liquirojas

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The Nebraska Office received my waiver on August 23rd 2015. On April 25th 2016, my waiver was approved but I havent gotten any notice from the office, they said they will mail me the approval but until today's date I havent gotten anything. 

Approximately, how long does it take to get the approval notice? How long does it take after the waiver is approved for the US Consulate to get in contact with me?

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arrow4 Children on 129F form
May 4, 2016, 11:43 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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I'm starting to fill out the 129-F form for the K1. My fiancée has four children ages 19 and under, but the form only has room for the names of three children. Is there an extra form or a process to include the fourth child?

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arrowOath experience in Oakland, CA(San Francisco office)
May 4, 2016, 7:05 pm Last comment by Longrangeshootr

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The oath ceremony was a very neat experience, definitely like a lot of people have said it is. My wife, parents, and mother-in-law went with me to the ceremony. We left early in the morning to beat traffic and find parking near the ceremony. It was held at the Oakland Paramount Theatre, located near downtown Oakland.

We went inside the theater and theater staff were directing family and friends to the second floor, while the applicants go straight to the first floor. There was a row of immigration officers and you could choose any IO to hand your oath letter and GC. Some had longer lines than others(noticed they we're scrutinizing people) and I saw one that was not attending anyone so I went with him. Handed him the oath letter and GC, didn't request any additional documents. He only asked if anything has changed and I said no. He then directed me to a specific USCIS employee who I would give my documents to. I went with the specific employee, handed her the documents, then she told me my assigned seating area. Headed down toward the assigned seating area where another USCIS employee told me where to sit.

Not too long after, a federal government employee introduced himself and started going over how the ceremony would be conducted. He also talked about what to do when you're a citizen. A really cool singing group sang a few songs(acapella) along with the national anthem.

Then the director of the San Francisco USCIS office went up and called out 96 countries, 882 people total. She called them out alphabetically and we had to stand once we heard our country's name. Once everyone was standing, we took the oath of allegiance. Then a state department employee came up to swear in the people who were applying for their passport that same day, which I did. Then they played a video message from the president, then concluded the ceremony. IOs then began going to the rows with our certificates in hand and were calling out our names so we can receive them. All in all, the ceremony took a little over a hour to complete.

Once I had mine in hand, I double checked the information(very important, talk to a IO if any info is wrong) and then I signed it. I already had my passport package pre-filled out, so I didn't have to get in line to apply. I just handed it to a state department employee and he told me within a week I can check on the state department website to track my application.

It really was an awesome and moving experience at the oath ceremony, it makes me all the more proud to be an American citizen. I hope this review is helpful to everyone out there, and good luck and God bless to all still waiting! :) :) :)

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arrowCan we apply for advanced parole w/o applying aos in k1 visa?
May 4, 2016, 1:33 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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My wife and I are wondering if we can apply for ap even through we haven't applied for aos yet? She came here on a k1 visa and just got Married.


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