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Has anyone ever had the I-601 waiver approved?
7:36 pm yesterday


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I am a US citizen and my husband had his I-601A waiver approved January 2017 and then had his interview in Mexico September 2017 however they gave him the 221G documents then requested the I-601 waiver for the crime he committed 8 years ago. He is now 26 years old, when he was 18 years old he went to jail for receiving stolen goods as a felony then came down to a misdemeanor. The lawyer said we don't need the I-601 waiver however I keep seeing online that he does. Has anyone gone through something like this and what are the chances of a I-601 waiver to be approved?

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Do I need to pay a fine?
3:22 am yesterday


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First of all, I wanna say thank you to each member of this community that's here to help us.

Well my wife is a US citizen, we're about to start the process of fixing my status.

My last entrance was legally with my tourist visa and I'm still have my I-94.

I married her and we have 2 years and half married.

My question is I need to pay a $1000 fine and write down a forgiveness letter? or not because I came legally?

I ask some people and they told me that I don't have to pay but just to make sure about it.

I'm sorry if this topic isn't supposed to be here.

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Consulate is sending DHL Package to my Spouse
2:32 am yesterday


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My husband lives in Mexico. He had his interview 9/21/17 and it was refused for lack of police reports. I received police reports on 10/25/17 and sent to US consulate in Ciudad Juarez on 10/25/17. Today, I received an email from the consulate in Ciudad Juarez indicating that they had sent my husband a DHL package. Does anyone know what this package might be?

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K1 Interviews at Consulate General Ciudad Juarez
8:02 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone,

My fianc has been calling for the last 16 working days trying to schedule his K1 Fiance Visa Interview and keeps being told that "there are currently NO available visa interviews for people from Mexico, unless they are doing a Tourist Visa."

Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice? Anyone else heard this?



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Notaries outside the US?
2:33 am yesterday


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I'm trying to file the FOIA form, there seems to be different info needed online vs mailing, At any rate, the physical form that you mail in shows you need a notary signature and it is all in English and wants the persons info that notarizes it. It would seem that that means the only notary could be from the U.S. That makes no sense as he lives in Mexico and there are not generally US notaries there.

Has anyone run into this trying to get the FOIA info?


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