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Date changes in new website
1:04 am today


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Maybe someone can help me. In the old usci and app my date received is january 12th now with the new websitemy received date changed to 18 th. Anyone with the same situation? How do we know what date we should follow now??? Thanks

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Medical examination fear
4:40 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone, can you guys share your medical experiences?

I watched a video yesterday from a guy who had his medical at the same clinic I will. He said you have to get naked and they will inspect your genitals.

I am very nervous about this, I don't a want a doctor to touch me for no reason. Do they touch you or just look?

Can I request a woman (A nurse) to be present?

I know there's no way around it, so I wanna be mentally prepared. Thank you all <3

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Taxes K-1 visa
4:41 pm yesterday


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Okay so when my fiance went to the interview for his k-1 visa i peovided my dads taxes because i didn t have mine. I just did my taxes this month and i put my fiance as my dependent is that wrong? Is that a problem?

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San Bernardino, CA Local Field Office
10:06 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

I started this thread for anyone in the San Bernardino field office (if there is anyone) lol. That way we can keep each over updated on how our processing is going and etc.

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USCIS “cannot provide info on your case”??
4:28 pm yesterday


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We filed AOS for my husband from a K1 visa on July 21, 2017. In October 2017, our case status changed to your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. It very recently changed to this. I am worried something is wrong, like maybe our interview notice got lost in the mail. Has anyone gotten a case update like this??


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