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I-864 affidavit of support
3:24 am today


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I'm filing cr-1 petition for my wife we both work and we filed taxes jointly for the past 3 years... my question is in the form when it asks me for the last 3 years of taxes should I put the amount of my taxes even tho they are joint amount?

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Petitioning for 7 y/o Step-son, help? Please? [:
9:45 pm yesterday


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I'm a US citizen and my husband just got his visa approved at his interview in CDJ today and we would like to start the processing for my step-son ASAP. My 7 y/o step-son is currently living in Mexico with my mother-in-law who has full custody. My husband and I have a shared bank account with which we send money to my mother-in-law to help support our son. I have pictures with him from when I visited my husband's family a few years back and lots of recent pictures from when we went to visit him before my husband's interview. We have pictures of my husband and his son from when he was just a baby... my husband's name is on the birth certificate etc.

So first question is does my mother-in-law need to hand the custody over to my husband and I before we can begin processing? Since my step-son's biological mom isn't really involved in his life (she doesn't try to see him and hasn't paid child support in more than 2 years) do we need her signature or approval on anything? I plan to adopt him once he's over here.

Any advice from anyone who has done this before? Is this process similar to the one I went through with my husband? What are the steps?


Proof of relationship?

Affidavit of support?




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1:57 pm yesterday


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Hello Everyone

If I'm applying for the CR1 for my husband at the time of the interview do we have to take proof of our marriage ?

Also if our anniversary is days before the interview can they change it to IR1 ?

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Retiree filling out I-134
6:05 pm yesterday


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Anyone in this group retired, or using a retiree as a co-sponsor, and filled out the I-134 in the last few months?

Going through the form with my dad last night, would he put this years Social Security amount in the Income space (what he will get for all 2017)? Previously people have said to put the amount that was on his 2016 tax transcript, but that wouldn't make sense since the I-134 is asking for currant incomes; and the $45,000 that was his total Income in 2016 included $13,000 from the salary he earned before retiring before mid year. This year, 2017, he doesn't have that in addition to his Social Security, which is over $25,000. Just looking for the correct way to do this, as to not get a 221G at the interview. Does he also need to have the job he retired from write an employment letter for last year, listing the amount he made and the years he was employed with them? This could be a bit hard to get figuring he is not an employee now and not priority. Thoughts?

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Can I file AOS after 90 days on K1 visa?? (merged)
1:19 am yesterday


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Hello, my fiance recently got approved for a K1 visa, (so happy for that). She is currently living with me here in the states. We haven't gotten married yet due to time conflicting issues, and wanting family to come for the wedding. Anyways we plan on getting married August 4 which is on day 89. My question is would they're be an issue if we file for aos after the 90 days? I want to be sure there wont be an issue. Would love some feedback and answers. Good luck to all on your journey! ?

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