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arrowWaiver with 2 deportations? Medical issues for petitioner.
May 23, 2015, 7:50 pm Last comment by Boiler

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We are waiting for the website to come up to complete the DS-260. We have already sent all other docs to NVC. After, we should be waiting to receive our interview appt.

The applicant has been deported twice. After receiving a denial for I-129F fiancé visa, he received a 10 year bar letter. Now, with the I-130 pending, we are married and the petitioner has some medical issues that came up requiring further testing to see if it is cancer or not.

Does anyone know if these are grounds for a waiver?
Would we need an I-601 and an I-212 waiver?
Should we file the waiver with USCIS before the interview? At the interview?
How long does it take for the waivers to be approved?
What type of evidence would we need to file? Medical records? Doctor letter?

Thank you for all your opinions and responses.

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arrowSubmitted I-130 and have a visa interview date
May 23, 2015, 5:37 pm Last comment by Yayamancatch

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My wife came to the us when she was 3 months old with a visa. She overstayed the visa and has been here illegally since. I read somewhere that to avoid penalties we were to be married within 6 months of her 18th birthday. We did so.

So far we have filed the I-130 and have a visa interview in Juarez on June 23rd.


My question: should we have filed a I-485 as well?

is there a waiver to file so if anything goes wrong she wont be stuck in mexico?
should I file the I-485 now or if/when we return with the visa?


I just want to make sure everything is right before we go to mexico.


thanks to anyone who responds with helpful/useful info



This Guy


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May 22, 2015, 6:07 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hi, I am new to this site and am hoping I can receive some help and get questions answered. I am a US citizen married to a man from Mexico. I am currently working on filing for his IR-1 visa since we have been legally married for 2 years now.
So, I have filled out his I-130 petition for alien relative, his and my G-325a form. For the evidence of a bonafide marriage we got legally married in Mexico so does this mean our marriage certificate should be translated and apostilled? We have our daughters birth certificate (she was born in the USA), photos and e-mail messages as our relationship before we got married lasted 5 years. Any advice as to what other evidence to provide? Also I know these questions get asked a lot but I am planning on doing a joint sponsorship with my father, I am aware we both fill out a form I-184 affidavit of support, correct? So,my question is for the affidavit of support since it's a joint sponsor for an IR-1 visa, what documents must I send?
Also, when must my husband get his mexican passport, and does the Us consulate or embassy where he will apply abroad make a difference on the proccessing time and chances of him coming? For example applying at Guadalajara vs apllying at cd juarez? If readers find anything else I am missing in my checklist please let me know. All help and advice is appreciated in advanced.

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arrowPassport Packet
May 21, 2015, 6:49 pm Last comment by Gera & Rocio

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Hi, I apologize if this is not allowed as a new topic but I could not find where to put it.

Ok, I have a few questions if someone can be kind enough and help me.
My husband was approved at his interview May 20, 2015, how do we track the package via DHL or how do we find out what is going on?

Thank you

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arrowwaivers start with MSC?
May 20, 2015, 10:44 pm Last comment by srey1121

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Does anyone else have a i601 that's starts with MSC?

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