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arrowUnsure which waiver needs to be mailed in
July 28, 2016, 1:59 pm Last comment by Irenita7

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[attachment=22271:e3.html]Hello all thanks, for taking the time to read the situation we are in .



I (Us Citizen) petitioned for my husband we filed for the I30. 

He attended his consular affair interview in June 8 , 2016 and was given the blue slip.

On that blue slip it only indicated  I-212 to be sent in. How ever we received following instructions in the mail and are beyond confused because it shows the 601 and 212 waivers but don't have any check mark.


The information im attaching is in spanish not sure if someone can help me out?


were not sure if we have to fill both waivers or just one [attachment=22271:e3.html][attachment=22272:wq.jpg]


He was removed at a port of entry in June 2012 and never came back to U.S


Thanks all for your help!!! 

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arrowHas the Mexican Embassy started scheduling interviews?
July 28, 2016, 1:20 pm Last comment by thamansa

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Would like to hear from fellow Mexican filers if anyone has gotten a date for September already or not?

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arrowCancel K1 Visa after Marriage.
July 28, 2016, 4:49 am Last comment by EricTasha

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I live in San Diego.  I'm an American citizen.

My Mexican girlfriend got pregnant and I initiated a K1 visa.

She is now in the US under K1 Visa.

We are now married.  

We have a 6 month old son.


She is not happy here, for many reasons of her own.  Life in the US is not what she imagined.  

I am not happy with her because she is verbally abusive.


I tell her we should separate.  

She would not leave.  

She is waiting to get her papers.


I tell her that I am not convinced that I will continue with the K1 process because 

I find her very offensive and she is not happy with me.  There's no reason to continue together.


I am concerned that she might escalate the verbal abuse to physical abuse, and given our society, I will take the blame and the punishment simply because I am a man.

I have never hit her.


She does not want to leave. For obvious reasons, residency.


My main question is our child's custody.  I love my son.  I am a doctor who is also studying to be a lawyer.

I believe that I can give our son a more stable home and a better future.

She does not have any professional or marketable job skill.  She never finished school.

Her family doesn't have any money.  They are dependent on me.


What should I do?  

What government agency can help me regarding child custody?


Thank you.

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arrowAll Addresses lived at since age 16
July 28, 2016, 12:30 am Last comment by BringGrandmaHome

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Hello Everyone,


So my uncle is currently in the process of filling out the visa application for my Grandma and I'm assisting with gathering all the info for the app. My grandma is 87 and I'm concerned that she will not remember the exact locations where she lived since the age of 16. My question is, how crucial is this information and are all locations/ dates necessary? I know putting N/A is not an option, is there any other alternatives? 


Also, since I'm already asking questions, how likely is it that she will get denied a visa given she is 87?


Thanks so much!


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arrowNeed to include birth certificate of children from previous marriage?
July 28, 2016, 12:02 am Last comment by wavj

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We don't have children from our marriage, I -GC holder- have custody of my son from a previous marriage (and he is US citizen) and he is listed in part 5 of I 751.  Do I need to include his birth certificate?


Also I have the following questions in few parts of the form:


9. USCIS ELIS Acct number (if any) ....what is this information?


Mailing address

15.a. In Care of Name ....I am totally confused on this question.


Physical address

N/A because is as same as Mailing.


Biographic Information

2. Race (Select all applicable boxes)....I am Mexican and selected "Hispanic or Latino" in 1. Etnicity. I don't know what box to select on question #2.


We are not using any 3rd party or interpreter to fill up the from, so we are answering N/A in all boxes on part 9 and 10. Is this correct?


11. Additional information I can't see what other information I could add that I need to use this section. Am I missing something important?



Thank you in advance for your help.

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