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arrowVisa Denial
November 22, 2014, 10:51 am Last comment by Boiler

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My husband was denied a visa in Ciudad Juarez... the reason was that he had left the US in 2008, but he didn't. What should I do next

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arrowOctober 2014 Filers - Texas Service Center
November 21, 2014, 9:58 am Last comment by Lee 23

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I hope you guys don't mind that I am creating this thread as the other ones has everyone included.  The purpose of this thread is to see how October 2014 cases that were filed and routed to Texas Service Center are progressing.  I guess I'm just anxious because I haven't received an NOA2 and so many October 2014 cases that were routed to California have progressed so far that it makes me jealous/envious.


In my case, I submitted mailed my I-129F on October 16th and have received an NOA1 letter but that's about it sadly.  :(


Has anyone with a Texas case received an RFE or a NOA2?

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arrowHusband denied Immigrant Visa
November 21, 2014, 9:01 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hello, I'm new here and just seeking some advice from anybody who's had experience with this. My husband went for his Medical Exam in Ciudad Juarez on Monday. While they were taking his blood, they told him if he had ever done drugs they would find out about it and that he would be better off to tell them, so he admitted to using marajuana in the past. His drug test was negative though. He has no criminal record or anything that would have even indicated drug use so I don't know why they even asked. We had a very strong hardship case due to my son being disabled. He was denied for the section that says Drug user or addict and told he has a year and can come back in December 2015! What does he need to do in this time to proves he's clean and will he have a strong chance of getting his Visa then? Do they just basically put the case on hold? Do I need to reapply again all over or just update some information? Please somebody help

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arrowAOS from TN (Mexico) to Green Card through Marriage to USC
November 18, 2014, 3:25 pm Last comment by rockstar

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I know this question has been asked a few times at VJ, but a book I purchased (Ilona Bray's Fiancé & Marriage Visas) has a big warning about AOS from work visas, so I figured I would outline my situation and ask if anyone sees red flags that warrant getting a lawyer or at least extra preparation.


So, my situation. I have been in the US nearly continuously since 2000; here is my timeline:

  • J-1 visa 2000 - 2003 (visa stamp had a note that 2-year rule did not apply; hasn't been an issue at all)
  • F-1 visa 2003 - 2009
  • H1B visa 2009 - 2011 (previous employer)
  • TN1 visa 2011 - current (Mexican, so it requires annual renewals; last one was on 05/2014)
  • Married a US citizen on 10/2014 and have not left the US since then (honeymoon will have to wait until next year)

Some details about our marriage:

  • My wife and I have been together for nearly 10 years, although not continuously
  • We got engaged about 1 year ago (so, I was engaged when I last renewed the TN)
  • We have lived together for just over 1 year and the lease is on both our names
  • We also lived together before, but I am not sure we have good proof of that

Some other miscellaneous stuff:

  • I have a good education and job so I considered applying for a green card through a skills-based process, but my current employer won't sponsor a green card, so I would have to do it on my own, which is why I prefer AOS through marriage
  • My job is not permanent, it's contract-based. My current contract runs thru 9/2015.
  • A permanent position now opened at my job and I will likely apply for it as soon as I have an EAD. (It has to be this way, I can't apply without EAD. Basically, I work for Company A but they assign me to work for Company B; Company B now has a permanent position but they will not sponsor even a visa.)
    • The above 2 points may be relevant because when I last renewed my TN visa (5/2014), I did tell the consul officer (I am Mexican so I have to apply at a consulate in Mexico) that I was engaged but, since my contract was temporary, we were planning to move to Mexico when my job ended. Now that I have an option for a permanent job, I believe I can argue I did not know this was going to happen and so our plans have changed.
  • Perhaps also relevant: my wife is about to start a Master's program in the US, which also affects our plans.


I think that pretty much sums up the last 1.5 decades of my life. My questions are:


  • Should I worry about the fact that TN is not dual-intent and that I was already engaged when I last applied for the visa?
  • Anything we should be particularly careful about when preparing the application?
  • My current TN visa expires on 5/2015. Do we have enough time to start the process?


I prefer not to hire a lawyer, but if anyone thinks my situation warrants it, please do let me know!


Thanks for any advice you can offer!




NOTE: For others who reach this post because they are in a similar situation. I found this post very helpful, especially if you are Canadian.


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arrowSept 28 NOA2 and still no case number? what should we do?
November 18, 2014, 12:17 am Last comment by REM4ALWAYS

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Hello all, on sept 29th we received the electronic NOA2 saying everything was good and it was being shipped off to NvC followed by the physical letter stating the same about a week later


today is Nov. 17, and we still haven't received our letter stating our case number, however today on a whim i logged on to uscis and it said that


Case Was Sent To The Department of State

On October 24, 2014, we sent your case....


Where does this date land the timeline and what does it mean?



thank you for any input!








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