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Citizenship for my adopted son on IR2 visa?
12:53 am today


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Hi everyone,

I am a U.S. citizen by birth. I adopted my Mexican wife's biological son four years into our marriage while we were all living in Mexico. The adoption took place entirely in Mexico and my son's birth certificate now has me listed as the father.

My son was issued an IR2 visa, which he continues to have to this date. I would now like to secure his U.S. citizenship. Did he become a citizen upon entering the U.S.? I am unclear on whether I must apply for his certificate of citizenship by filing the N-600 (and paying the exorbitant fee of $1,170) or apply for his U.S. passport without the certificate? Due to the huge difference in price between filing the N-600 and applying for the passport, I'd much prefer the latter.
Is the certificate of citizenship a necessary next step in securing my son's citizenship?
Thanks for your feedback!

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K1 Visa Approved-Thank You VJer's!
4:58 pm today


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My fianc e had her interview today and she was approved! They said it'll take 2 weeks for her Visa but I thought I read elsewhere it would be sooner.

Anyways, thank you, Visa Journey! I seriously couldn't have done ANY OF THIS without you and your support, both individually and through the forums! I will definitely write a huge review so that I may help others through this process the way you have all helped me! God bless you one and all!

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AOS Vaccination Supplement Civil Surgeon
3:09 pm today


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Does anyone know of a Civil Surgeon or Clinic certified by USCIS in Washington area? I'm from Kennewick Washington, I called a dozen clinics here the area and they all require full medicals and charge a ridiculous fee. I need a docter that wont rip us off!!! My husband is beneficiary, he did his medical overseas and all we need is a Transcription of the Vaccines onto the I-693 form. Please help!!!

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Interview Ciudad Juarez
3:03 am today


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I recieved a letter May 12, 2017 letting me know my case was complete and that I am in the queue for an interview. About how long should I know when my appointment is and about when will it be.. Any ideas?? My husbands interview will be in Ciudad Juarez. My priority date is June 8, 2016

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Drug tested
2:42 am today


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Hi. If I was a heavy user of cocaine about a year ago and its time to go do my medical exam for my green card, will my cocaine use come up in the blood test? How long does it stay in your blood and urine? Thanks in advance

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