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Question about IV form DS 260
9:43 pm yesterday

Ben & Katy

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Turned in all my documentation last Thursday, all my fees cleared last night and I filled out the IV application online. I am all done!!!

Somethings that worried me about the IV application;

on work and school history it didn't ask for my wife's school and work history. It only asked what her occupation is now and what she plans on working in when she arrives, which i put she will go to English classes to get a better grasp of the language and then maybe eventually get back into wedding planning and floral design.

After this on the next page it asked if she did military service. I said no since she never served. After that it skipped to the next section. It didn't ask for work history nor school history. I know for other people it did ask for both of this.

Also I had to put i don't know for her visa classification because the visa that she once had is no longer being issued for Mexican border tourists. back in the 90's Mexicans that lived on the border received paper permission slips for six months called a Form 13. It was given before they started giving visa laser border crossing cards to border Mexican citizens. Is it a problem that I had to put don't know since it wasn't listed on the drop down menu? We at least remembered the date she was issued and how much time she spent in Nogales,AZ back in the late 90's when she was a teenager.

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Administrative processing-Juarez mexico
8:08 pm yesterday


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We got here to Juarez June 10, 2018. My husband had his medical appt the following day; monday. On tuesday 6-12-18 he had his appt for fingerprints. Wednesday 6-13-18 he had his appt 9:15 at the consular i waited outside for about 2 hrs and he walked out with a blue sheet. He said the officer told him she wanted to see recent taxes for 2017 from petitioners and he didnt have them. So the officer told him he wasnt denied because he had been approved for a waiver already but she wanted to see those taxes before she made a decision. So case turned into ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. So that same day we called back home got lawyer to do the form they asked for with the taxes (w2s). They send the packet friday morning(taxes) from california. Since weekend got in the way we didnt receive it in juarez til yesterday 6-19-18.today is the 20th and dhl said it was delivered at the consular and now its just waiting and checking to see if the status changes on the visa.

I was just wondering if anyone had something similar to this. I almost have two weeks here in juarez with my husband and feels like an eternity with just waiting and waiting.

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DCF-Juarez and When an American marries a Filipina in Hong Kong and lives in Mexico
3:51 pm yesterday

Paul & Mary

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Greetings VJ!

Last Friday I took our I-130 packet to Juarez and filed it. Today we got our USCIS Approval Notice email. It is great that we can access the consulate here in Mexico rather than awaiting for state side processing.

Our experience so far has been to get the documents ready for the I-130 including getting her on my financial accounts, updated our mexico insurance and my Mexico Drivers License (to put her one as my emergency contact) . I came with an inch of documents. I do a lot of "interviews" and honestly this one thru me off. The USCIS interviewer reviewed the packet and asked me "Why am I here" and then handed me back parts of the evidence I brought. All weekend long I was afraid i screwed something up.

I'll keep this updated as we move along.


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USCIS launching office to strip citizenship off cheaters
11:15 pm yesterday


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There was a case recently of a man who was stripped of his citizenship for lying about his identity to become naturalized. Apparently he used aliases after being previously deported. I've read in different articles that since 1990, about 300 cases have been filed for denaturalization. A concern being raised is of people making common name mistakes (differences) on their applications but according to the director of USCIS, these are not the people who will be targeted. Just wondered if anyone else has read about this, hopefully, there really are no mix-ups with people who have more than one surname and/or for some reason, name mistakes were not caught during the naturalization process.


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Renewal of EAD rejected. Fee missing with pending AOS?
2:43 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone

I am really shocked to receive news my petition to renew my EAD was rejected due to missing fees and outdated form. The form I understand I used mostly the one I sent long ago with my original AOS package. But it is to my understanding I do not have to pay a fee if my AOS is pending. Three days ago I received an e-mail that my interview was scheduled. But I haven't received anything in the mail. My renewal AP was approved and is now in processing and I didn't send any fees for it.

My questions are: is a c9 category still valid for renewal of EAD? I sent the proof my AOS was pending. What else do they need to show I don't have to pay for it.

Would it be wise not to send it and wait for the AOS interview and just wait for the GC ?

Please help!

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