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Starting a new job while ROC
11:37 am today


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I'm a March 2017 filer and already received my NOA about 8 days ago.

I just signed a contract and it's my first job in the US, should I be worried because my green card is expiring in 7 days?

Will this come up during my background check as expired or extended for a year just like my NOA letter states?

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NOA 2 Received but it says it is being sent to Consulate & not the NVC??
4:07 pm yesterday


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I received my NOA2 after having to use my congresswoman's office to have the NOA2 resent. The wording is different than what I see on most NOA 2's. Mine says "The above petition has been approved and has been forwarded to the listed consulate" instead of the NVC. I was under the impression that all I-129F petitions got sent to the NVC first and then the consulate. Am I missing something here? If I call the NVC will they not have a case number listed for me since the NOA 2 states my petition was sent to the consulate. Thank you in advance your help and have a blessed day.

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Cannot Edit timeline
2:23 pm yesterday


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I am trying to edit my timeline, and It tells me to enter date of marriage in correct format. However, this field does not show.

I sw another thread from a few years back where the person had to change the visa type for this option to be visible. But I cannot seem to do that because everytime i try to it says i must enter date of marriage in correct format.

Any help?


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Filed I-129F... what now?
9:19 am yesterday


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please don't hate me for asking a question which I know is laid out somewhere on this website... I just can't find it!

if there is a post detailing what happens after you send out the I-129F and what you need to prepare/fill out please link me to it!

Whats the next step? The first step is so detailed in its explication, what do I do now that I'm on step two haha, Please help


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Need help
3:46 am yesterday


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I am a legal resident and my wife is a DACA recipient, but essentially here illegally. I recently fired our lawyer as we weren't satisfied with the service that he was providing. I want to do as much research as possible before hiring a new attorney. I would like to know what forms need the be submitted and in what order. I understand that we need to first submit a I-130 and a I-601 and pretty sure there are others. Also, I'm leaning towards hiring a new attorney, but am curious as to whether one can complete these forms with the right guidance. Any information, and or tips or advice is helpful. Thank you in advance for your attention.

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