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RIE received, what now?
3:34 pm today


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Hi I'm new here and would like support and experiences from others here. My husband and I met my freshman year in high school and started dating. We then had a child after high school and married in 2015. We just began the process for me to get my green card in December. So far everything has been fine, we recently received a request for initial evidence because there was a typo in the application so they just wanted the evidence to be sent again. The rie was received on Feb 14 and it says on the website that they will begin working on my case again.

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Nvc disconnecting calls
1:06 pm today


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Every time I am calling NVC today to try to see if they have a case number for me yet , I get a recording stating they are busy, to check the website for FAQ and then I get disconnected. Does anyone know why, or how often they do this ?

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4:14 am today


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Hello, I would like to see if anyone has gone through the Visa appointment with tattoos. My husband will soon go to CDJ soon. He and I have had many sleepless nights because of our concerns about his tattoos. I know that in the Mexican culture tattoos where thought to be of malandrines, hoodlums. I know times have changed and people have became more open minded but I still have that fear that they will not understand and deny his visa. He has lived his whole life in the US since he was 5yrs old. He got some tattoos in his young days and I feel like they may affect him. He has on his upper arm an eagle with a Aztec head piece, next to it he has an owl holding a skeleton head and the owl has a pyramid with an eye on its forehead; on that same arms he has a shark with gloves. On this other arm in the upper area he has hands praying with a rosery and lady justice holding out the scales and is blindfolded with a bandana. No color in any of the tattoos. He also has my name and one of our daughters name on his wrist.

Has anyone been in this similar situation

recently. Please let me know. We fear he may be denied and unable to return to be with us. Please share your stories.

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Where can I live
12:27 am today


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I currently have a border crossing visa (B1-B2) and a I-94, i married to a USA citizen, We are gonna start the permanent resident process ( I-485) but someone told us that we need to live in Laredo Texas, but my husband already have a house in carrizo springs Texas, is that true? We can't live in carrizo until I have my resident card ?

The reason that this person give us , for stay in Laredo is because to get to carrizo we need to cross a internal check point / inspection point

and it suppose to be consider like travel so isn't recommended to cross while we made the adjustment of status

thank you for your time and opinions

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NVC Case Welcome Letter
10:30 pm yesterday


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I applied for K1 Visa and have been approved. USCIS sent approved I129F Petition to NVC, and NVC have issued a case # and provided me the invoice#. Now I don't know what else to do, I am the petitioner. How long after NVC issues a case#, do I receive official notification? I already submitted DS160 ahead of time, not sure if I was supposed to wait for the instructions. I have not paid the visa application yet, nor have I scheduled any appointments with ASC or Embassy. Thanks :)

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