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arrowMarig license question
September 26, 2016, 12:29 pm Last comment by rocklobstermass

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Hello, I have a question about the marriage license that we need to send off for AOS. We're so posed to send the application off tomorrow but we just had to move recently and can't find 0ur marriage license anywhere. We have the 9ne that we signed at the alter but we can't find the office copy that was sent to us from the court house. Is it okay for us to send the one we signed at the alter?

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arrowUnexpected Felony Charge pre-wedding. Help!
September 24, 2016, 2:24 pm Last comment by Beth & Achraf

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Hello VJ,
My fiance and I are going through a very peculiar case and would appreciate some input from anyone who has firsthand experience with a similar situation. I am a us-born citizen and my fiance is here in the States on an F1 student visa. We have been together going on five years now and she has finished her bachelor's and she is one semester away from finishing her master's degree. We had discussed getting married in December a month before she graduates from her master's degree however, last night as we were attending a concert which got out of hand, local police officers showed up to shut the venue down and started pushing people around long story short my fiance got accused of fighting back and got arrested for assault on a officer Which is a felony. My question is regarding how this affects her status now and the potential upcoming wedding? Although the court hearing probably won't be for a couple of months I understand that now it will be reported to immigration that she is out of jail on bond awaiting trial. I know these type of felonies are the type that get a person deported. I am very concerned as to our wedding plans now. And am considering applying for a marriage certificate this upcoming week to ensure deportation will not happen before December our original wedding date. Also what will the process look like now will wedding even be possible? My fiance is a model citizen never had a single speeding ticket and has always done everything legally while she's been here in the states as far as visas. Does anybody have any advice on how we should approach this or have gone through a similar situation as we are very worried and are panicking as to what to do now. On a side note leaving the country will now be out of the question as well? We live in a border City and often cross into Mexico to visit her family any help is appreciated thank you.

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arrowSfo Interview Experience
September 23, 2016, 9:40 am Last comment by Borriqua1973

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Good morning guys I wanTed to share our appointment experience .

We left around 10.30 drove to San Francisco got there around 11:30 . We found a parking garage a block away, proceed to go thru immigration security asked for id's and appointment letter after a few minutes was told to go to the 2nd floor.

Once their went to a very nice reception turned in the appointment letter than handed us a packet for passport info and told us plz sit in Section A.

We sat Therr till the IO came out called my hubby Very pleasant and polite Io.
Finally after 45 mins hubby came out , I figured something had gone wrong since it was taking others less than 15min. So as soon as he walked out he sat look at me and said nothing so I said what happend he says they gave me this and told me to wait for my name to be called?!
I looked at it he was approved he got me good lol.

So we waited for about 30-40mins handed us the Oath appointments letter for 2 weeks at 9:00am.

Questions that were asked.
On the application most of the yes and no questions.
About any criminal
Prior marrige
Current marrige
Travel dates
Current and past address
And work history.

Questions of test.
Who is the vice president
Highest court
First president
How many voting members
The first 3 words of the constitution
Can't remember exactly the last one.

Had him read a sentence that said.

Taxes are due by April 15.

Sentence he wrote.

I pay my taxes.

The IO was strick up to the final question once that was done she seemed to ease up and made conversation about family, all in all went great she pulled out a calender asked him this are the dates available what date would you like? He choose the 26th of September xshe said ok do you have some time to wait today and recivestes your letter? Yes of course congratulations to you wait in the lobby by the elevators for your name to be called.

All in all stressful but great. Now Monday is the big day.

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arrow751 returned for wifes 2 kids/ROC fees (merged threads)
September 21, 2016, 11:19 pm Last comment by jose_leti

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the 751 along with the money order was returned for wifes son. it said we need to file their own 751.


my question is do we include the same supporting evidence for these 751


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arrowJust a quick question for anybody who filed a ir-1 visa or any visa from Mexico
September 21, 2016, 10:24 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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In the letter I got, once all the tax forms are send and approved, her interview will be in cuidad juarez. Is it possible to change embassy to somewhere close by where she is? She lives in Veracruz, and cuidad juarez is way up north.

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