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arrowNeed direction, don't know where to start. Student Visa?
August 1, 2015, 7:00 pm Last comment by Xsoldier2000

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Hello all, I've read through a bunch of forums and topics and don't know where to start. I would like to explain my situation and see if anyone experienced could direct me to the forum that I need to be in?


My Wife (came from Mexico, has her green card but not a citizen yet Visa Journey helped me out greatly during that process) has a nephew that is staying with us in the US for reasons outside of this topic. He came with a tourist visa but he needs to go to high school and finish his education. Right now they are on summer break, so we are thinking to apply for his student visa now. My wife's brother and spouse have allowed us legal guardianship (we have the proper documentation)


Here is the deal, the town I'm in doesn't allow foreign exchanges, so we obtained legal guardianship of him. Registered him for school as a junior in December last year and he completed the ESL program in public highschool. The problem being, he has to leave every 6 months due to the tourist visa. We are afraid that one time they will deny re-entry. We want to do things the right way, are we?  Should we apply for Student Visa now while legally he is not in school?


I've read this:  http://www.visajourney.com/content/student-visa-guide#2 and it seems like it's the way to go....but am not fully sure. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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arrowK1 Visa interview confusion
July 31, 2015, 8:06 pm Last comment by Sarai21

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Hi, my fiance (the petitioner) got a letter a week ago for me, that came from the US Consul in Mexico, it says my Visa is now ready for processing to bring that letter to the interview and it has instructions on where to fill out the DS-160 form then another website that I have to go, to schedule and ASC Appointment and a Consular interview, so I went to the website but in one of the spaces it says to put my DS-260 number, I don't have that, so I have plenty of questions:


1.-Am I suppose to receive another package in the mail with more info?, Do I have to wait to schedule the appointment?


2.-When do I go pay the 265 dollar fee they told me for the Visa Application?


3.-Do they charge per Affidavit form? I am putting 2 (two different people) if they do charge, how much is it and when do I pay for it?


The closer we get the more confusing things get, and I am super stressing, please any help you can get me will be much appreciated, we are so close yet so far!



PS. I already filled out the DS-160 form

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arrowWill I get my originals back
July 31, 2015, 1:00 pm Last comment by mallafri76

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I sent my original birth certificate and original marriage license to the NVC.

Will I get them back?

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arrowEmbassy Review Here because it would not let me post under reviews
July 31, 2015, 1:56 am Last comment by RobRod
Mark Chuchiak

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First my apologies to the website admins, I tried to post under reviews but it would not let me. It said I had to register first but I was already signed in to the site. So I wanted to convey our experiences, in the hopes it will help out.


First this could help out the people applying from Mexico City. My fiancée was able to do the medical exam there and also the asc. So I would advise anyone from Mexico City to have the medical done there before you go to the interview. So we just had to do the interview in Ciudad Juarez.


The interview was scheduled at 8:15 on the 28th of July. We got up early then we headed over about 7:20am or so. We did make a mistake by going to the embassy check in before going to the waiting area and being brought over. But she was able to get in. I would recommend to hold her purse for her. Because she had to bring that back out to me then was able to get back in. The interview lasted about a half hour or so. She said the interviewer were nice to her. Also another thing is they interviewed her in Spanish contrary to what was said that the interviews are in English only. My fiance speaks English but felt more comfortable with the interview in Spanish. Just something that was different that what was said about the interview. We were worried about a time she had a problem getting into the united states and was stopped and sent back. She went back voluntarily. She was totally honest on the ds160 form and they asked if she was ever stopped and she told them about what happened. They checked on the computer and said yes that happened but it was not problem. Honesty is key, because they already know about what has happened and recorded in the past. So she was approved, now we are waiting for the visa to be ready, the status was updated to issued so we are hoping to be on our way soon.


We stayed at City Junior hotel. Its OK, rooms are not big but its a basic place and not too bad and the people are friendly. I hope this helps someone out there. And sorry again for posting in this forum and not in the reviews. It would not let me.

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arrowPetitioning for husband need help w/ question.
July 30, 2015, 11:01 pm Last comment by Dserrano_007

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Hi there I have a quick question. My husband is going to his interview on August 24. We got his I- 601a waiver approved, have filed I-130 approved, and I-485. I'm just nervous about 2 things and I don't know who to ask. First thing he tried to cross once, was caught the same day took his fingerprints and got let go as a minor 15 yrs old. The immigration police told him to say he was an adult to let him go the same day of he would need to stay until an adult family member picks him up. 2-3 days later he crossed again and was successful and has been here in the U.S. ever since. 2nd thing is he has criminal background, 2 failure to identify, one has been dismissed and the other was a class B I believe and was time served since he was in jail for about 1-2 days. The 3rd charge was MIP (minor in possesion of alcohol) this case was also dismissed. Would go you have an idea what are his chances?

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