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  1. In hindsight, it would have been helpful to change her address on the driver’s license. However, the only reason why we didn’t was because it our plan to move out as soon as she got here (a year ago). Various things have made that not happen so quickly. So we don’t really want to change it to this address because we could be out in a month or two. Did you have your interview? We obviously haven’t had any issues with our formal application either as it has already been approved. I’m just worried about questions that might come up during the interview.
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are waiting for our AOS interview from a K1 visa (cancelled, will be rescheduled due to COVID). However, I’m worried about some basic supporting evidence I won’t be able to provide. We currently live in my parents’ home. They own two homes and are only here about 6 months per year. So, my wife and I are living here and aggressively looking for houses so we can move out. All of my personal info, documents, licenses etc are under this address. I do not own my own place yet. Therefore, all utilities, mortgage etc are not in my name. Additionally, my wife’s driver’s license is a different address - she was an au pair a few years ago and received it then. It’s still valid so she hasn’t changed anything on it. So, on paper, our addresses might appear kind of sketchy. I can’t be the only one in this situation though. How can I best explain our living situation? As an aside, I have more than enough supporting evidence for everything else (health insurance/bank statements/taxes etc). Thank you!
  3. Same here. Ours was cancelled and is waiting to be rescheduled. Original date was April 15th.
  4. I do know that. I just didn’t know how jobs paying strictly in cash, no W2 forms etc, are treated. Yes, thank you. I apologize for being a bit confused.
  5. In a pure labor sense yes, but it would be cash and no formal recognition of employment. How can I make sure this type of work maintains lawful?
  6. Hi all, My wife has her AP/EAD card and I was wondering how to lawfully babysit. Her GC interview was postponed last month and I was hoping to ask then, but I’ll ask you guys in the meantime. She wants to work, but we both want to do this entire process by the books as we have from the start. Jobs are obviously hard to come by now however she was offered to take care of a family’s children for the summer. Is this something she can accept? We would be logging her income for tax purposes but I’m not sure how it can legally be considered “work”. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, Quick question. So my wife was an au pair thus already has a SSN. We have since done the K1, was approved, applied for AOS and the EAD card as well. She was approved and received the EAD/advance parole card. She doesn’t have her green card yet. Her existing social security card (the physical one) is the one she received when she was an au pair. On it, it says “Valid for work only with DHS authorization”. We plan on getting her a new card, but does the fact that she was granted the EAD mean that she is ready to work? Or does she need a new social security card without that note on it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi All, My wife and I are on our path to her green card (applications submitted, just had her biometrics). However, she was previously an Au Pair in the US thus has a valid DL and a SSN. What steps are required to adjust the status of your SSN? (I believe we have to go to the SS office). Does anything need to be done with her license? We’re just preparing for her ability to work in a couple months so we want to make sure we have our ducks in a row. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys, I have scheduled my fiancée's medical exam for 8:30am and her ASC appointment for 12:40. Is that enough time between the two appointments? And if I understand correctly, that day should look like: go medical exam > go to ASC > go back and pick up medical results. Thanks!
  10. The embassy is very backed up. There were no appointments since I started looking about 6 days ago. However, one opened up for April 22nd yesterday. I see you’re applying for a K-1 like me. Have you completed your DS-160?
  11. Thank you very much (I also visited those sites and it didn’t get me anywhere). I do believe I have to wait for that. I apologize for hounding this site with questions. I’m just stuck by myself (my fiancée is out of her country spending some final time with her family, different time zone, limited internet access...) and it gets hard and lonely with no one in real life to reach out to or vent. 😕
  12. Does this sound right to you guys? I have called the NVC three times now and heard the same answer from all of them, but it just seems so backward: 1. I need to pay the MRV fee (DS 160 completed). Like some other countries, I have to pay it in cash at a bank and get a receipt. The flow says I need to download a specific pdf (deposit slip) to bring that is generated during the flow of scheduling my interview online. 2. There are no appointments and no way for me to download any pdf! 3. NVC says they can’t provide me with the slip until there are appointments available. 4. The problem is that generating the pdf, bringing it to the bank, submitting it to their system will take a few business days. 5. So...you’re telling me that I need to wait for dates to open up so I can take a step that will take a few days? By that time the appointments will be taken!!! So frustrating.
  13. Just confirming with you all - no appointments available at Juárez, right? I’m not showing any.
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