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    tattoos, art, traveling, painting, volunteering, cooking, movies, eating, kittens. Notice the importance of Oxford commas, not in that particular order.

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    Removing Conditions (approved)
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    I met my ex husband online, in May 2016. I was visiting Austin on vacation and hanging out with friends. I came back to Mexico when my time was up, and he visited me and met my parents in October, and he proposed. We got married in January 2017 in Cozumel, I thought I had met the man of my dreams.
    Then life happened. after almost two years of struggle and getting stuck in a long-distance marriage I was finally sharing a home with him.
    And in 2019, just six months in the same country, he cheated and abandoned the marriage, surprising me and his entire family. He got re-engaged and remarried insanely fast, and I finally saw his true colors.

    Fast Forward to 2022, I had my interview to remove conditions on my own. It's definitely not the life that I envisioned at all, but I've learned and grown so much from it.

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  1. ah darn! we have a trip planned for the end of the month but it now falls under 30 days. I did file the form 1-90 a couple of days ago, but I haven't called to request a I-551 stamp yet. we would be driving and not flying, I figured worse comes to worse we talk to CBP and ask before we drive through and if we can't, we would just enjoy the border/ valley area and drive ay back to Austin the next day. I do have my previous CR1 card as well as my original documents and extensions, and I am currently still under my second 24 month extension, which doesn't expire until August. do you think I really wouldn't be able to re-enter? Because if that's the case, I'll definitely cancel and postpone the trip!
  2. hey everyone! So I finally got my conditions removed (yay!) but they didn't include my second last name in the card #mexicanproblems the original conditional card has both last names, the application was done with both last names as well. My Mexican passport shows both last names, too. should I contact USCIS and correct it? or just wait a year to start the naturalization process and change the last name then? I'm planning on taking my fiance's last name when we get married in November so I will be changing them anyway in a year. I only worry that it could be a problem for traveling abroad, but I plan to travel with both the expired card and new card. what would you recommend?
  3. This was implemented a week after my interview, ha. BUT as I'm divorced, I assumed my interview was going to happen either way. I truly hope this means cases start to move a bit more efficiently.
  4. Hey guys! I figured it would be cool to share some of the books and podcasts (or other resources) that are helping you in your journey, either with emotional growth, to be able to wait it out, to ground yourself through the stress, etc. these are some of mine: books *the body keeps the score -Bessel Van Der Kolk * adult children of emotionally immature parents- Lindsay C Gibson * running on empty - Jonice Webb * burnout -Emily Nagoski * Atlas of the heart by Brené Brown (Daring greatly was very good too) podcasts * I weigh - Jamel's Jamil * where should we begin ? -Esther Perel * unlocking us -Brené Brown * dare to lead - Brené Brown what are some of your favorites?
  5. Ah yes, aquatic coffins there's a woman on a sell group here in Texas, asking 10k for a used one. The comments were priceless.
  6. Thank you! My interviewer was a bit suspicious at first about the time we spent apart while married (2017-2018) but once I explained the timeline and showed the supporting documents he realized I left the country instead of overstaying my tourist visa. (Well, I accidentally overstayed by 2-4 days, which snowballed into me not being able to travel to see him. But pretty obvious I didn't stay to adjust from the inside) He chuckled and told me that is so rare, but also to him proved that I wasn't doing this for immigration purposes, and that's when he removed my conditions, I was so relieved! he did seem happy I had the affidavit and added them to my file. encouraged me to go for citizenship as soon as I qualify. Overall it was honestly a pretty great experience, Even though I knew I wasn't doing something fraudulent it's still a scary process!
  7. I just came out of my interview, conditions removed, baby! That was a fantastic interview all and all, honestly. couldn't be more impressed with USCIS San Antonio
  8. thank you! I'm still scared because it's an emotional process overall, I want to make sure I have everything I need. it's not even heartbreak anymore, just being exhausted and frustrated mostly. but ready to have this part over.
  9. that sucks, I'm so sorry! hopefully the interview (or a waiver) is around the corner. this is so very draining
  10. I want to thank you guys for reminding me of the certified copy! I was able to pick it up form the district clerk's office after a round of confusing phone calls. they added a shiny star along with the signature, which makes me feel very official and accomplished. (no sensitive data shows in my picture, but let me know if I'm not allowed to share this to remove it)
  11. Yeah, I do get that. Texas divorce documents look pretty common white paper, too. I should've double checked before, I'm surprised it is not stated in their official interview letter and information on the website
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