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  1. Or just check their updates, there was scheduled maintenance
  2. yeah looks like they're confusing things, For clarity for the original poster, that Apostile is for doing business in the Bahamas with US documents, not with the US consulate there.
  3. 1st tier support isn't always that knowledgeable sadly. Being transferred is a very normal thing, there are whole threads dedicated to it. If you search the forums you'll find lots of people it has affected, but many also get by without being transferred. Timelines also have a field for this. In the past year many people have said they haven't even gotten notified and didn't find out until they were approved. At the end of the day I wouldn't even worry about it until you're a few months into the process, ever center will have you waiting.
  4. Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes.
  5. You are already sponsoring someone else? Approval is at the discretion of the person reviewing your case. Even though people meet the criteria, if it's just barely, they may still ask for more. That's not to say you will have a problem.
  6. and that's fine, but it doesn't back up your statement, I haven't seen any evidence to support that many countries require it. Is your country the Philippines
  7. Maybe not what you meant, but #2 is a racist rhetoric. They are not illegals. https://www.rescue.org/article/migrants-asylum-seekers-refugees-and-immigrants-whats-difference
  8. You already answered your own question. "DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING" We don't get to decide to do something different.
  9. It would be helpful to everyone if you could fill out your timeline, that's how the dates get generated here on VJ and it helps other users to help you better.
  10. CR1 is conditional, you must be married to get a green card with CR1, if you get a 2 year green card you have to apply to remove conditions, but by the time you get through all that with current wait times, you can apply for naturalization 1 year later. 2 + 1 = 3 CR1 = spousal visa
  11. You should take any originals you have, they may or may not ask for them, but also bring copies, this is for the case that they want to keep something. This will also vary by country. If the petitioner has been divorced they'll likely want to see that. And every case is unique so it can really vary in what they'd want to see or don't care about.
  12. Correct. For ours, the Petitioners was embossed (this maybe also varies by state), but the Mexican birth certificated only had a non-embossed stamp, but on the anti-counterfeit paper or whatever it's called. It really varies what they will end up asking for at the interview, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but if they do and you don't have it, it's possible it will delay things.
  13. "said that visa will be ready within a week. " I really don't see the problem here. Unless the above doesn't happen, start planning your future.
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