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  1. there's a link at the top that will lead you to processing times.
  2. This is false information, a search of the forum will show that many people have done this themselves, including myself and it was approved. Never even heard of a Sworn Translator, maybe it's something in your country.
  3. consultations are free, get 1 or 2 and talk to your local police precinct. Don't get a PO Box without knowing that it's a doable solution.
  4. Since you're filing against him and if he is the bread winner, you may be able to get your fees covered by him. A lawyer would be able to tell you. But yes keep record of everything and maybe go by a prescient and see what you can do as file as filing reports and see what advice they give you.
  5. You can sue, but you'd get a faster outcome of the lawsuit by flushing your money down the toilet. Do a forum search to read more.
  6. USCIS perspective is the executive order, period. How would people here know what USCIS hasn't made public? This forum isn't related to USCIS in any way. Here's the mentioned post with details from the executive order which has the info.
  7. There's lots of illegal things that happen on a daily basis. It usually can't be shown and that's why it happens, but that situation wouldn't just be limited to this.
  8. Date change means your case was touched, you can have this happen multiple times, it's nothing to worry about, but also doesn't mean it's currently being reviewed. As some people have seen it's just the file being transferred. Sometimes things end up being quicker when things are transferred.
  9. That's great that you do that, that's how it should be, but it doesn't mean that the prejudice doesn't exist and isn't real, it's obvious when someone sees a resume and all the experience is in another country.
  10. Great reply, jobs will be skeptical to hire people who no experience state side, or maybe think you need sponsorship. There's no way to prove the company is showing prejudice.
  11. Es exactemente que yo hiciste. Solo si tu dices que vas a casar cuando llegas, ellos no vas a permitir a entrar.
  12. When I had my expedite it wasn't for NVC, which meant I just got to pick my interview as soon as NVC was done with it without waiting for the consulate. How were you guys able to get expedite?
  13. Photos with friends and family, photos at events or identifiable places, those help to connect the dots and make a more compelling story. People will generally add captions to them. But as others may have said if there's other strong evidence, then you wouldn't have to worry about so much with photos.
  14. While photos are secondary, they help put the whole story together. There can also be varying quality in photos, meaning what they portray. I'm willing to bet they'd want to see at least some.
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