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  1. https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/tax-credits-deductions/discussion/foreign-spouse-with-no-ssn/00/450672# "NRA is no longer an acceptable entry. To combat fraud, the IRS now requires either a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN is issued by the IRS for someone who is not eligible for a Social Security Number." well we don't know what's the right thing to do, since NRA is no longer an acceptable entry, i guess it's time to find an expert, thank you so much for your help!
  2. he told me he can not file "married filing separately" because that option requires an ITIN or SSN wich i can't have, and there's no way to put NRA in the spouse option anymore. Have you filled taxes "marriend filing separately" with an ITIN while inmigration process?
  3. that was possible until last december 2019, but it does not matter because i don't declare taxes wich is a requirement for the ITIN. have you asked for ITIN?
  4. Hello! My husband (USC) wants to pay his 2019 taxes, but we have some doubts. I am in the process of CR-1 and I live in Mexico, but I do not declare taxes (it works differently in Mexico than in the US, you do not need to declare if you earn less than a certain amount per year) and i've never been in the US. 1. Can he add me as a dependent? he sends me money every month. 2. If I can't get an ITIN because I don't have tax returns and I've never entered the US (they ask me to have US stamps in my passport) is there any other way to add me without the ITIN? or does he have to fill his taxes as a single person? 3. last year due to ignorance and because he had never lived in the US, (he was born there and emigrated to Mexico as a child) he filled taxes as a single person, this was wrong? our interview for the CR-1 visa will most likely be at the end of this year, weare afraid this may be a problem, I think he need to make a correction to the taxes sent from 2018 but I am not sure. sorry for the bad english :( and thank you.
  5. my husband is an US citizen with dual citizenship, 20 years of his life he lived in Mexico where we met 9 years ago. last year he got a job in the USA and we got married, he moved, we started the CR-1 visa process and they already accepted I-130. I do not have any illegal entry to the US and I have never applied for a tourist visa. however, my husband had never filed taxes until this year (2018-2019) because he was a child when he came to Mexico. has never requested government assistance, and makes more than 125% of the income they request. Despite that, we will send a joint ponsor (close friend) with 3 years of taxes, the problem is that in 2016 the joint ponsor does not reach the minimum income. Do you think this is a problem? Should we look for another joint sponsor? I think that it is a solid case but we are worried for everything that has happened due to the public charge rules. sorry for the bad english
  6. I think they’re giving interviews to cc November 2018!!
  7. I also thought that. But since everything in Mexico is so centralized in CDMX, it wouldn't be strange for me if they started doing interviews there.
  8. Yes, it'd be great. Also, Mexico City is one of the UCSIS offices that will remain open.
  9. I know, but I have seen some comments in a Facebook group of the Juarez consulate in which a lawyer says that appointments may be opened in Mexico City, I just want to know if it has been the case of someone 😢 I also know that Facebook groups are not reliable, but I had some hope that it was true if I asked here.
  10. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum. I have seen comments from some people that interviews are being scheduled in Mexico City (interview appointments for immigrant visas are only made in Ciudad Juarez as i understand) someone has had a similar experience where they change their interview from ciudad Juarez to Mexico city? For the record Ciudad Juarez has a huge delay in immigrant visas, waiting times are up to one year since the case is closed at NVC.
  11. i guess i'll take the blood tests because i'm in an allergyc treatment, get the vaccines again it's not a great idea... do you know anything about medical records? what if i don't get any? thank you very much!
  12. great! did you tell the civil surgeon about this before you get the appointment or at the moment of the medical test? i guess this blood test have an extra cost thank you very much for your answer
  13. Hello, i'm a 27 year old from Mexico, my husband is an US citizen and we are in the process for a cr-1 visa. my problem is: my immunization records are missing (they used to print a card called cartilla de vacunación but they don't last 27 years so) and there's no way my healthcare provider (IMSS) have a copy. Also it's been a long time since i don't use their services so they haven't digitalized my medical records (and destroy everything on paper after 5 or 6 years) and i'm afraid my medical summary it's lost forever. There's anything i can do? all i have in record is an allergyc treatment for two years now with a private doctor. we are still expecting to get our NOA2 but i'm getting all the files i need for the next step and that's the only thing i don't have. Please Help!
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