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  1. i guess i'll take the blood tests because i'm in an allergyc treatment, get the vaccines again it's not a great idea... do you know anything about medical records? what if i don't get any? thank you very much!
  2. great! did you tell the civil surgeon about this before you get the appointment or at the moment of the medical test? i guess this blood test have an extra cost thank you very much for your answer
  3. Hello, i'm a 27 year old from Mexico, my husband is an US citizen and we are in the process for a cr-1 visa. my problem is: my immunization records are missing (they used to print a card called cartilla de vacunación but they don't last 27 years so) and there's no way my healthcare provider (IMSS) have a copy. Also it's been a long time since i don't use their services so they haven't digitalized my medical records (and destroy everything on paper after 5 or 6 years) and i'm afraid my medical summary it's lost forever. There's anything i can do? all i have in record is an allergyc treatment for two years now with a private doctor. we are still expecting to get our NOA2 but i'm getting all the files i need for the next step and that's the only thing i don't have. Please Help!
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