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arrowAnyone filed i-751 during or after divorce?
December 19, 2014, 1:12 pm Last comment by aikochan

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Tried searching on here but couldnt find much info. Im waiting for my divorce to be finalized and will be filing my application very soon, had anyone here filed while waiting for a divorce or after their divorce?


I presume its just the same as if you were filing jointly except, you supply the divorce paper or final decree, and evidence of your marriage?


any tips much obliged!

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arrowAnyone help me with a few question on becoming a US resident
December 18, 2014, 10:54 pm Last comment by HeatDeath

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Hey yall hows everyone doing??


My story starts here... been with my girlfriend for about 3years... seen her 3 times (went to the USA she came to ireland where im originally from)


Now im back in the states for the holidays and my bday coming up soon (ill be 22 she is coming 19 in may)


anywho, we found out shes 6weeks pregnant!!!! im very excited :) but now im in the states on the visa waiver and i cannot leave her, im a strict christian and i believe if my girlfriend is pregnant going home is not an option as i have to be here for her and our new baby on the way, we arent married or anything yet and we have to get married before we have the baby..


my questions are as follows: im here on the visa waiver again, can i adjust status and be able to stay here without going home since she is pregnant??


if so what are the documents we may need to file, money isnt an issue)


also, if we file whatever we have to, can i defiantly stay here with her? and our baby when he/she is born?


what do we need to do basically, in order for me to be able to become a resident and stay here to live and work.. from what ive read so far, i need to file a work permit, adjust status and some others which are optional...we arent on a budget but in around 2500 would be grand.. im originally from Northern ireland and she is an american resident born... also we are in North Carolina is that helps in any addtional info you may need to help answer our questions



thank you  :joy:

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December 11, 2014, 1:47 pm Last comment by TeaCup

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Picked up my visa today, upon looking at it I noticed it says "Class B Medical" 

anyone know what this means or if I have to do anything else now? We'll be flying out second week of January.




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arrowI-485 Address (Physical or Residence)
December 4, 2014, 12:31 am Last comment by ninaM

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Hi everybody and thank you in advance for your time and input! 


My spouse and I are currently preparing to file I-130 and I-485. I am on a B-2 tourist visa and I arrived in the U.S. in the middle of August with the intend to visit, but things changed and we decided to get married in the end of November after I finish my thesis, as it turned out I will not need to defend it back in Europe. Our case is pretty straight forward and we decided to prepare all documents without the assistance of a lawyer. However, we have two quesions and they are both related to addresses we should fill in. 


1. Since I arrived here in August I have been living with my spouse in his rented apartment. Part 2 of I-485 asks for my...well "address" (no specification whatsoever). Should I report my foreign address (whichprobably still countrs as my residency) or should I fill in my physcial/mailing address, which is my spouse's address in the US?  


2. In I-130 question 21 asks about the last address at which we lived together. Same problem here! Since I am visiting...Does this count as "living together"? We have prepared an additional explanation page to attach to the I-130 regarding question 21, but I am not even sure if someone will read it. 


Thank you so much! Looking forward to your answers :) 

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arrowLeaving to the usa for vacation with american gf
December 3, 2014, 9:19 pm Last comment by Ketsuban

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Hey yall.. im Northern irish and im leaving with my American girlfriend to goto the usa and spend xmas and my bday with her...


long story short.. we were friends in 2011.. met twice before (knew her and her brother) second time seeing her was over 14months ago (since i was in the USA) and a few months ago we became bf & gf... 


my questions are:


when i goto the USA with her (first time entering with an american GF) Im on the VWP, will they wanna speak to her? when they examine me?


Q.2. Last time i was in the usa (over 14months ago) the guy who stamped my passport said something (barely remember now) "dont come back unless its a visa"

or "if you come back come back on a visa" whats that mean? i my esta ran out in sept 2014 and i got a new one a few weeks back and was approved, so i guess im okay to travel then? they havent done anything?


Q.3. when you tell CBP your job and such, ei: car, drivers license job? will they do a backgrund or can they do this to see if your have a car job and drivers license? cause last time they barely believed me with anything.. and i wanna know if this type of stuff i own and do come up in their system?


(maybe a stupid question, but im obviously going to be telling them what my job is (tattoo apprentice) and my ties to home, family, dogs, pets car, training job, etc etc so can they check and see if all this is correct or do they take your word for it?


thank you. (leaving for the usa on monday morning with the gf who got 6months in the uk with me now its time to go back for xmas!)

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