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arrowTravel after NOA2 but before marriage
August 21, 2014, 9:19 pm Last comment by jmango4

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After we receive NOA2 (whenever it comes) and before my fiancé moves here and we marry, is he able to travel here to the US again to visit me just on his normal passport? I mean for any stage of this process after NOA2 and before he touches ground on US soil using his K-1 visa. Thanks. 

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arrowIV Package Question - Police Certificate
August 20, 2014, 9:49 am Last comment by artattack

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Hi All - I am about to send my husband's IV package and I realised that when I requested his police certificate (originally requested back in November) I did so with our then address at the time. When we sent in our I130 I used his parents address as we put our house up for sale and I didn't want to have to change addresses mid-application if the house sold. The police certificate was delayed because I had to submit a certified copy of his passport and I didn't end up doing that until May as this whole process took much longer than we expected. So it was issued in May with our address that was current up until November. If I send this in will I get a checklist? It could take a couple weeks to get another police certificate with the address I listed on the I130 and the I864. My husband has a clean police cert.


Edited to add: Would it be better to change his mailing address? 

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arrowPending Case, what's my legal status?
August 19, 2014, 7:04 pm Last comment by slatara

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I was hoping to get a CA drivers license asap. They said I need proof of my legal status.


How do I find out and get it in writing what my legal staus is?


Still waiting on an interview for I-485 and also still waiting on I-765.



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arrowAfter NOA2 .. working, traveling
August 19, 2014, 8:59 am Last comment by jmango4

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Hi all,


I apologize in advance if these basic questions I'm about to ask have been answered already many times over. I just don't know where to look on this site for the answers and am hoping someone can respond/point me in the right direction on here or elsewhere.


I am still waiting for the NOA2 (received NOA1 in early April from TSC and just got transferred last week to California) but would like to know if there is any action my fiance can take in the meantime regarding working and traveling documents for after he arrives here. He (like everyone else) would like to be able to work and travel back home to visit for the holidays after he comes here. What I am wondering is what the best and quickest way of achieving this is: does he file right away for permission to work and travel through whatever forms those are and whatever fees they charge for them, or does he just file for adjustment of status after we marry? Do they both take the same amount of time anyway? Also, after we marry can he work and travel anyway while he is waiting for adjustment of status? 


I am very confused about this portion of it. I am hoping that maybe we can send some paperwork ahead of time to make it possible for him to work and be home for the holidays. Does anyone have any experience here/knowledge they can share about what the quickest path is for working and traveling? 


Thank you!! 

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arrowA word of caution for school-aged K2s
August 17, 2014, 11:22 pm Last comment by artattack
Tina and Johan

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Hello!  my K2 stepson arrived from Ireland on July 25th.  He had his medical exam on May 14th in Dublin with his dad.  ON his DS-3025, the doctor marked several of his immunizations "not age appropriate" (he's 10), and also "vaccine history complete," when in fact, he now needs FIVE total shots (3 immediately) before he can start school on Wednesday.  My husband took the DS-3025 down to the school, and they told him, according to state law, without these vaccines he cannot start school.  We're in California.  The huge downside to this situation is that the shots came free with the medical exam.  My husband had 3 of his own that day.  Now he is being quoted $350 for these.  Needless to say, we're on the hunt for a vaccine clinic Monday-Tuesday!  We never considered checking with the local school to ensure that the USCIS's requirements and the state's requirements would match.  Now we're in a race to get this poor kid vaccinated so he can start school.  (side note: I highly doubt HE is in a race to ensure his starting school on time! :rofl: ).  So, if you know where your K2 will be attending school, make sure the vaccines are done prior to arrival in the USA.  What a hassle.  :( 

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