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arrowIs Irish pension plan used as assets?
May 22, 2015, 10:14 am Last comment by marymon

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I am wondering the Irish pension ( the employer provided) can be used as assets in I864?

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arrowAOS and just got work permit
May 22, 2015, 1:20 am Last comment by ggodoi

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hey yall, might know me from a few months back but me and my wife got married as she is pregnant and the baby is due now in a month & 3 weeks! baby girl!..


anyways i am from N.Ireland and shes American and so we filed and sent our AOS package in on  February 17th! ( I-130 / I-485 / Work permit) and i864 etc stuff like that with sponsors etc.. and i just got my work permit in the mail today and have been approved to work in the USA for up to 1 year from may. to may 2016!.. with No terms or conditions.. is this good?? our online case status for the i-485 / i-130 is still being processed and the online case status states we should hear word from USCIS about it (Interview/fingerprints/approval or denial) BY the 16th of june i believe.. thats what it says on their site..


So i can work so does this mean ill be okay that im basically approved?

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arrow6 months since interview and still no approval on green card
May 18, 2015, 2:45 pm Last comment by jyaku

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Hi, my wife and I did out adjustment of status interview back in November of last year. We were approved on our I-130 a few weeks later and a RFE was made for me to provide a certificate of disposition regarding me being arrested a few years prior to this for a misdemeanor. I provided this request but since then our case is still pending approval. I made an appointment at my local office a few weeks ago and an officer told me that they were doing a background check and that the backlog for this can be long. I have no updates on my case and I am hoping that this is normal waiting time. Does anybody have any experience with this? 

Many thanks!

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arrowQuestion about Vaccines/Medical
May 18, 2015, 7:58 am Last comment by Rinara

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I have been trying to get my vaccine record for a while but simply have none. Due to mix-ups and my parents' poor memory, the only vaccines I know I have for sure are ones I got as an adult and can remember. 


I can easily get Mumps/Measles/Rubella and HepB from my own doctor, which is good as the HepB needs 3 doses over a few months, so I'll be on the way through those by the time my medical comes around.


However, there are still three or so vaccines that I can't get easily at my doctor's office and would need to either order them in or go to a travel health clinic and get them there. 


My question is, should I wait for my medical and have the practitioner complete the list, or get all the ones I know I will need before going? Does the practitioner charge a lot of money for vaccines I would need? I'm just trying to figure out what's best for time and money.


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arrowCancelling AOS half way through application - what are implications?!
May 11, 2015, 10:49 am Last comment by yesmcgrath

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Hi all,

I just sent in all my docs recently with regards to my AOS and they have been received. I also applied for my emergency travel at the same time, as 10 days ago my dad found out he had a brain tumour and just had surgery on it. 


My question is - if I were to go home now and forfeit my visa application. What are the implications of doing so? Would I be banned from re-entering the US for 3 years? Can you petition this at your local embassy? 


My SO has no issues with moving to Europe to be closer to my family, however - if I wanted to visit her and her family after I cancelled my AOS (now I would be an overstayer), I don't think I'd be allowed to visit the US again. I'd really appreciate any help as I am lost!



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