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Missing check box rfe
7:29 pm


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I tried to google this and couldn't find an answer.

We got an rfe for a missing check box.

Do we just fill out the rfe page which asks the question again and/or do we also answer it on the I129 we originally sent and they sent back with the rfe?

Is it needed to add in a cover letter too in our response?

Any help much appreciated, don't want to make a mistake over something so silly.

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Our journey has started
7:02 pm

Mr&Mrs G.

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My wife is from the USA and we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week. We live in Ireland, we always planned to move to the US sooner but first my mother got sick and passed away. We decided to stay in Ireland a little longer for my father but then my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had surgery but we couldn't move because of her treatment.

Last October my father passed away and has left us a little cash and recently my wife was given the all clear after 5 long years. It's been tough but now we feel it's time to move to the USA so she can be near her parents. We sent off our I-130 and it was received in the Chicago lockbox on the 20th March.

There is so much information on the web but somehow I did not see this wonderful website until today. I am sure the information is there but I cannot seem to find it.

How long should it take until we receive confirmation that they have our paperwork?

I read about members bringing proof of the marriage to their interviews, like utility and rent bill's but these were requested to be submitted with the I-130, were we wrong sending them?

Our payment was made by USD bank draft drawn on an Irish bank account, I assume this was okay.

Approximately how long will the whole process take, it's exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time.

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Mistake household size I864
11:20 pm


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Hi guys,

I was just looking at our copy of the affidavit of support for my I485 AOS I came on the K1. My wife entered the wrong household size when she filled December 14th she entered 1 instead of 2 it's just me and her no kids. Im kinda pissed off, but these things happen. Strangely no RFIE yet we are 90 days into the process . Is there any hope that they might not notice this mistake, I doubt this very much. Anyone have an idea why I haven't received an RFIE yet it's very annoying that it's going to restart the clock over again when they do get around to it. If you have any experience good or bad with this issue please share so I can feel somewhat better.

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I 864 - AOS filing when sponsor hasn't filed taxes since 2013
8:35 pm


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We are about to file an AOS and getting all the information together.

However my husband hasn't filed his taxes since 2013, we are in the process of gathering all W2's and 1099's for last few years and getting them sorted asap, however we are pretty sure there will be some hefty late penalties and interest as well as probably tax liens as he is unlikely to have funds to pay the outstanding taxes.

Does this affect him filing as a sole sponsor if he has outstanding debt with IRS - or could we come up with a payment plan with them that will satisfy USCIS? Other than that he meets the minimum standards required, I'm just concerned of impact of outstanding taxes or our application.


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New I-130a
10:38 am


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I was ready to mail my packet of I-130 plus my two 325a forms. I then noticed a new form which I never saw before. Which do I file, the 325a or the I-130a for my spouse? I am

trying to get a green card for my spouse. I am American. Please reply ASAP as I am set to go with the 325a form.

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