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arrowPacket 3 - DS-130 and Visits to the USA
January 28, 2015, 2:41 pm Last comment by nellybelle

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Hi guys!! 


I am thrilled. I received my packet 3 today. Only a couple of days after the US Consulate receiving my case from the NVC. 


I am filling with the US Consulate in Ireland. I am filling for a K-1 Visa.


I have a few main issues: 


1. There was no DS-130 in the packet and no mention of it. Should there have been something like this? Should I fill in a DS-130 anyways and send it? 


2. There is a page that asks me to list all the times I have previously visited the US. Do I go back a certain amount of years or list any time in my whole life I have visited the USA? The thing is I can go all the way back to 2002, I know I visited a few times before that (I am under 14 years old at this stage) but I am not sure when. I no longer have my passports from then. 


3. On the page where I have to indicate how often I have visited the US and where I have lived since the age of 16, there are only a few lines available, but I have more information than that. Where do I include this? Or do I just fill in as far back as there is space? 


4. Lastly, in Ireland, is the medical only one day or do I have to wait for some sort of results? 


Look forward to hearing from you 




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arrowRequested 2nd expedite- didnt get request for evidence, should I send it anyway?
January 28, 2015, 2:24 pm Last comment by Hiroshi 宏

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Hi All,


Quick question for all you wise immigration owls,



My EAD has been pending 86 days since filing for AOS on the 3rd/November.
I submitted a service request, sent evidence of fiancial loss (cover letter, job offer (unofficial)
My initial Service request was denied.

I also called after 75 days to request service request, and was told because we had a RFE, the 90 days processing time changed from 3rd Nov to 12th December!

Got really angry, called USCIS again, they said our case had NOT been reset to the 13th December. Very confusing. So they have no idea whats going on and cant give a straight answer.

Man, sometimes i thnk us posters here have more of a clue of how US immigration works then the actual USCIS reps. We should get automatic job offers just for putting up with the system!

Anyway, in the mean time, I called local congressman, he called them up but hasnt heard back in 2 weeks, so he said he would follow up again.
(That was last week, still no word)

I today recieved an Official Job offer Letter which states all the details plus that I must be available to work the 13th Feb, otherwise I'll lose the job.

So, I called USCIS again, requested a 2nd Expedite (Financial loss) and on the USCIS email I received shortly after it said

"Recently you contacted us about the status of your case. Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly."

Thats it. No request for evidence of financial loss.

I had been expecting a that and was going to send through my official job letter stating the start date and other evidence again

My question is, Should I fax it through anyway?

I understand the email stating they are "reviewing my case" means theyre looking at it but its a generic email, and may not result in anything fast.

Not sure whether to fax another set of evidence documents or just wait. Either way I've only for 2 weeks before I miss my employment deadline :( 

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arrowHelp with filling out a part on the AOS form
January 25, 2015, 3:22 pm Last comment by nicknackzz

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Hey yall, ive got a few forms finally!!! done out and there fine and it was easier than expected


having trouble though with a part on the AOS i-485 form.. 


i came here on the visa waiver ESTA program and i have no idea what i put in to this part (see picture) all of whats pictured, what do i do? should i put in my long ESTA application number? or should i just leave it? and what do i put into the consulate section  because i never got my visa waiver from consulate its from online esta program

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arrowprimary school advice/knowledge request
January 24, 2015, 4:48 pm Last comment by rlogan

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Hi all,

My son and I just got approved and are moving over to US in 5 weeks. My son is going to turn 6 just before we go (were staying so he can have a party with his friends here)

Anyway my concerns are: will he be able to start school asap or do we need to do AOS or another stage before he can begin school?

My understanding is that if he were to enter school now he would be going into kindergarten, is this correct for his age? My concern with this is that he has already been in school in Ireland for almost two years, he can read, write, add and subtract, times tables etc. Would he be way ahead?

Anything else you feel would be useful to know would be more then welcome.

Thank you

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arrowDS-160 Bugs
January 23, 2015, 5:36 pm Last comment by nellybelle

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Hi everyone,
I am pretty much at the end of my wits here. I am almost finished completing the DS-160. However, there are 2 major bugs with the form. 
1) It will not retain my fiances State and Zip code. We enter the information and click "Save" but every time we go back the fields are blank. 
2) The page for "Previous Work/Education/Training Information" is only sometimes visible. Only if I go to the section that is after it and then go back one step using the button at the bottom of the form. When I finally get to it I enter the details but, the same issue occurs as above, that every time I save it, it is confirmed and when I come back the information is gone again. 
We have tried to edit these options in Windows and Mac, also using Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer all display similar bugs. We have tried 2 computers. Other than these two items the form is now completely filled in. I am not sure if I should go ahead and submit or what I should do?
Kind regards

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