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Getting a holiday waiver afterbeing denied a green card and made inadmissable
8:02 pm yesterday


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Hi can anyone help me.

I was deemed inadmissible to the USA after I went for my green card interview last year for two things which happened nearly 20 years ago now when I was 17 (larceny) basically took something from a neighbours car and when I was 20 (Assult) had a fight with a friend and got arrested. I've never been to jail or anything like that.

I do not think I have a hope of getting a waiver to get my green card as I cant show extreme hardship to my mother.

I just want to know if anyone knows if I could get a waiver to be able to get a holiday visa and still visit my mother in the USA like I did before. I know there are such waivers but one lawyer I talked to said she didn't think I would even get this now because I went for an immigrant visa while another lawyer said I could get this holiday waiver. Its just so hard to know what to do, if anyone has any advice on this it would be great as I am just not sure what to do now. Is it posable to get a waiver to go on holidays or would it be too hard to get now that I was refused a green card?

Anyone with info or help on this would be greatly appreciated

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What should I do now
2:07 pm yesterday


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Hi I am not sure how to start a new thread and I'm sorry if this is messing this one up.
I am 36 and went for my green card interview last October in Dublin. I was refused on the grounds of a conviction for Larceny/damaging a property 22/9/1999 but which happened when I was 17 and conviction for criminal mischief with intent which isnt worded on any of my court papers but now they seem to be saying its for an assault in 2001, the larceny/damage to property was basically I broke the window in my neighbours car and stole a VCR, I called to the neighbour the next day and returned the VCR but the cops were already involved and the fight was just a silly thing between drunk friends one night and no one was hurt. Now I am not trying to make light of the two convictions but the 1999 Larceny/damaging a property case was discharged conditionally on my entering a recognizance and paying a 100 pound fine. The assault which my lawyers say could be argued isnt CIMT was a Section 2 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997 in irish law and the out come was 6 months suspended Sentence, This assault was with another guy my age, we had a fight and the garda (cops) came and arrested me, the guy (who is a friend) wasnt in anyway hurt when this happened.

My lawyer tried to get the embassy in Dublin to relook at the case arguing I should not be deemed inadmissible under 3 arguments:
-Under 18 years when crimes committed
-Petty Offence Exception
-Juvenile delinquency interpretation

They wouldn't have any of it and now I can only apply for a waiver, the only thing is my mother who has us citizenship for the last 20 years and lives in Boston isn't in any way sick of financially in need of me being there and so it would be hard for me to show extreme hardship on her part. My lawyer is saying the only way to try is for my mother to see a therapist for her depression and get a report to send with my waiver. I just would like to know has anyone heard of this being used successfully and if anyone would have any kind of info on this.

all this stuff happened nearly 15-20 years ago now. I've lived in Australia for two years and London and have never been in any trouble as well as spending many 3 month holidays in the usa at my mothers without anything.

I just don't have loads of money and really only have one chance of doing this, I have to help out my family on my father's side in Ireland as he is unable to work now.

I really just need some info on if it is worth trying for this waiver or if I should just give up on this and use the money to get a waiver which is easier to get so I can have holiday visas and still visit my mother in the usa like I did before. But one lawyer said she didnt think I would even get this now because I went for an immigrant visa while another lawyer said I could get this holiday waiver. Its just so hard to know what to do, if anyone has any advice on this it would be great as I am just not sure what to do now.

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Vsiting my girlfriend in the US for 5 weeks.
5:20 pm yesterday


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I am from Ireland and will be visiting my US girlfriend next month, and I'll be staying in the US for 5 weeks. We've been dating for 3 years now, and we finally decided to close the gap and file for a K1-Visa. She got some bad news (health) and we decided to put it on hold until everything is okay.

I've made several trips and this will be the longest I've ever stayed. On my last trip back in March, I was taken into the interview room for the first time, where the officer questioned me for a good 30 minutes. I was let through, after answering all their questions. anyone who's experienced something similar, were you taken into the interview room and questioned again on your next visit? I'm just worried since this will be the longest I've stayed, it might cause a concern. on every other trip, I've come back home and when I was talking to the officer, he noticed that and was pleased to see I didn't stay for longer than expected.

Even though we put the K1-Visa on hold, we have talked about getting married while I'm there. would this cause any problems? if I'm questioned again and tell the officer about us possibly getting married on this trip, what are the chances of me being denied entry?

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B1/B2 Visa travel while waiting for green card
8:02 am yesterday


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My wife has applied for a green card. She still has many months to wait. Can she travel to the US to visit our daughter? She has a B1/B2 visa.

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OPT Denied because of school error
8:38 pm yesterday


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I am a F-1 Student applying for my second OPT.

Just received my letter of denial for the following reason;

The Student & Exchange Visitor System indicates that you have previously been granted 12 months of practical training for your Bachelor's degree....Review failed to establish that you have changed to a higher education level.

I had just graduated with my Masters and upon research, found my school DSO never updated my form I-20 from "Bachelor's" to "Master's", Hence the denial.

I am left with filing a motion to re-open or reconsicer Form I-290B. I have a few questions as this is new to me and my school has no idea what is going on, and will not help me with the $675 cost of the form. USCIS information hotline were very unhelpful also, and the lady started," There is nothing I can do", When I told her I am getting no help from my school.

1. Do I file a motion to re-open or re-consider? as they are both options and the motion form I-290B lists 6 different options

2. Where do I submit the form, as their is no location for the form I-765 that was denied.

Any other information provided would be greatly appreciated as I have to submit the form this week, as I only have 30 days to file the motion.

Thank you

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