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Kingston: Minimum time between Medical Exam and Interview
10:52 pm


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Hi all,

I am an Irish citizen, living on Little Cayman island. I will have my visa interview at some point at the Embassy in Kingston.

Once you have your done your medical exam, how quickly do they send your results/can you take your results to the embassy?

As I don t live in Jamaica, I am hoping it could all be done in the same trip so I don t have to fly out/back again. Or, has anyone had any luck with getting your medical done on Grand Cayman?

A million thank yous for any help.


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How to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Egypt from abroad
10:31 pm


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Hoping for some advice.

I am an Irish citizen currently living in the Cayman Islands. I am preparing to send required docs to NVC for my I-130 F1 as my PD is getting close (eek). My US citizen father is my sponsor. We have everything ready to send but...

I used to live in the little town of Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt for a few years as a dive instructor circa 2008-2013. I imagine the NVC will need a police clearance certificate to cover my time there. I was there first as a tourist and later with a work permit.

So the big question: how can I obtain a police clearance certificate without having to fly back to Egypt?

What I ve tried so far: I have been emailing/calling Egyptian consulates in Houston, NYC and DC but get no answers or replies. Websites are in Arabic. I have asked my friends still in Dahab to ask at the local police station but given the most recent bomb ng in the Sinai, the police have said they are unable to help (baksheesh or no baksheesh) someone from abroad. I found a Toronto-based company that suggested they are able to apply on my behalf for a minimum of $360US with a total processing time of 14 weeks but I naturally a bit suspect.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation or have any advice?

Like many of you, we ve been waiting so long for this - 7 years at this stage - and now that the ball is in our court want to make sure we get it right!

A million thank yous for any help.

- A

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Would you be able to use a digital signature on the statement of intent to marry?
4:11 pm


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I did read a post about some forms allowing photocopies, but it wasn't specific

Otherwise is it just a case of signing it physically and mailing it to America?

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Request for Initial Evidence - Sponsor/Joint Sponsor - AOS from K1
10:33 pm


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My fiance and I were married in the States at the beginning of October, and we filed for AOS, EAD, and AP together shortly after. The received date on all three NOA1s was Oct 25th 2017.

My fiance had his biometrics appointment yesterday on Nov 24th, and we also received the yellow Request for Initial Evidence (RFE) in the mail the same day.

It is asking for evidence of sponsor's income, even though we followed USCIS instructions for the I-485 and I-864 word for word.

I sponsored my fiance-now-husband for the AOS, with an income which is more than sufficient to meet the 125% Poverty Guidelines for our family size.

However as my income is foreign-earned, I asked my Dad to be a joint-sponsor for his AOS. My Dad's income is also above the 125% Poverty Guidelines for his family size.

Both myself and my father included with the application our 2016 Federal Tax returns, W2 (I provided a foreign form equivalent to the W2), and letters from each of our employers detailing position, salary, and start date of employment.

I'd like to share what the RFE asks for, and maybe get a little feedback on whether you guys think they are asking for information from the Sponsor or the Joint Sponsor in this case?

The RFE says:

The petitioner/sponsor lists their current income on Form I-864 as an amount to be considered as sufficient; however, no evidence has been submitted as proof of current income. Submit evidence of the petitioner/sponsor's current income. Such evidence should include:

  • Pay stubs or other documentation of pay for the previous six months
  • Evidence of other income, such as tax exempt interest, qualified dividends, IRA distributions, pension, annuities, social security benefit (only SSA-1099 and/or SSDI-1099)

Letter of employment containing the following:

  • Date of employment
  • Nature of job
  • Yearly salary earned
  • Number of hours per week worked
  • Prospects for future employment and advancement

Any help on understanding whether it is my income (Sponsor) or the Joint Sponsor who needs to submit these documents again?

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Confusion still...
6:07 pm


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Hello all....

My wife passed the visa embassy interview in Dublin, Ireland Nov 7th....Nov 8th we get an e-mail requesting a new police cert. They received the new police cert Nov 15th, Email on the 16th say " We have received your police certificate and case is under review, we will contact you if we need anything further". Are these people serious?? When are we gonna get this visa??????????


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