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arrowShould we apply for EAD/AP on k1 before civil ceremony?
November 20, 2015, 4:22 pm Last comment by LionessDeon

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Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been covered before. My fiance has arrived in the US and we are getting a bit confused about the order in which we should apply for the EAD/AP. We are concerned that if we apply now and pay all the fees, that after we get married (in the next few weeks) we will have to pay again when we file the i485.


Can anyone confirm the order that they did this, and if we should apply for the EAD/AP combo card before we get married or just do it along with the AOS? Thank you. 

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arrowVisiting and where interview if living in Belfast? (split)
November 20, 2015, 2:06 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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I am similiar.   I am the USA Citizen my wife has an Irish passport but lives in Belfast.


Married in USA Dec 2014

Mailed I-130 in June

last letter says sent to NVC.


Will she do her interview in the USA or Ireland?

Can she come as a tourist if her visa is not approved by Jan 15?


This is taking longer than expected

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arrowEAD Start date?
November 17, 2015, 11:07 am Last comment by stumitch10

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I was just wondering who or what determines the start date that will be on your EAD card when it arrives? I graduated in October and for some reason the person in the international admissions office put down January, 20th on my new I-20. So does that mean if my EAD card arrived tomorrow I still couldn't work until January 20th?

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arrowWhat to expect now, after RFE
November 16, 2015, 1:13 pm Last comment by Sharon&josh

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Hey guys. 


So I would first like to thank everyone for their help with my RFE. We got one because we apparently didn't supply enough evidence the first time around. But now we have {as of Nov 10th] had our case updated without the need of a co-sponsor, thankfully. I guess I was lax in my initial information giving.


Anyway the question I now have to ask is when I might get my EAD/AP card? I filed in mid august, and got the RFE in september. I know that usually that means that all aspects of the case are held up until you can satisfy the RFE. We only sent in the requested evidence some time in the end of October. So I am just curious about a ball park figure of when I might get the EAD 

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arrowRepublic of Ireland K1 application sent to London
November 11, 2015, 8:03 am Last comment by Rebecca Jo

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My fiancée and I have been working through the K1 visa process for the past few months, and things has been progressing well, up until this week.


My fiancée (the petitioner) received a letter Monday from the NVC that they had forwarded our case to the US Embassy in London. The problem being that I am a citizen and resident of the Republic of Ireland. We specified the embassy in Dublin in our I-129F as where the case should be forwarded to.


My fiancée called the NVC yesterday to enquire why our case was going to London, but they didn't provide any information and just told her to contact the embassy for any information.


We can't call the embassies today with the holiday, but we would like to know as soon a possible if a mistake has been made so it can be corrected, or whether this is a standard or common occurrence.


Anyone here have anything similar happen when applying from Ireland?





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