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Denied EAD renewal
1:11 pm


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I applied for my EAD renewal through category C9 from a k1. I got a notice in the mail yesterday saying it was denied because of no filling fee.

The instructions for the i-765 C9 renewals do not require a filling fee. Am I missing something, did this change?

They also didn't return all my documents, just the i-765 form. Thankfully I took a copy of what I had originally sent.

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Warning to those submitting documents via Ceac
11:54 pm


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Just a warning! We had two documents (birth certificate and passport) rejected because they were uploaded to Ceac in a horizontal orientation, as opposed to vertical. I cannot find anything about orientation being an issue on the directions for submission

Everything else was approved, and we resubmitted the documents in the correct orientation as soon as we got the notice.

However, we are now back waiting for the documents to be reviewed, which (I was told when I called the NVC today) can take up to another 6 weeks! Fingers crossed it won't take this long, as it took 2.5 weeks for them to be originally reviewed.

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K1 visa questions for Irish members
10:39 am


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Hi everyone,

Myself and my fiance have sent of the i-129f application today, I was wondering for any of you who have been through the whole k1 process from Ireland, how long the entire process takes from start to finish. Any advice any of you have would be great too.

Thanks a mil

Lyndsey :)

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1-864 Tax Question
3:48 am

Sam Kay

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I have prepared my forms and taxes for 2017 and 2016 to use for my 1-864 visa sponsorship for my husband. However, I did not file taxes in 2015 as I was still a student and dependent on my parents then. Should I include their taxes? Or will the two years suffice? Thank you.

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EAD/AP renewal, no e-notfication
5:16 pm


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Hi all,

I sent in my EAD/AP renewal on May 21st. It says it was delivered on the 29th.

Last time it took a week to get a notification but I still haven't heard anything and it's been 10 days since they received it. I attached the G-1145 for both packets.

I sent it to:

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries:

Attn: FBAS
131 South Dearborn-3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603-5517

Are they just really backed up? I thought I would at least get the notification by now.

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