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I-693 question
9:42 pm


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Hi all,

We applied for AOS in August and did not include a signed Form I-693 with the application and intended to have it for the interview. I have received a notice about the missing form so now I am thinking about the medical check. Should I make an appointment now or should I wait for an interview notice first? Thanks!

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Change of Address before Interview
5:49 pm


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So my visa interview is on September 26th. My fiance, who is also my beneficiary, is moving to a new address on September 20th. I know that USCIS says to notify if there is any address change while a petition is pending, but since we're at the interview stage I don't know if that's the course of action we need to take. Does she have to contact USCIS regardless? Do I need to do out another DS-160 form with the new address? Any info or help you can give me would be a huge help.

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I-131 (Advanced Parole) Progess Time
1:12 pm


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Hello all,

I am an American citizen and my husband is from Ireland and an applicant for an I-485. We are ready to go in for an interview but have also applied for travel authorization (I-131 Advanced Parole). We've been waiting for 112 days now for the I131 to be accepted and we are supposed to fly out this week to Ireland so he can visit his family. Our lawyer told us that we would safe to fly out because it only takes 90 days to receive the approval. However, we've been waiting pst that and it is still pending.

On this qebsite, under the processing times tab, it says they're working on forms from may 20th. How is this possible? May 20th was a Saturday and the government isn't open on Saturdays, meaning it's inpossible to have a Saturday as a date submitted. My husbands date submitted is May 22nd, which would be the Monday (the day forms CAN be submitted) so logically, that SHOULD be the date that they're working on. Is this website's processing times tab accurate?

please advise, as we already have our flights booked but cannot go without this authorization. What can we do/what's the likelihood of getting the approval in the next few days?

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received packet from embassy with some confusion
12:55 am


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I just received the k packet visa this morning from the embassy in Ireland and while I was looking through the requirements I saw that the birth certificate required both parents to be on it with the word "both" in bold print, I was wondering if anyone else who came from a single parent household and only has one parent on their birth cert has had this problem and how they dealt with it ?

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Received interview notice with letter about convictions
2:59 pm


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Yesterday I received my letter of notice of interview - which is on October 2nd.

Along with the letter was a white sheet with

"Notice to applicant: If you have ever been arrested or detained for any reason you must bring the following to your interview"

*An original or court certified copy of the complete arrest record and/ OR disposition file for each incident. (Eg. Dismissal order, conviction record or acquittal order)

I sent my lawyer a court certified copy of the only conviction I have, a drink driving charge from 2010 ( 250 FINE and mandatory 2 year driving ban) is this what they are looking for??

Any help or advice greatly appreciated, my lawyer has decided to be unhelpful ever since they got paid.

Timeline below

JUNE 15 2017 : Everything was received by USCIS
JUNE 23 2017 : Received BIO appointment
JULY 13 2017 : Attended BIO appointment
JULY 13 2017 : Received Request for initial evidence for 1-130A (Dated July 07) / Yellow paper

AUGUST 09 2017 : Response to USCIS request for evidence was received. Our national benefits center will begin working on your case again (From CaseTracker app - did not receive notice in mail)
AUGUST 14 2017 : Received a purple letter saying that :
The version of the form I-693 is no longer in use....... >>

  • if you receive an interview notice please bring the updated I-693 with you
  • If your case don't require an interview you will receive an RFE

AUGUST 23 2017 : Online Case status changed to "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview.
AUGUST 31 2017 : Interview date set for October 2nd.

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