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Want to cancel K1 visa and apply for CR1 visa
10:13 pm yesterday


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I am the US petitioner for my Irish Fianc . We submit our K1 visa packet on January 26, 2018 and received the first notice that the package was received on February 5, 2018. We have been waiting patiently since. Then, in the last month, I was let go from my job of three years and am now unemployed. My first reaction is to get a new, steady job in order to prove my financial stability for the next phase of the K1 visa.

Now, I am wanting to use this new freedom to travel to Ireland and marry my fianc there so that we can be together ASAP. This would require us canceling our K1 visa and then applying for a CR1. My hope is that I would be able to live and work in Ireland with my fianc while the CR1 is processing to eventually return to the states. Has anyone heard of this happening successfully? What concerns may this raise? I am afraid that this will complicate things too much to be worth it, but I have a strong desire to spend time in Ireland with my fianc and his family as well as just being together while we wait out processing times.

Any advice would be great. Thank you!

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does the USCIS not give put the processing date anymore?
7:59 am yesterday


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Hi all,

with the new site upgrades i'm not seeing the processing dates? They only give out: estimated time range and case inquiry dates? I'm I missing something?


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Evidence of Marriage
3:26 am yesterday

Sam Kay

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Hi all! I am submitting my I-130 package on Monday and I am wondering if the things listed below would constitute enough evidence for proof of our marriage:

Copy and translation of lease of shared apartment

Receipts of money sent from spouse to my US savings account

Official wedding photos

Copy of proof of purchase of engagement ring

Posts from family members on fb about our wedding

My husband is from Ireland and I am from the US. We live in Korea together. I have read that the thing that matters is to see we've spent a lot of time together. Since we've lived in the same place for 3 years and not have a shared apartment/ have proof of a real wedding, do you think this is enough evidence?

Thanks for your help!

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I-864 not a contract
6:06 pm yesterday

Mr&Mrs G.

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So today I had my interview at Dublin Embassy and my case is currently put on hold pending my wife getting a job. She has been living in Ireland since 2004 initially not permitted to work but allowed stay because I sponsored her. We got married in 2008 and then she was permitted to work, she attended some job seeking courses locally but then gradually started to get sick with different things. Eventually she was given a diagnosis of cervical cancer and had a major surgery followed by radiation treatment. She was left with various medical problems after the surgery and was unable to work. When she was finally given the all clear we started the process to move to the US, we decided she didn't need to work.

All our paperwork was submitted and domicile and joint sponsor all correct with more than enough income. At the interview the officer said he would put my case on hold and would like to see some intent to work from my wife and would like a job offer for her. I said I thought that was the point of a joint sponsor, he said the I-864 was not a contract and they don't chase anyone down for the money.

Yesterday we found out that her 96 year old grandfather had a stroke and we were expecting bad news today. I told the guy at the embassy and he gave me back my passport but said I could be refused entry because I have shown intent to emigrate. I left the embassy stunned only to find out that my wife's grandfather had be given the last rites and despite making phone calls to senators and congressmen, NVC and customs and border control they all advise I may not be permitted to enter for the funeral.

I-864 contract or not?

Embassy says not :protest:

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Notarizing Documents
4:00 am yesterday

Sam Kay

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I am going to get my marriage certificate translated today. Do you guys know if I need to notarize my marriage certificate or the translations to submit them? Thanks for any help!

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