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Credit Check for IR1/CR1?
10:34 am


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I am a former permanent resident. My USC wife and I are considering relocating back to the US. We understand we have to start the process over from the beginning, but wondering if there are certain extra factors that USCIS will consider this time around. Obviously, they will look at a background check from my time in the US (which is clean), how about a credit check? My US credit has tanked since leaving the country since I don't use US credit and shut down all but one of my credit accounts.


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Alert from app of status change but update is the same
12:00 am


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I got an alert from a USCIS app that I use and it said my status was changed but it changed to the same status.... Any idea what happened or why it does that? I know it's a long shot but I'm confused...

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Spouse do not have Certificate of Naturalization
2:45 pm


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Hi all,

I have my naturalization interview coming up, USICS sent a letter confirming the date/time and list of documents that i need to bring with me on the day.

One of the required document is Certificate of Naturalization of my spouse, now my wife do not have the certificate as she was minor when her mum got the naturalized and based on her naturalization they applied for her passport and never got for the certificate.

Has anyone have had the similar situation and if so what other document can we bring other than her passport. Were you asked to provide the copy of naturalization during the interview.

Thanks in advance.

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affidavit of support
10:07 am


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Is it a problem to file an affidavit of support by the sponsor and also an exemption to affidavit of support by the immigrant. Immigrant worked 11 years in USA about 15 years ago and will receive social security benefits when she reaches appropriate age.

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Refused a Social Security Number for getting married on a K-1
8:16 pm


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So I'm not sure if I'm in the wrong or the person working at the Social Security office was wrong when telling me this. Me and my wife went to the Social Security Office so that I could apply for a Social Security Number. I'm aware now that I should have done this before we got married, but we were not aware of it at the time. The person we spoke to told us that, because we had gotten married and sent off our AOS documents (still pending), that I could no longer apply for a SSN under a K-1 Visa, and that I should apply for an ITIN (for tax purposes). However my I-94 is still valid, and I have all the necessary documents. Just wondering if anyone knows if I should still be able to get an SSN after getting married?

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