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arrowHelp regarding where you can file from?
October 17, 2014, 12:46 pm Last comment by kzielu

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wondering if you guys could help or had any experience with this....


im an irishman with a green card that expires at the end of march 2015....


in May of this year my American wife left me and started divorce procedings not long afterward which are currently ongoing. Im aware I have to file to get the restrictions lifted on my own, however my situation is a little different.

Since she left me, I couldnt financially support myself and therefore had to return to ireland to work for a bit to save some money to return. A lawyer I was speaking to informed me its best to file around December and be obviously living in the US. Now I would return to the US tomorrow if i had a place to work and live but at the moment i dont and I need to save some money before I can go back over to do that.


Could I file from Ireland without any issues or would I have to be physically present in the US? could i still file here and say Im in the US at a friends address and get my friend to look after any correspondence?


any help much appreciated.

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arrowHoly smokes!! freaking out
October 17, 2014, 5:03 am Last comment by Ana88

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ok so on a whim after seeing fellow septembers filers approved, i thought i'd check. APPROVED on the 16th oct. 20days after NOA1. 


i was sooo not expecting this, what is next, i have a rough idea, and i know its here but im slightly freaking out, so forgive my irrational post.


what do we wait for, what do i need to organise, what do we do. 



Thank you so much

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arrowWhen are visas gonna become current again?
October 16, 2014, 6:30 am Last comment by Marie12

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Hi I'm just wondering could someone tell me when i130 visas become current again. I've heard people are just waiting for them now. So how does this process happen? Thanks for any advice.

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arrowDocuments to bring to the AOS interview
October 15, 2014, 9:58 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Hi folks,


I am getting ready for my AOS interview (in about 2 weeks time!), I have gathered a lot of documents that they have asked for but I have a couple of questions below:


It states that "unless already submitted" I need to bring documents which I earlier had submitted for the green card (I-864, , etc). Do I need to bring these again?


It asks to bring the medical report, including vaccination document again unless already submitted. I did my medical back in the UK when I was applying for the K1 visa - do I have to get another medical for the AOS interview now? ...I do still have the vaccination report which I thought would suffice.



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arrowQuestions about AOS processing times...Angelenos, please chime in!
October 15, 2014, 4:52 pm Last comment by Pickle
Tina and Johan

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I have some questions about the AOS process.  Specifically timelines and adjusting from family-based visas.  I've done some research, but the last person to ask about this was in 2009, so that feels like too long ago.  From your experience:


1. Does it matter if you are adjusting from a K1, or a B2, etc?  Does this specific part of the process make a difference? (I've seen that some people already have their EAD's from before marriage, so not sure if this is a factor.)


2. Where do the applications really go?  Mine on the USCIS website says it's in Nebraska, but I have MSC in my number, which implies Missouri.   Does this factor in when waiting that marathon wait for any action on EAD, AP, or AOS?


3. It says on the USCIS website that local offices don't approve the EAD.  If that's the case, then shouldn't the approvals be more linear?  Why are people who filed weeks after us approved weeks before us?


4. If you are being processed through the Los Angeles office, is it San Fernando office or LA?  Does your local office (SFV, specifically) have a timeline I can look at?  Would it have been more timely for us to file in, say, Wyoming?!  ;) (small joke there)


5.  Is it something to do with something in his file?   We experienced  the same frustration with timelines back when we were doing the K1 (not the paramount frustration that is TSC, but frustrating enough for our little corner of VJ), in that many many later February filers were blowing past us with NOA2's.  Now the same is happening with August AOS filers.


6. Is my husband EVER going to be able to legally work in the US?!?!  (rhetorical; don't answer that one. ;) )


I am happily supportive of people in my group getting their approvals and interviews scheduled, but I am so sick of this waiting game.  Our estimate was somewhere between 2 weeks ago and last week.  I know it's not a concrete thing, but man, I really wish the process was more transparent.  :ph34r:


Thanks in advance!



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