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arrowStatus Issued but no passport yet .
March 31, 2015, 6:58 pm Last comment by Srubioperez

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Hello everyone i had my interview in Dublin embassy after 8 days visa status changed to issued it was on friday.
But so far i haven't received any email or call from courier company for collection.
How long it takes to get your passport after issued status and how i will contacted by courier company call or email please update me on that because during interview they just ask me have you booked courier and my answer was yes as i booked already but they didn't take any print pot of courier booking from me.
Please update me anyone from Dublin that how long it will take and contact process ?
Thanks in advance.

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arrowNo delivery attempt for "returned" document
March 31, 2015, 2:39 am Last comment by DanInWonderland

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My wife (Irish Citizen) and I live in Dublin and I (US Citizen) am sponsoring her for a US permanent resident visa. We sent in the I-130 and accompanying forms/documents to the Chicage lockbox in early February. We received an email notification that our documents were approved and we were to wait for further information and information requests to arrive via post.


I've just checked our case status as we had yet to receive any information....and saw this message:


Document Was Returned To USCIS

On March 5, 2015, the Post Office returned your document to us. We will hold your document for 180 days or until September 1, 2015. Please go to to request that we resend the document to you. If you do not submit an online request by September 1, 2015, we will destroy your document and you will need to file a new Form I-130, Immigrant Petition for Relative, Fiance(E), or Orphan, with fee. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.


We have not moved nor have we received any notification that an attempt to deliver was ever made. The mail is delivered between 8-9AM, so I am ALWAYS home to see the postman—and he knows who I am. If there was a delivery that couldn't be made, he would have told me.


I went to the "redeliver" page mentioned in the notification above and started to fill out the form. When I got to the MAILING ADDRESS section, there was no option to select an overseas address. As I mentioned earlier, we live in Dublin.


1. What do I do about this?

2. Has this caused our application to be delayed?


We were REALLY hoping to have been on track for visa approval for the begining of the school year in September, 2015. If not, we run into a myriad of time-sensitive issues.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.






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arrowA note to the VJ Community
March 27, 2015, 8:37 am Last comment by Janelle2002

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Hi everyone.  I don’t imagine this thread will last long but just wanted to send everyone a note.  I don’t always post on here, but I am reading the forums on a daily basis.  If you know me personally I’m not always a ray of sunshine and I definitely don’t shoot rainbows out of my a** (although that would be interesting), but looking at people’s responses to the transfer has made me sad.

Since December I along with some pretty awesome people, have been busting their butts trying to get this to happen.  I don’t think that we’re the reason it did but I like to think that the community effort on VJ made a difference.

It makes me upset when that community isn’t happy for each other.  Will this transfer help all of us?  Most likely not.  Do we know what will really happen? Absolutely not.  But, that being said, even if this does not help my situation, I hope that it helps the people that have been stuck for months and the people that came after me that won’t have as long of a wait to be with their loved ones.  

Seeing people bicker and point fingers is not what VJ is for, we are here to support each other.  So today is a good day.  Let’s see what happens. And if you are one of the lucky ones, I wish you the best.  If you are still stuck, there are thousands of people on here supporting you and that know what you are going through.  Don’t use them as a punching bag but as a means of letting some steam off together.  

Thanks to everyone that helped us and worked with us and supported us.  Hopefully the next few weeks with bring you the news that you’ve been waiting for.



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arrowAP for Interview
March 26, 2015, 6:16 pm Last comment by dubnew

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Hi Everyone, its my second post I had my interview last Thursday 19th March all went very well no major questions whole interview took less than 5 minutes CO was very nice at end told me that visa is approved and you will get your passport within 10 days and he put all my documents together and write approved on file in front of me its exactly 7 working days today that after interview its still under AP.  If I read instructions below that it says if visa is approved will be issues in 2 business days but its over 7 business days now.


What should I do contact embassy or wait and how long it could take ? anyone had same experience I review other people comment here who approved and then waited for long to receive passport ?



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arrowPlease welcome two new moderators!
March 26, 2015, 6:19 am Last comment by Pitaya

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I am very happy to let you all know that we have two new moderators on the team- well, 1.5 new ones  :P


GandD, previously modding the lower/ off topic forums only, is now a full/ Global Moderator.   They did a great job with the sometimes heated discussion in CEHST forum, and will still concentrate on that area of VJ, but now have full moderator privileges, and can help out in the immigration forums when TOS violations are reported there.


A&B has been an active and level headed Organiser for some time, making VJ a better place by moving threads where they get the most answers, and removing spam-  their contribution to VJ have been great. We are very happy to have them on the moderating team as a full Global Moderator!


Please give them a few days to settle in, and as always, remember that moderators are members first, simply experienced ones with extra abilities on the site to make it better for everyone! They should be afforded the same courtesy and politeness as you give everyone else.

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