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arrowAOS interview experience 2016/Possible approval?
August 19, 2016, 9:28 pm Last comment by Babamalik87

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So we had our AOS interview today in Oklahoma City! I thought I would share our experience and get some opinions on how you all think it went!


So here goes, sorry kind of hyper so if this isn't typed so well I apologise!


Basic facts about our relationship:

9 year age difference

Met online

US Citizen has been married more than once


Okay so, the lady that interviewed us was lovely.


She swore us in and told us to sit, she asked if we were okay and took our ID and said she has a lot of questions for us, she said they may seem strange but she has to check them off and told us not to worry.


She confirmed our names, parents' names and asked us to confirm each others date of births. She then asked us how we met, when, and also when we met in person, how many times did we meet before marrying. 

Why did we decide to get married during this trip, where we got married, why that date and how many times did we visit that state before (she was checking to see that we said at least twice, marriage license and wedding)

She then asked my husband about his divorces and if he thought this was the one and he said definitely this time. She was happy enough with that and we had a laugh about some things, she said it isn't easy being married in the military and she really hopes this is it for him. Not in a rude way though.


She asked if we had any documents for her, husband got a new job so we gave her an updated I-864 and I-864A , we live with mother in law and her income meets the requirements alone. She didn't keep the forms but took mother in laws W2, tax documents and pay stubs, we gave her our tax return but she gave us it back. I'm assuming she only kept mother in laws documents as husband just started his job so it isn't completely reliable. We explained that we kept mother in law on it even though we meet the requirements due to him just starting and she said that's fine and thanked us for that. Mother in law was on it from the beginning anyway so only husband's job was new again I'm assuming this is why she kept the original I-864 etc.


She asked me when I met his family and it was during my first trip here in 2013, she was pleased with this as we had told her some stories just in general conversation so it must of let her know it added up I don't know but I was happy with that. 


She asked if we had anything for her so we gave her 2 folders, one with joint financial things such as bank statements, Sams Club memberships, furniture bills, life insurance, VA dependent documents etc and another folder with proof of gifts, financial support from each other during relationship, cards, hotel bookings, flights etc. We also gave her 100+ photos, she looked through them all and chose her 'favourites' for our file. There was a photo of my husband, myself and my mother in law, she pointed to her and asked me who it was. At this point I relaxed a little as she was smiling looking through our evidence (cards and photos etc) 

We talked a lot but she didn't really have to ask much as we were giving her plenty of info as it came up in conversation, I apologized for rambling as I do it when I get nervous and she said 'no this makes my job way easier so go on'  I also apologized if some of the proof I submitted seemed pointless but I wanted to add anything that showed ongoing relationship and she said no it's fine don't worry.


I also explained that we don't have joint lease or bills as we live with MIL and just give her money each month and she said that makes sense and is fine.


She asked the questions to do with illegal activity etc and then we laughed as I said I can't lie and would be a horrible spy and she said even better because I deal with a lot of lies and she could tell I was sincere (which was great to hear as again it makes you relax) 


We also laughed about the photos because she said she's received some explicit photos and we agreed any really couple would not want those images in public!! 


We talked for a bit more, really laid back and she was so nice. She then gave me a letter that explained the 2 year green card and when and how to file for removal of conditions. She said it's just to check in as we may be living in my home country by then etc and basically it's to see if we want the 10 year green card. She told us it would make our lives easier to gather our evidence for the next interview in 2 years time as each life event happened. She advised to leave a note of the date to file for removal of conditions on every calendar, phone etc we have so that when the time comes alarm bells ring to file so we don't miss the time frame!


She said she just needs to double check mother in law's income meets everything but said it looks like it does but she didn't want to do math before 9am and laughed which we understood. So I asked her 'so is everything besides that okay like our proof and everything?' she said yes exactly that, she said if she needs anything else for the I-864 she will mail us but she doubts she will need anything more as it looks good. So I said so we should be okay? and she smiled and said yep and that was it! I almost hugged her but switched to a handshake, husband made a joke about it and she said not to worry she got a hug yesterday, we said thank you and said we were so happy and she was like good and was smiling, she walked us out and told us to enjoy the rest of our day.


So that was it, I feel it went really well! I hope this means we are definitely going to get approved! Hope this helps anyone who has their interview coming up.

I know people say this all the time, but honestly as long as you are honest and a legit couple you will be fine. The questions aren't hard, they are questions any true couple will know. Our interviewer was so nice, which may have helped us but still.


So now!


Does anyone have any opinions? How do you all think this went? Does it sound like a good sign??


I know she said she just needs to double check the I-864 but it wasn't an approval either and I don't want to get ahead of myself!

I apologize that this is so long!


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arrowAOS interview tomorrow! Are we missing anything?
August 18, 2016, 1:35 pm Last comment by Babamalik87

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Hi everyone!


So my husband and I have our interview tomorrow at 7.45am so we are leaving for Oklahoma City tonight, so nervous but excited!


I think we have mostly everything but are we missing anything? Here's what I have


- Copies of I-130 and I-485 just in case they need it

-I-864 and I-864a including:

W2, joint tax return and pay checks from the past few months

also have husband's mother's W2, 2 most recent pay stubs and most recent tax return


-My birth certificate

-Marriage Certificate

-Husband's divorce decree

-My EAD card


For evidence of our relationship we have:

-Flight confirmations and tickets of travel together

-Hotel bookings

-transport bookings used during trips

-Emails showing communication with owner of a holiday home we rented for a few weeks confirming joint payment on it

-Letter from VA showing that I'm his spouse

-Copy of military life insurance showing me as spouse and my enrollment in DEERS (don't have tricare yet due to money)

-Joint bank statements from past few months

-Sams club membership cards

-Joint tax return

-Cards given to each other for birthdays etc

-Copies of messages congratulating us on marriage

-Copies of messages from his homecoming from deployment from my family and friends

-Print outs of email confirmations and amazon orders showing gifts to each other

-Copies of Western Union and Paypal transactions showing financial support from him

-Over 100 photos of us (only one with other people as we eloped)

-Copy of his orders for annual training showing he is married with 1 dependent (me although doesn't specify a name)


I think that's all we have! I still don't feel it's enough though!

We live with his mother and just pay her in cash for rent so no joint lease or bills besides Sams and USAA.


Also I'm 21 and he's 29, how big of an issue will this be? I met him whilst he was stationed in Europe (Everything was legal no worries about that) but we met online (really helps our case I know) and I know I married young so I'm afraid they'll not take us serious! But trust me I would not move from Ireland to the US for someone I wasn't serious about lol, he's in National Guard after being discharged from Active Duty so can't leave the US for a few years, hence me moving here.


Sorry so long and ranty (not even a word I know) but so nervous! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 


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arrowRFE for Good Faith Marriage Evidence
August 18, 2016, 11:26 am Last comment by mimolicious

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I received an RFE today for additional evidence for a Good Faith Marriage.  I have the evidence they requested.  However, my question is what other documentation do I send with the evidence, is there a form I need to fill in and return with the evidence or just a cover letter?  Do I send a copy of my I-797 Notice of Action?  Sorry if this information already exists somewhere.



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arrowI-864A and Proof of US Citizenship
August 18, 2016, 9:10 am Last comment by dwheels76

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Hi all,

We are in the process of getting my mother in law's I-864 ready for our CR1 files for NVC. We are thinking about including an I-864A for her husband/my father-in-law as they are joint tax filers and it would make completing these two forms a bit simpler when cross referenced to their tax transcripts (thus reduce risk of NVC checklist)

That said, I think my MIL makes enough in her own right that the I-864A would not be necessary to put us over the poverty guidelines.

However, if we go with an I-864A, I am a little concerned with proving my FIL's US citizenship. He does not have a US passport. He also does not have his birthcert anymore and was born in the 60s in a US Military Hospital abroad (his dad was on active duty at the time).

My FIL was in the service himself and does have his DD214 but that doesn't list his place of birth and, even if he did, that would be outside of the US anyway.

What other evidence of US Citizenship could we provide for my FIL? We have no issue proving relationship to MIL (we have their marriage cert) but it's the citizenship issue I am concerned about.

Thanks in advance.

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arrowAffadavit of Support - HELP
August 12, 2016, 5:55 am Last comment by KeithandMariah

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Hi guys,


Thank you in advance for the advice. My wife is a US citizen from Texas. She currently lives in Ireland with me legally. We submitted our K1 visa application from Ireland.


Can anyone tell me, do we have to submit an affidavit of support in this process and if so, at what stage. Our I130plication is currently in Nebraska being processed.


The reason I ask is this. My wife has been out of the USA a lot the passed 2 years travelling Europe and living with me. Her US income for this period is virtually non existence. ie less than $10,000.


In the absence of her US income reaching the required levels, can we submit evidence of savings or earnings she makes here in Ireland?


Any help would be appreciated.

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