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Wife's Green Card with B1/B2
3:43 pm yesterday


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My wife and I have been married for 28 years. We lived in The USA for 13 years. I am a U.S. citizen and she is an Irish citizen. She had a green card for the 13 years we lived in The USA.. We have now lived in Ireland for 14 years. We want to return to The USA.

She now has a B1/B2 which we have used for 2 years. There are 8 years left on it.

We plan on moving back to The USA in September of 2017. It is now late Feb. 2017.

What would be the best route to obtain a green card in the shortest time period?

Thank you.

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Can a visa be rejected because of shaky hands?!
12:48 pm yesterday


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Hi All,

My mum wants to come to the US to see us (I'm a green card holder and rest of my family are all US citizens) and she will be funding her own trip and cost etc. so we are not going to sponsor her.

She went to a travel agency in Beijing to help her to obtain a visitors' visa and was told that she will be rejected because she cannot sign documents during the interview?! She has symptoms very similar to Parkinson's, i.e. Her hands shake uncontrollably and thus she can't hold her hands still to sign documents and she will need someone to assist her to hold her hands down for fingerprints.

Is it true that they can refuse a visa because of her illness? Is there a way that we can assist her with this visa process?

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Bringing the I-864 to the interview...
2:08 pm yesterday


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Hi guys,

Quick question that has been bothering me for quite a while - I've finally had an interview date setup, and the instructions mention bringing the I-864 form... What do they mean? Do they want me to bring the form we sent the NVC? They have the original, so why would they need the form again?

Should I fill a new one out? Should it be the same one that was filed originally...? Could someone help out? :-)

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Travel on CR1 Visa - Recent Experiences?
5:03 am yesterday


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Hi everyone. I received my CR1 visa earlier this year will go through POE around the middle of the year before my visa expires. However, for various reasons, my USC spouse and I will need to leave after a week and come back to Ireland for about 3 months (we have both been living here for a number of years) but will then be gone to the US for good.

I have read many older posts on the topic and it seems totally fine to travel on an endorsed CR1 (mine has the standard 1 year endorsement wording). However, does anyone have any recent experience of travelling on their endorsed CR1 visa? With US of immigration in a bit a flux at the moment, I'd like to get more up to date sense of how solid my plan is.


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RFIE - I-864 Income requirements and contract employment
12:53 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

We have found VisaJourney to be a great resource throughout our application process. We hope that you can help us by adding any knowledge or experiences you have had relating to our individual circumstance. In December 2016, we submitted our I-485 to adjust from K1. Unfortunately we have now received an RFIE related to our I-864 income requirement. The RFIE points are pretty much the standard ones that we see others on the forum here have received. Our unique circumstances and questions are:


1. USC lived in Ireland for many years before moving to the US in July 2016.

2. US income source started in July 2016 and is in excess of poverty limits.

3. Employment is of a contract nature, current contract ends June 2017, with a further contract in place with a new employer from July 2017 to June 2018.

4. Employment is of a professional nature, highly specialized with excellent career prospects and this can be demonstrated on the letters from the employers.

5. Income Tax returns up to and including 2015 utilized the 'Foreign Income Exemption'. The Foreign income is in excess of the poverty limits, however USCIS are completely discounting it due to the Exemption (Total income on line 22 of tax returns is nil due to the exemption).


1. Can we 'revoke' the I-864 submitted in December based on the 2015 Tax return and replace it with one based on our 2016 Tax return which will include the US income, W2, pay stubs etc?

2. US income history is now over 6 months with income before this all foreign based. Will this be an issue? Is 6 months US income history enough?

3. Do we need to push the case to demonstrate the strong continuous foreign income before this, or is it irrelevant?

4. The employment letters will show that the term is fixed in nature ending in June 2018. Will this pose a challenge?

We are hoping that we have enough to get us across the line, but we would appreciate your views.

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