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  1. I'm officially a Citizen! The process in Orlando was straight forward. I arrived 30 minutes early went to reception and told to sit and wait to be called. 30 minutes later an officer came out to ensure we all had the reverse of our I-485 completed and had our green cards ready. I was part of a group of approx 50 to be naturalized. We where lined up in the waiting area and brought over and split into four lines. When I reached the end of the line they took my green card, double checked my form, ran through the questions and asked that I go to the ceremony room. Into another line and again my document was checked once more, I was directed to the next staff member who was seating (as we arrived in no order) the soon to be citizens. She took my paperwork had me take a seat. On the seat was a packet, inside a voter registration form, passport application and a small booklet and a document running through how to acquire citizenship for children under the age of 18. On top of the packet a small flag of course. The ceremony lasted approx 45 minutes, there was a short video at the start about the history of the US and it's immigrant past. A short speech by the director, voter registration lady spoke and gave excellent information, another speech by I believe a regional manager for USCIS who then swore us in. We stood for teh pledge as citizens another short video was played. We where then issued our certificates as we exited our assigned seats. Then out to fill in that voter registration, take a few pictures and out into the world a freshly minted citizen of the American Republic.
  2. Congratulations, I got the exact same thing at my interview last month. Things here (Florida) went from "A decision cannot be made" to.. "in line for oath ceremony" and most recently "scheduled for oath". Your almost done with this process.
  3. My oath ceremony has been scheduled for August 3rd, the end is close for so many of us.
  4. I got the same letter "decision cannot be made" and was told I'd get a decision in the mail within 30 days. That was on Wednesday 12th July, Friday 21st July my case status was updated online to "We scheduled your oath ceremony". I wouldn't worry too much about it unless there are any known issues with your application.
  5. Scheduled for Oath Ceremony, no date just an email notification. I'm approved at last the end is close!
  6. Thanks. I suspect two things, one was conviction as a minor age 13 (early 90's) which involved a discharge no detention from back home. The other less likley to cause issue was a typo on my application where it looked like I was out of the country for a year. The typo was noted and corrected. Otherwise it appeared as if all was good. From talking to the IO I got the impression I should be approved once my case has been reviewed by another IO/Supervisor.
  7. Completed my interview today, passed the civics portion and from how the interview progressed everything appears good. They did note my case would need to be reviewed by another officer. I'll get a decision in 30 days, hopefully a positive end to this journey.
  8. I entered the US in November 2005 as a K1, at the time I was 25 years old. I obtained residency on or around October 2006 at which point I was months into being 26 years old. I thought I had registered for Selective Service way back during AOS but apparently I haven't. At the time I was under the impression that the K1 is/was a non resident classification which I believe would be why I never registered. I didn't register after I became a resident because I was then 26 years old. Anyway fast forward to present I've been in the US 12 years and a resident for almost 11 years this year and my naturalization interview is days away. From what I've read thus far I shouldn't have any issues regarding selective service however I also have no evidence either way to prove anything other than the fact I never registered. Which kind of annoys me as I've evidence/documentation to cover just about everything else. I did go to sss.gov and I did do a search which returns no records matching my name/SS number. It's a non issues but there's always something that wants to nag at us when we're days away from an important date. Anyone else here have any issues regarding Selective Service or other issues during or after your naturalization interview.
  9. I too received a case status update text at 0455 this morning (Saturday). This is strange since my citizenship interview is only days away. I thought for a second it was being rescheduled or something.
  10. I don't know why but the formatting for this is badly messed up when I copy paste in the above. Interview scheduled 6/8/17