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  1. Wait until she figures out that there is no 3 billion to spend in her community. Someone needs explain to her what a subsidy actually is "We were subsidizing those jobs. The city was paying for those jobs. Frankly, if we were willing to give away $3 billion dollars for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district, ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that amount of money if we wanted to." https://www.aol.com/article/news/2019/02/14/ocasio-cortez-takes-a-victory-lap-after-amazon-scraps-plans-to-build-in-new-york/23669970/
  2. If the intention is to tax the rich then why is Bill Gates saying the top 400 earners currently only pay about 20% income tax. Surely it would require a more targeted taxation plan on assets rather than income. I'm guessing this 70% rate won't catch the mega rich it will get those in categories below whose money is income based rather than in assets. "The one thing that never gets much press: The IRS shows the statistics for the top 400 people of the highest income and the rate they pay ... It's about a 20% rate, so it has nothing to do with the 39.6% marginal ordinary income rate," Gates said. "So it's a misfocus. If you focus on that, you're missing the picture." https://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gates-taxes-income-tax-wealthiest-americans-2019-2
  3. Im curious what year was that? I hadn't got a clue about tax bands when I left school, not a mention of it in the classroom neither. Just to make sure it's not because I'm an old git with an old education I asked my daughter's. One is in her first year of college and she learned nothing about tax bands in school. Another of my daughter's gets lost when she looks at her pay slip, she also learned nothing about tax bands in school.
  4. If she is so powerful then why is she surrounding herself with old white men? I thought they were the enemy 🤯
  5. The problem I found initially was not being able to find an income that could replace the benefits that my family was getting but I got there eventually. When the benefits are higher than what a job provides it gives those who can't find a way out no option but to stay the way they are. The system handicaps you and traps you in and be hard to get out. I believe Ireland has made changes since that period and wages have increased so there is an incentive to work. Also at one point they were giving benefits to 16 year olds, they saw easy cash for booze and partying and left school early. That has changed and the benefits are much lower for teenagers now. I guess my point is nothing is ever free, even free money causes damage.
  6. In a lot of instances it makes it harder to return to work. Many years ago things didn't work out as planned and I ended up out of work. I ended up getting approximately 1700 euro per month in unemployment benefits, around another 700 euro monthly children's allowance. Rent subsidised heavily, home heating heavily subsidised, free landline with an allowance for free phone calls. Let's not forget the free unlimited healthcare because the whole family had medical cards. Also you had the option to go to a welfare officer and get checks from him to cover any household items you might need. The big problem occurs when you start looking for work and you start to compare the financial benefits and then you decide it's easier to sit on your ### and get paid to do nothing.
  7. Mr&Mrs G.

    State of the Union

    I think they insulted the suffragette movement by not applauding women being saved from sex trafficking.
  8. Mr&Mrs G.

    State of the Union

    Didn't look like our friendly socialist was enjoying her first State of the Union. 😭
  9. Mr&Mrs G.

    State of the Union

    "America will never be a socialist country" The look on Bernie's face when the camera panned to him 🤯
  10. Sorry can't confirm that but it appears he is in to infanticide
  11. He now says it's not him in the photo but admits to dressing up as Michael Jackson. I wonder if it was the younger or the older Michael Jackson he dressed up as
  12. Just curious which news demographic you're in, CNN by any chance?
  13. AOC couldn't debate her own proposals, conservatives would be queuing up to take her apart, even members of her own party would take her down in a debate.
  14. I think when the subject was discussed here on the forum before it was mentioned that after a person announces their wish to transition there is around 12 months of counselling . Then the surgery and recovery time along with more counselling, I believe the time quoted was approximately 3 years for the whole process to complete. So a person could sign up and declare not long after their wish to transition and they would be withdrawn from being deployed. Spend 3 years basically being treated by the military and then when it's all sorted leave after you have had your free paid for surgery by tax payers. Maybe it's not that way for all but as a potential loophole it had to be removed.
  15. Since I moved over I have spoken to so many people locally and they haven't got a clue about the immigration system, all they see is what's on the tv poor families south of the border. I explain to them the amount of US citizens who are separated from their spouses and their kids for over a year and they are shocked. My belief is the immigration should be geared to help them and not help those who arrived illegally. Why is no one speaking on their behalf but there are loads to speak for illegals? The system needs fixing and if a wall or barrier is part of the solution then so be it. Diversity lottery needs to go, other countries get to pick the best and in categories that they need but the US hands out 50,000 in a lottery.. it's crazy.