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  1. You do not need a divorce decree to get your affidavit.
  2. Still haven't tried Max's. we even have one here in Honolulu.
  3. No time to read it all but I read the first few pages. Normally I see people come here and complain about their spouse and a lot of time the problem is they did not discuss important issues before getting married. I am like you in the sense my wife should take my last name. So of course that was discussed and she did. It is also important to me that she always wear her ring. It is much more than a piece of jewelery. As for Facebook, if people are very active and posting on Facebook they tend to want to share their life with people they know. If your married to someone that person should be the most important person in your life, so how do you share your life on Facebook and leave that person out? No sex? To me that is just an extension of your love together. If 2 people are in love with each other it is the most beautiful enjoyable thing that they can share. It is a very special thing and one of the most important things in a marriage/relationship. The fact that everything was fine before her arrival is a huge red flag. I agree that counseling most likely would not help the situation. If she was truly in love with you and in the marriage for the right reasons she would be the one suggesting counseling. She has to know that she is not acting like a wife and would want to find a way to fix that right? The money issue...When you get married my belief is that the 2 become one. That means there is no separate accounts. You have joint accounts and as a couple you work out what will be spent where. It's not, I pay this bill, you pay that bill, I spend my money here and you spend your money there. Where is the WE in that last sentence? To me her intentions were not pure. You and everyone deserves to be happy in a functioning relationship. I don't believe counseling would do anything but buy her more time. Best of luck to you.
  4. I'm late chiming in. As others said Filipino's tend to be romantics, so yes Valentines Day is special and observed. I was only there one time during Valentines Day. We stayed at a hotel and I had a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates in our room waiting on the bed when we checked in. I arranged that with the staff. She always appreciates flowers on other times I was not there. This Valentines I sent her a very heart felt love letter.
  5. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    When I had my internet cafe in the Philippines I had programmed the PLDT modem/router to bridge mode which turns off all routing in their device. Then I used my linksys router. Since I was here in USA when they installed it I had the PLDT guys program it to do that but I had to them how because they were clueless. If you want to know how to do it just look for the brand and model on the back or bottom of the PLDT modem/router then just Google "set BRAND MODEL into bridge mode". In simple terms it turns PLDT's modem/router into a modem only so you can use your own router.
  6. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    I missed this earlier. Yes T-Mobile works great. I even bought and sent my wife a cell on my plan. She had unlimited data in the Philippines. Eventually T-Mobile notified me that the service is for roaming and since that phone had not been in the US for a year and a half they were cancelling service for that phone. Oh well it was great while it lasted. But my personal T-Mobile always works great whenever I go there. I just don't answer or make calls unless I am on WiFi using WiFi calling. Other than that all texts and data are free.
  7. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    Metro PCS is the ####### stepchild. Trust me T-Mobile works great!
  8. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    That's why I am very happy with T-Mobile
  9. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    No. WiFi calling is something available on most cell phones now as long as your carrier supports it. I use T-Mobile and they do. What it does is connect your cell phone to your service provider through WiFi if you are connected to WiFi but out of range of any of their towers. Obviously there are no T-Mobile towers in Philippines. I am also able to call using roaming but that can be fairly expensive. So it's best to just get to a WiFi spot, or if you have a pocket WiFi from Smart, Globe, etc. That will work too.
  10. I speak from experience. I loved my ex wife dearly and still do. She loved me and took good care of me. We were married for over 25 years but I got to the point where I felt I was being deprived of a life I wanted so we finally divorced and I am now with a person who feels the same about relationships as I do. There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

    You can find out what you need in the link posted earlier. Other than that just go down there, it's on the bottom of the Pali, the driveway comes up quich so don't go too fast. They are terrible about answering calls and messages. I used to go there all of the time because our company did their IT support.
  12. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    WiFi calling is actually clearer that regular calls on my cell.
  13. Most cost effective way to call a US landline

    I use WiFi calling too. The last time I was there I was using it in my hotel in Manila on their WiFi and at my wifes house on hers. It works great because I use my cell, with my number. It doesn't use a lot of data bandwidth so you don't need to worry too much about the crappy internet there. I have T-Mobile which I love because international texting and data is also free. Where I used to work no cell company had good coverage in my office so that is when I first started using WiFi calling.
  14. Whatever you do, do not stay in a relationship where there is no passion or intimacy. We all deserve to be with someone that we connect with on that level. Some people don't need that and are happy enough with just a companion. But if you are the type that needs that (and it seems like you are) either work it out with her or move one. You need to be in a relationship where both partners needs are being met.
  15. I read through the first page but don't have time for the rest right now. Two years is too long. Even if tampo my wife never does that for more than 2 days. She is also from Bulacan. You said that there were no problems with intimacy in the Philippines. So that means there is a problem. I don't know how you put up with 2 years of this to be honest. If she hasn't made any effort or adjustment for 2 years I don't see how she ever will. Seems more like the type that wanted to come to America for a better life. Then she can work and provide for her family. My advice is get a divorce. If you have not done the ROC yet then send her back home. This may sound cold but I know a person in your situation and he said to his wife that he was taking her home because she seemed home sick. He only bought her a one way ticket and came home alone. Then filed for divorce after he returned. That's one option. The other is just tell her it's not working out and she has not adjusted to married life and you will file for divorce. I would agree in trying if she showed any effort. That time passed a year and a half ago.