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  1. Engagement party

    Not exactly what he said. Bellow is the full context. Since the topic is about engagement party he was answering specifically to that. Everyone knows that all MENA countries are tough with a low approval rate,
  2. Buying land in the Philippines

    Why hasn't she done it yet? We have an embassy here I have good friends in Malolos (actually now in Paombong). We will be neighbors when I finally move there, We will be in Baliuag, Bulacan. Keep us posted how it all works out, I plan to buy a lot in the next few years.
  3. H0TELS in Manila

    I was just there Sept/Oct. I had to go to the Embassy while I was there so I booked 3 rooms at the Best Western Hotel La Corona (our driver and family that came to greet me at the airport were with us) . I picked it because of how close it is to the embassy and the price wasn't too bad. I was happy with the Hotel. The rooms were nice and clean. They upgraded me to a suite which was nice. We had our free breakfast in the morning and it was good. I did have to leave a cash deposit of 1500 php/room or a credit card when I checked in. I chose to use cash. When I checked out I received the full refund. I will probably stay there again on my next trip.
  4. Confused

    Did you do a ROM (Report of Marriage) either at a consulate or in the Philippines? If so that most likely is why she is asking you to file as plaintiff. If you did not do a ROM then it really doesn't matter who files. If it were me I would tell her if she wants to file go ahead and file and not ask you to do so, Bottom line is you can't force someone to be with you. I wouldn't want to be with someone that did not want to be with me. To me there is no reason to believe (and you have not provided any) that her previous husband is not dead.
  5. Confused

    She is now a US Citizen. Making you file will give her freedom and allow her to remarry a Filipino. This story makes me doubt the infidelity part. Through her actions I wonder if she has someone waiting in the Philippines that you don't know about. Did you marry in the US or Philippines? If you married in the US did you do an ROM (Report of Marriage)?
  6. Confused

    Just answer this: What is making you think that he is not dead? About Philippines and divorce. To clarify what the above poster copied and pasted. You are a USC. If you file for divorce (as plaintiff) she can get that recognized by the courts in the Philippines and then remarry (in the Philippines or to a Filipino citizen). If she files for divorce from you she can not have that recognized so in the Philippines government's eyes she is still married to you. I believe this only matters if: A. You were married in the Philippines B. You did a ROM (Report of Marriage) with the Philippines government after being married in the US. Those would be the only 2 ways the Philippines Government would have record of your marriage. I can't figure out why else she would want a divorce and want you to be the one to file.
  7. I just got back from my wedding 2 weeks ago and 2 pigs, and 45 chickens gave their lives for our reception
  8. Well I didn't use a contractor, my father in law has a lot of construction knowledge even though he can't really do any of the work due to health reasons. But he can supervise and make sure everything is done correctly. We hired 1 very skilled person and 2 laborers. That was about 1k pesos a day. Feed them and give them cold drinks and they are very happy. Other than that the materials are pretty cheap. I find Filipinos are very hard workers and am amazed at how fast the work and how resourceful they are with limited tools and equipment. I plan to build my retirement home the same way. Now I just need to find a lot.
  9. Septic and electrical included. No running water or water heater, we get the water from a well.
  10. Cinder block. It was about 2 years ago. Here are some pics of building it and mostly complete. The airccon was put in a few months ago in preparation for my trip. The AC and install was about 20k. The house is not a dream home by any means, I will build that soon. It is modest with 2 bedrooms, sari store, cr, and kitchen in the back. All of the walls are finished cement inside and out. One room and half of the exterior we did the finish cement at the time we did the AC so that was additional to what I paid to build the house originally.
  11. The app was great while I was there a few weeks ago. I sent myself money about 3x.
  12. Balikbayan box

    You can also contact LBC through email and ask them customercare@lbcexpress.com. They have always been very good at responding in the past.
  13. 2 weeks? Good luck. I don't think anyone will be able to share anything except for their personal experience. Different churches have different rules so you will only get accurate information from the church that will marry you. Make sure to do a lot of research and get all of the information you will need so you do not leave disappointed. Maybe since it is only a renewal of vows it might make things easier. Was your USA wedding in a Catholic church?
  14. Not always the case. I built a house there for less than 4k USD Being a little judgmental here. Most of us here are very well of the scammers in the Philippines. The OP has been warned. I don't think anyone has discussed putting more than 10k USD in a Philippines bank.
  15. Correct Address Format for the Philippines

    Thruth! As others have said, if you used USPS that is your problem and it will most likely never arrive. That is due to PhilPost not USPS. My preference is LBC or DHL. I have both close to me here in Hawaii. not sure if you do where you live. Next would be FedEx but it will cost more than the other 2.