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  1. The company you are describing sounds like a scam. There is no way it is legitimate to get an EB3 to do housekeeping. Unfortunately if you don't have an existing relationship with an employer its going to be a very difficult process. The best bet is to get an education in the US and then through OPT build a relationship with an employer that can then lead to an H1B and then EB3
  2. Thats unfortunate to hear. You will need to put his real place of birth on all the forms and supply the Thai birth certificate as it is the legitimate version. Its probably not possible to know 100% what is going to happen, I am not sure if he needs to submit a photocopy of his passport for the initial I-130 or only when you get to the NVC stage. If only at the NVC stage, then it might not come up until later. When it does come up however you should expect some friction and that the state department will want something official. You should keep any copies of communications you've had with the Myanmar government in case they want to see that. I am going to assume this is not his first passport? If not then does he still have the expired ones? Do they all also list the wrong place of birth?
  3. Your first step is to have an employer in the US who would be willing to sponsor you, however the fact that you don't have an existing relationship with one will make it very difficult. You can enter the DV as suggested but the chance of winning is so low, you should not plan your future based on it.
  4. Do you have a job in the uk, own or rent a house? What are your personal ties to the UK? Many people come to the United States to get married without any problems. FYI there is no ban at the border if you are denied entry due to the officer believing you may overstay your visa, as you would not have done anything illegal
  5. Not sure why you would need the I-192 as well now as that form is for Advanced Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant which you clearly no longer fall under
  6. This seems to be a common thing with the status in CEAC switching back and forth. Best bet is to sit tight and wait for a response from the embassy. Good Luck!
  7. Administrative processing can take an indefinite amount of time. Have you reached out to the embassy via email?
  8. Grounds for expediting due to hardship is for hardship being experienced by a USC petitioner not a foreign beneficiary so it is hard to see you qualifying. Best bet is probably to get a consultation from a lawyer to see if there is any case. This is a time sensitive matter as it seems that your wife and children have been approved (and potentially visas issues?), which would mean they must enter within 6 months of the visa issue date or expiration of the medical exam, which ever comes first. The average processing time is around 6 months or so for the I-601A. Also what is your 5 year waiver?
  9. I highly doubt those numbers are accurate but even if they are it doesn't change the fact that if you file today, it will take at least 12 - 15 years for your sisters priority date to become current
  10. 1) An F4 petition for a USCs brother or sister takes about 12-15 years until they will be eligible for a visa... 2) Different processing center handle different cases not necessarily tied to your home state 3) Maybe 09 for september? Edit: Also where did you get the impression that it would take 8-10.5 months? If you go to the USCIS processing site, it currently states 98 Months to 127.5 Months for California https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  11. I ended up getting both done and gave both to my lawyer just in case. The lawyer initially sent in the one with the finger prints and photos on it (which I had advised them was the back up version). NVC rejected that one, and after submitting the other one, the one that has NO photo or finger prints on it (The privacy act one). NVC accepted that
  12. OP you may want to check out this link for some more information regarding the tax implications https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/international-non-residents/individuals-leaving-entering-canada-non-residents/deemed-residents.html
  13. I believe the NOA2 approval serves as the notification that they sent/will send the petition to NVC. However they have up to 90 days from the approval to do so. For me, it was an I-140 instead of an I-130, it took them 8 weeks after receiving the NOA2 for the status to updated on the USCIS status site to update to "... Case was sent to NVC...". However it only took another 10 days after that for me to receive my case number. If your petition was approved there is nothing you can do now except to periodically check in with NVC to see if you have a case number yet. I wouldn't start doing that though until at least 4 weeks after the NOA2 receipt date
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