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  1. Were you able to see this through your MyUscis account for this information?
  2. Hey All, So I am going to join this band wagon too because we are waiting for my husband's green card. My husband entered POE via Washington DC on Jan. 16, 2020. I counted out 120 days (May 15th target date) and our USCIS has not changed it's status. All the fees have been paid and etc. On the myuscis website, our status has not been updated since October 4, 2019. It just states, Case Was Sent To The Department Of State On October 04, 2019, we sent your case, Receipt Number ------------, to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at www.uscis.gov . The website will provide information on what to do next, who to contact, and how to inform us of any changes in your situation or address. Should we be concerned that myuscis is not updating??? Also my husband is in the USA with me working home-office based. Thanks for any insight!
  3. I was just thinking about this too.... Did you already receive your SS card? I guess the wait time is about 4 months...give or take...
  4. Hello! Another Swiss/American couple. I love how all the Swiss are getting roped into moving to the USA. We went through the Nebraska Service Center too and they do take forever. But, if you are not in a rush to move anytime soon, it should be OK. Is it possible for your wife to establish domicile in the USA sooner?
  5. Yea, it sounded weird to me too. Well, it depends on his job. Right now I am in VA. Maybe CA or Boston?! What about you guys?! Thank you so much for the clarification! Ok, then that is great. I was worried that after all this work we were screwing ourselves over!
  6. Hello All~ I hope that everyone is doing well! So, my husband was able to secure a medical exam and go to his interview today in Bern, Switzerland. He texted me what they told him about POE. We are by no means ready to move to the USA yet. Therefore, I was going to go over in April and June to help my husband purge out our stuff in Zurich and enter together in June. Afterwards, we wait for the green card and social security card together. However, the CO told him to process his POE papers next week (business trip and dropping our son off to me), continue his business trip, and go back to Zurich. And he can still enter in June because of the valid visa (6 months). The CO said to not be abroad for more than a year. Is this really OK? Thanks in advance!
  7. I did CBRA for our son in Switzerland. Yes, we needed our son's birth certificate for the process. In Switzerland, they were fairly quick in sending us the birth certificate. Once we received it, we applied for a Swiss passport for our son. Then a couple of months later (I was getting my paperwork together), we went through the CBRA process and received my son's US passport and CBRA in like two weeks. The only difficult part was to get a good passport photo of our son. Hahaha. Good luck!
  8. Oh really?! That is great news! Thank you for that tip. Does that mean after the medical interview he can just go back to the embassy to surrender his passport for the issuance of the visa?
  9. They are all closed as of now. The Basel one is gone from the list. So we are hoping that Bern will be reasonable and hopefully he can take on my husband sooner.
  10. The interview is for my husband. After the interview you have to surrender your passport correct? However, he needs his to go on a business trip on the 16th of January to the USA and the medical appointment is on the 30th of Jan.
  11. Ugh, tell me about it. We thought it was around 400-500. This doctor went rogue on us saps.
  12. My other issue is that my husband has to be in the USA for work starting from the 16th of January till the 25th of January...
  13. So the other issue i forgot to mention is that my husband is scheduled for a business trip to the USA and to drop off our son. Can my husband just bring the passport back to them?
  14. Pretty much a rant, but also wondering if anyone experienced this and how long before they scheduled anothed visa interview appointment. So, on Dec. 23 my husband's visa interview was scheduled for the 9th of January. Low and behold this is awful because as we are calling the doctor for the medical exam the earliest she can see him is on the 30th of January! Plus because of the holidays people are om vacation. Also the doctor is charging an arm and a leg at a whopping 850 chf (~850 USD). So we want this to be a one time thing. Still cannot believe that thia woman cannot squeeze us in for an exam. The embassy is telling us to try and make it to the January 9 interview. But how is it possible without the medical exam?! Any advice or thoughts will be great. Hope everyone had a great holiday and happy new year!
  15. I filed for my husband when I was living in Switzerland. Filed the I-130 August 2018 and moved to the states August 2019. I was a stay at home mom for two years and my extended leave of absences was ending with the county I worked. I came back to the USA with our son because I knew that eventually a) I would have to as the USA spouse and b) better to have an employment in the USA for the Affidavit of Support part of the process. Technically, yes I could have stayed with my husband in Switzerland during the whole process. However again, as the US citizen, I thought it would look better to show that we are serious about moving to the USA and start setting up our life.
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