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  1. Mine are in the 590000 and yet I got nothing...T_T My PD is the 29th of August. ugh.
  2. Are you sure? Online on the website it says that there is a $535 filing fee???? **EDIT**-Scratch that comment. I just see it now where it states that... "There is no fee for Form I-129F petitions for classification of an alien as a spouse of a United States citizen" Hahaha
  3. Called USCIS yesterday now that I am in the states! The guy told me that the processing time for Nebraska is 11.5-15 months. Therefore he said my case is still within the normal time range. T_T~~~ As of now my case has been in the process for 11 months and 1 week (USCIS guy told me). Hopefully things will move along!!!!
  4. That will be great! I do not speak Swiss German, but it would be nice for my son to continue his language development in Swiss German too. Please do PM Me! Random question...Which canton are you from?
  5. I am thinking about giving them a call once I am in the USA. Honestly, I did list the mailing address for the USA on the i-130 form too and our address in Switzerland will still be used so it is not a big deal for us. But, I thought that it would be nice for me to directly receive everything versus my husband handling it in Switzerland. I shall let you know! And if you find the answers before me, please let me know too!
  6. He is eligible because he is a citizen of Switzerland. However when I read through something ( I cannot remember) it sounded like if he has it NOW, he will have to reapply it later with the GC. So we decided that instead of doing GE two times, let us just do it one time once he receives the GC. Like I said, I may be misinformed. But maybe wait until you have the GC to be 100% sure????
  7. So my husband and I debated doing the GE process for him too only because I submitted the I-130 petition for him. We decided that it might be better to wait until he receives his GC and is in the USA. Even if he did the GE now, I think he has to redo it again once he gets a GC. I may be wrong and the people here might have better answers. However if you are interested in getting the GE, here is the link... Trusted Traveler Programs Good Luck~
  8. So I filed from Switzerland (zip code 8052) and it keeps showing up as an error because it is not 5 digits... Did you run into this issue???
  9. Oh wow. I was hoping to do the interview when I arrived at Dulles Airport in August. But oh well~ The 5 years start once I have been approved and given the Global Entry card correct?
  10. I thought that USA spouse has to mail in or call to request an address change??? I (USC) will be moving back to VA in August...So I can do it online? o_0
  11. Oh Ok~ I guess I am still within the reasonable time frame. Thank you!
  12. Ok. I will need to contact them next week then when I arrive back in the states. Thank you!
  13. I am confused by this...Why would one need a new account???? Sorry please clarify for me!
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