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  1. Yes we did have medical documents. They still didnt. I don't blame them.. If they issue it for us..I guess in future, people may use the same reason as an excuse. It was our fault. We learned a good lesson in a hard way for not seeking guidance on immigration. What's funny is that I am someone who usually look up and read a lot before actually doing something and I always try my best to do everything according to the law. In this case, I didn't because I was so upset and depressed about my dad's condition and I assumed we were doing the right thing since it was just a religious ceremony. Thanks everyone for the comments and guidance! Good luck to everyone!
  2. I'm glad they cancelled the visa while he was abroad. We didn't know that having a religious ceremony would be a problem. 🙁 we weren't legally registered at the time and that why we moved forward with the process thinking we could still do the legal registration in US.
  3. Yes I filed I-130 petition last month. During the second interview, My husband asked the officer what should we do now.. officer said we can apply for spouse visa. Hopefully the previous k1 visa issue won't affect this one
  4. I still don't know how they found out. They didn't ask during interview and we didn't tell since it wasn't a legal marriage . It was at church only. It was 2 days after the visa was issued on passport.. they called my husband and told him he can't travel to US with that visa. they scheduled a second interview and when he went, they stamped 'cancelled' on his issued visa. 😢 We cried for weeks after that happened. It took us a while to come out of it.. We got married at church because my dad was very ill and he wanted to see our marriage. We only did the ceremony at church. We didn't register legally. So we thought it would still be okay to move forward with k1 visa process. We didn't know that it would affect our fiance visa process.
  5. What is 221g?? We had the same issue. But I don't know about 221g.. what is it?
  6. Same issue here. Got married in Feb. Went for K1 visa interview in April and got approved. But we got a call from embassy two days later and was told that they have to cancel the visa. They called us back and said they got proof that we had a religious wedding. We were told by the embassy officer to do spouse visa
  7. Can somebody please help? I got married on Feb 2019 at a church in India. I couldn't register my marriage at the registrar's office because my husband and I had to return to our work place. My husband and I can't go back to India this year to obtain the marriage certificate due to unavailability of leave from work. (We both have to be physically present to obtain it) Do you know if notarized affidavits from parents and priest who solemnized the wedding would work instead of marriage certificate.. ? We have the church marriage certificate. We can travel to India hopefully end of this year or early next year to get it. But we have already submitted I-130 petition with affidavits, and our wedding pics. Our previous K-1 visa was denied at embassy level BECAUSE we conducted our wedding at church in India due to a family emergency while K-1 visa was still under process. Please reply.
  8. I never received any email from them. If u call them with receipt number and ask where your petition was sent to, they'll let you know. Good luck to you!!
  9. Those who received IOE receipt numbers fall under ELIS category( Electronic Immigration System ) Lot of people are saying that it's supposed to be processed faster.
  10. I just added my case to the USCIS online account using the access code they provided. It says "In process.. your benefit request has been accepted and is under review" Is that what everyone see? Just curious! Oh and I also saw a document uploaded by them. When I opened it, it was a file with all the photos I sent to USCIS with my i-130 petition and at the end there's a confirmation of my payment.
  11. Hey , so I called USCIS today and gave my receipt #. They told me my case is sent to Potomac.
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