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  1. Also nationalism in an Irish context was never about people of a particular genetic background saying that everyone else should leave, or get out of their country. The Irish were more against British domination.
  2. Well the IRA sure call themselves nationalists, but unlike the UVF, for example, they were not a sectarian organization.
  3. Well not exactly. The symbol existed before then. It is perfect though. Fascists use the symbol, are photographed using, but then claim it is not really what you think. This allows them to both troll the left, by saying the left are just being paranoid, and it gives them a certain level of deniability.
  4. I don't know. I have never met a liberal fascist, and I am pretty sure, if there are any, regular fascists greatly out number them, by several orders of magnitude.
  5. Very odd thread title. It almost sounds like a football match, and not the slaughter of innocent people.
  6. I am not sure what the problem is. He was a member of a hacker group? So what? Why should I care?
  7. P.s. I wasn't around back when slavery was a thing, but some of people here, kind of the give the impression that they were, just going by their old fashioned views. P.p.s. the Democratic party of the 19th century is significantly different from the 21st century version. Same goes for the party of Lincoln.
  8. He said land owners, not home owners. Yes, home owners obviously do typically own the land their home is built on, but usually when people refer to land ownership, they are referring to farm land. At any rate, I can't fathom why anyone would be in favor of the disenfranchisement of a significant portion of the population.
  9. Terrible idea. Sure, let's give all political power to a tiny elite, and allow them to completely control our lives. Whilst there at it, why not bring back slavery. The founders seemed okay with slavery after all. No thanks, if this is what you mean, when you say someone possesses good common sense, then I don't think I want any of said common sense.
  10. Wow, I just got a serious case of dajavoo. It's almost as I read the above someplace else. Weird.
  11. So you're saying you don't have an astroid named after you, then? I suspect you haven't majored in international relations and economics either? Only stupid people graduate cum laude as well, am I wrong?
  12. Occasional cortex seems to be holding her own , perhaps she isn't as stupid as people like to claim. On a side note. Did you know AOC has a small astroid named after her? How many of you, can claim that? https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1106346140176449536?s=20
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