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  1. Thank you.. I haven't really been keeping up with current events. I am just sitting here patiently waiting for Trump to go down in flames. Poor guy has a whole crew of snitches.
  2. Looks like everything we've been saying about Trump's corruption has been pretty spot on. at this point releasing his tax returns would just get him into more trouble.
  3. My family is from the DC/Baltimore area, so a lot of them have federal government jobs. Trust me, real people, are really feeling the pain.
  4. Yeah those sounds will never go away, there will always be a market for high performance cars.. my personal favorites are from group b rally. The Audi S2s from that period sound heavenly.
  5. Are we talking about hyrbids or EVs.. I believe the Prius is only electric up to certain mpg.. so if you do alot of city driving the Prius becomes more practical. While the TDI is more efficient on the highway. The volt is not a "hybrid" persay... it's an extended range EV. So it's always running off it's battery. As long as you have a charge you will save money, and even when you don't have a charge. The engine only runs when the battery is under a heavy load with 2kWh left(with one exception of outside temps being sub 25). But yes you have to drive your EV for about 5 years to recoupe the lost saving via gas prices.. But but.. EVs are way less wear and tear on brake pads and rotors and they don't require frequent liquid changes.
  6. You mean EVs are more subsidized right now.ICE engines have been heavily subsidized for a 100 years. It would be kind of silly to invest heavily with public funds in an already developed technology. Yes, you are right. the original energy sources are not 0 emssions. We would have to have our whole grid running off of renewable (work in progress). but... Still more efficient than 100k little generators in uncontrolled settings. Yes .. your concerns are reasonable/valid. But i thinks more about controlling emission than bringing it down to 0.. smog can put a pretty heavy health burden on an economy.
  7. A drop in the bucket compared to the billions of phones in use today. We are also not including other consumer products as well as commerical vehicles that use bigger batteries. EV is only about 1or 2 percent of the car market, so you have to keep things in persepective.
  8. This is frequently brought up by anti-EV advocates. Not really a valid argument considering the phone you use is also using lithium ion.. and the petroleum infrastucture uses a significant amount of energy. I think you are forgetting that ICE engines are nothing but inefiecient generators, that are being used in uncontrolled settings.
  9. Most big industries are heavily supplemented by the government, including petroleum. Some economies really REALY need 0 emissions and are willing to pay heavy premiums for such products.
  10. Sigh... The volt did what it was supposed to do. Government paid R&D.. now GM has some of the top EV and automonous systems around. The biggest downside about the Volt is the fact that it's using a Chevy cruzish platform and the existence of the Bolt EV(stealing sales). It would be one of the best cars under 50k if it's Voltec was implimented in a blazer or equinox.( Something theyve been planning on doing after the volt was finished with it's last cycle) It also doesn't help that it's made at DHAM with a whole host of other underperforming ICE cars. Don't listen to Breitbart... Definition of fake news.
  11. Bushs economy was on a downslope, due to multiple factors. Mainly the generations before mine taking advantage of subprime loan market. Bush was just a catalyst for fisical irresponsiblity. What Victories over isis? It's impossible to kill terrorism with a bullet.
  12. I'm ok with having a mixed bag. however I'm not okay with people crediting all of the gains to towards Trump knowing that he inherited a good economy. And i also agree with the presidents impact being minimal ,depending on the industry of course.. Michigan(and the Midwest) has benefited alot from Obama's intervention, without the bail out... who know where the Midwest would be.
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