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  1. The Affidavit of Support Form I-134 is needed upon the interview and you should bring this along with the NOA1, NOA2, and the other documents you have submitted during the first filing. See the Ireland Consulate Review section https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=29406 here in VJ and you’ll find loads of information there about the interview process. There are also some recent K1 interviews which are really helpful. Hope that helps!
  2. Hi! I have read it from the review here that they had the interview scheduled before they did the medical. "My medical appointment was after the interview, which she confirmed was alright. " -, " She reiterated to upload the tax documents as soon as possible, and to send the passport via courier as soon as the medical is completed. ", https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=368129 Maybe you can also ask them, or visit their profile.. they might be able to help you
  3. I find it quite confusing as well. I checked it but I still can't find it 🥲 It's okay though! Oooof seven long months! I think Dublin had issued 0 visas from Aug to Nov 2020 and only issued like 5 visas for March 2021. But you're almost there! Can I send you a dm if I have questions in the future? Thanks in advance! ☺️
  4. Thank you for the kind offer! First time I came across with someone from PH here in Ireland ongoing with the same process If you don't mind me asking, I actually visited your timeline but I saw that you didn't have one yet.. How long did it take you before you received your NOA-2?
  5. Great! Me too. 🇵🇭 But we just started our application.. still a long way to go. Good for you you're on the medical stage already. I hope everything goes well.. and fast! Best of luck!
  6. Hi! I know someone who is also in Ireland and is on the process of getting vaccinations for her F2A process. She had no copy of her vaccination records so she had her vaccinations done in Dublin at Travel Health Clinic. I think Mater does vaccinations as well but the difference is the price, I just don’t know how much. The GP will then provide the record of the vaccinations. Also, I am starting on the process of K1 visa and I have the same situation as you as I only have my passport extended and not renewed. I’m following your post in case you get answers about that. Just wondering if you’re from the PH?
  7. Hi. From what I read it depends on the receipt number they send you. Ours was WACxxxxx so it is at California Service Center. SRC - Texas Service Center (TSC) LIN - Nebraska Service Center (NSC) WAC - California Service Center (CSC) EAC - Vermont Service Center (VSC) MSC - Missouri Service Center (MSC) NBC - National Benefits Center (NBC)
  8. Yup in Dublin! But I didn’t see any announcement that they’re resuming the K1 processes? I have seen though for March 2021 they have only issued 5 visas. But I’m still positive though that they will once the lockdown is lifted But I guess in London they have commenced already. And good news, my fiancé received the text from USCIS today. We got our NOA-1 too!
  9. Hi KSVJ! That's good news! Ours was delivered 2/4 and they cashed our check today. I hope we get our NOAs soon! Thanks for your update. I'm following your timeline
  10. Hi! I think we're in the same boat! Here in Ireland with the ongoing level 5 lockdown, they haven't announced yet that they're doing K1s. Let's just hope that by the time they review our case, some rules have changed and they're somehow back to they're normal processing.
  11. Thank you! I think it is safer now that we. just stick to the process of. K1 instead of me applying for tourist visa since I. will have to fill out a D160 form for that again anyway.I definitely don't want to. have a record of being denied. Much better for him to visit me for the meantime. Thank you so much!
  12. I am currently working as a nurse here in Ireland and I also have a residence permit so I hope that suffice as strong ties?
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