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  1. I updated the PNW - N-400 Naturalization Historical Case Load Data Spreadsheet with the new 2022 Q3 (which goes from 01APR2022-30JUN2022). For the first time, we start to see the ramp up that is obvious in the Seattle Tracking Spreadsheet. Total pending cases in Seattle dropped by over 4,400 despite receiving over 4,200 cases. That's a change of 8,600 cases! Considering that 6,900 cases were decided in Seattle, that leaves 1,700 cases which were either withdrawn (VERY rare) or transferred to another location. Looking at Yakima, it is clear that they received some of those transferred cases as there are around 1,000 excess cases beyond what they received. As for the entire PNW, we see 833 cases which aren't accounted for (either withdrawn or transferred). My hunch is we are starting to see the impact of remote interviews with the 833 cases being cases which were transferred out of the region for remote interviews and the increase at Yakima also representing transferred cases. Basically, we are starting to see them actually load balance between FOs!
  2. Check the Google Sheets document (also put your data in there). Looks like it is running around 4-5months at this point. Sorry if it came across that I implied you were lying. I was said that because you are the first that I have heard to be told that. I have heard people at 2:45PM being told their case wouldn't be done before the last oath ceremony but not that they ran out of slots. It is a new wrinkle that has to be taken into consideration.
  3. I don't think anyone knows for certain. I've never heard someone told "all of the slots were full". Historically,I would say that your times were just fine provided there were no issues with biometrics and the officer had your case file.
  4. For my wife, it was a matter of minutes. Before she could even call me to say she passed, the egov.usvis.gov site sent me a series of messages saying she was approved, that her oath ceremony would be scheduled, and that her oath ceremony was scheduled (it was a same day oath).
  5. You should be able to get a passport in that amount of time, my wife was able to get hers in less than a week. After you have done your oath, call 1-877-487-2778 which is the scheduling line for Urgent Travel Service Passport Service. The hours for the line are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, Mondays through Fridays. My wife called on a Wed evening and was able to get an appointment for Friday morning. At the appointment, they will determine, based on your travel details, if you need same day service or can wait two business days to receive your passport. Make sure you bring all of the necessary stuff with you (passport photos, proof of travel, payment, etc.). From there, you will return to the office either later in the day or two days later to pick up your passport.
  6. Benefits: The passport card is cheap and, in some scenarios, you can leave the full passport at home. Downsides: None
  7. Congratulations! Also, that is amazing news that your spouse could attend. I was not allowed to attend when my wife had her ceremony, so that changed recently!
  8. To be clear it was my wife's biometrics and yes hers were waived. Also, neither of us are close to senior citizen in age. At the time she applied, they were waiving the vast majority of biometrics. Waiving biometrics means your dad doesn't have to go in to get his fingerprints taken again, they will reuse the prints taken in a previous case to perform the background checks. They do not waive the fee because most of that goes for the aforementioned background checks. That being said, when you dad goes for his interview, they will take his biometrics again and confirm they match the ones previously on file.
  9. Let's keep it here so it can potentially help others. The number she called is 1-877-487-2778; the hours for that number are 8am to 10pm Eastern time. It is a national scheduling line, not a direct line to the local office. If you call and don't get the phone tree, then something is wrong.
  10. My wife was able to get an Urgent Travel Service appointment at a local facility for two days after her oath. She had her passport in two business days after that. She called the appointment line, the same evening she took her oath and was able to schedule said appointment. You have to be traveling with 14 days or 28 days if you need a visa. Travel within 14 days or 28 days if a visa is needed. This is correct. The price is the exact same as an expedited passport application. It seems like appointments are starting to get easier to find (that or my wife got insanely lucky). My wife called the same day she had her oath (in the evening), got an appointment for two days later and had her passport two business days after that.
  11. It is extremely common for them to do a combo interview, but not 100% guaranteed. The general rule is come prepared for one, including bring your spouse (even though they won't be allowed in until the officer requests them).
  12. Same day oath depends on several factors: First and foremost, your field office. Some field offices do same-day oaths and some do not. If your field office does same-day oaths and some do not. The time of your interview. For field offices that do same day oath, there is usually a cut-off time, after which, they will stop doing same day oaths and will schedule you for another day. How long the various final processing for you case taking to complete. For example, when you go in, you may have to refresh/verify your biometrics. If there is a problem with verifying your biometrics it may have to be done manually which can take some time. ALL of the processing on your case has to be complete by the aforementioned cut-off time or they will schedule your oath to another day. Are you changing your name? If I remember correctly, name changes require a judicial oath ceremony which are not typically done same day. Does the officer have your case file? This applies more for the new video interviews where sometimes the officer doesn't have the original copy of your case file yet (they only have the digital versions). Without the full case file, they cannot finalize your approval and schedule your oath. Long story short, if you have a morning or lunchtime interview at a field office that does same day oaths and your case is pretty straightforward then it is very likely that you will have a same day oath. For my wife, at the Seattle FO, after her video interview was complete and she was approved, the assistant came in and direct her down to queue up for her oath ceremony. The ceremony consisted of 10-15 people and it seemed that they were doing them every 30min to 1h. When she went in, they took her green cards (current and expired) and other things like that and gave her the New Citizen packet of info. When it was done, as she walked out, there were already 5 more people queued up for the next ceremony.
  13. Yeah, for my wife's case, they didn't ask to see a single piece of evidence about me, they didn't even ask for our marriage certificate. They mainly asked for evidence showing we were still married (bank account, lease, tax returns) and the rest was all about her. That being said, all of the evidence about me is within scope and the CAN ask for it, if they want.
  14. Correct, the Seattle Passport Agency. To clarify, this was the Urgent Travel Service (international travel within 14 days of the appointment or within 28 days if a visa is needed) and not the Life-Or-Death Emergency Service. To provide proof of travel within 28 days (since she needs a visa), she just had to provide a copy of our already booked flight itinerary. I had heard the same thing and honestly thought there was zero chance of getting an appointment that late in the day but figured why not try. As I mentioned, despite the phone tree warning that hold times were over 60 minutes, a rep answered right away (literally immediately after that warning, in fact). Once my wife clarified that she needed a visa, which means you can get an appointment up to 28 days out, the rep offered her several appointment times with the first being 9am two days later (the appointment she took). Surprisingly, no different than an expedited passport, $225 in total: $130 Application Fee + $35 Execution Fee + $60 Expedite Fee
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