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  1. Sorry to hear this - though I would imagine any movement is good and signals more changes to come.
  2. No cause to worry. Nobody is going to have an identical timeline. Maybe they're a bit busier right now, more applications in advance of holiday travel.
  3. This is impossible to predict. I would say she has a very good chance of getting the oath on the same day because most people seem to get that, especially when they have appointments before 2pm. But there's always something that can go wrong with bureaucracy, so nothing is guaranteed.
  4. You can only get a US passport after your oath ceremony, once you're a citizen with a naturalization certificate. But if your travel is very soon after the oath (i.e., not enough time to go through the expedited process), you can apply for an emergency/urgent passport. Details here - https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast/passport-agencies/seattle.htmlv Some people in this thread have gone the urgent passport route, so if you scroll back some pages you'll be able to find info on it. It's definitely still cutting it close to your travel in Nov because it's hard to predict how soon your oath ceremony will be scheduled.
  5. This seems like it's actually moving along quite quickly. They transferred the I-751 case only a couple of days after your N400 interview, and they approved it yesterday. So I think you're on track to hear about the oath ceremony soon. You could reach out to your senator/representative and ask them to inquire for you - that usually gets a case going. But your case seems to already be making its way through the system - it's just hard to predict if it'll be complete within the next two weeks. You may want to look into getting an emergency passport for your Nov 23 travel - I believe those can be done in a day or two. The expedited process is longer than 2 weeks right now.
  6. I scheduled the appointment on the USPS site, and all the document requirements are listed there too https://www.usps.com/international/passports.htm
  7. Congrats!! Also if it helps - I expedited my passport application last month and got the passport within 3 weeks of the USPS appointment.
  8. You're welcome! Yes, I brought the basic evidence we'd filed for the 751, just updated (there's a list of suggested documents to show marital union, like tax transcripts, leases etc.).
  9. Applied expedited + 1-2 day delivery. Locator 69. Sept 9 - Applied at USPS Sept 13 - In processing Sept 28 - Approved Sept 30 - Received! I'm amazed how easy and fast it was to get a passport. Exactly 3 weeks from application to delivery.
  10. Fun!! We celebrated by going out to dinner. I've been doing some introspecting off and on as well. It'll feel more real when I get my passport, I think. Did you apply yet?
  11. Ahhh congrats!! Yeah I wish I had known just how chill the interview process would be. I was so nervous about it for a solid two weeks before my interview! I'm happy for you What's everyone doing to celebrate?
  12. Congrats bud!! I'm surprised they made you wait so long but I'm glad it was so smooth, especially with the baby. Now you get to sit back and relax!
  13. Not really. Some people wait in their cars in the parking lot. There's also some benches outside the USCIS building where you can sit. It's not a particularly walkable area/nothing much around, but if the spouse goes away somewhere they probably won't make it back in time to enter for the ceremony (if the ceremony officer allows people to come in). I would just plan to sit outside and enjoy an hour or two of introspection, hah.
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