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  1. Congrats!! Can't believe it took so long. Do you think you'll still get the conditional 2 year green card instead of the permanent one?
  2. Great! I think under a week. You could also call and ask a Tier 2 officer about your date/time (that's what we did).
  3. If you tell the tier 1 officer that that's why you want to talk to Tier 2, they may not connect you -- they might insist that the Tier 2 officer doesn't know that info. Not sure why they say that 😕 But yeah, the Tier 2 officer definitely knows your date and time. We found out via phone too.
  4. Hamilton

    Future brother in law was previously deported

    OP, please update us once you've talked to your father-in-law! Or delicately asked your brother in law for a few more details about his 'deportation'....
  5. We printed about 30 pictures (a few for each year we'd been together) and the officer didn't want to see even one!
  6. Another email from DHS saying that there is no update on our case, and they are still processing it. 😂 Every time I get this email I hug my green card.
  7. What a rollercoaster of emotions! Glad that you got good news quickly after that message... and congrats!!
  8. on the plus side, if you wait 1 more year, you won't have to remove conditions. so it seems like it's almost better to just have it all done with at one go - especially since you now have an EAD/AP so it doesn't actually affect your day-to-day life. try and forget about it for a while!!
  9. it means your card is being produced! lol
  10. Do it! Can't hurt. How long does it generally take at the LA office to get an interview? And at least you have your EAD/AP now! It's great being done, don't get me wrong, but life is much more livable the second you have the EAD/AP at least.
  11. I know how that feels! Meanwhile, I keep getting email updates from DHS saying "there's no update on your case." Then I hug my green card a little tighter.
  12. I don't think it's a general pattern (because a bunch of people who got their EADs with no RFIEs back in November are still waiting for their interviews to be scheduled). But I think for some of us with RFIEs (me, Avinash), the interview has been scheduled pretty fast after the EAD. I'm guessing it's because our local offices don't have very long lines, and the main hold up was the RFIE.