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  1. Well, as a green card holder, you're supposed to update your address with USCIS within 10 days of moving. I know that increases the chances of things getting sent to the wrong/old address. I moved during the process and updated my address, and my card did successfully get delivered at the new address -- but I'm just one data point. And I'm a rule follower 😂
  2. Awesome! April is also tax filing month so let's see if we get the N400 out in the same month or end up delaying to May 😂 I'm guessing it's probably useful to have the tax transcript from this year available to submit too.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'll do the online app instead of paper. I hate mailing things. So looking at the N400 application's instructions document, it only lists a few things that you mention in your post. But if you look at page 11 point 7A "Other documents", it lists a lot of other documents like leases etc. that you should bring to the *interview* if you are naturalizing through marriage. BUT it also says "you may also submit copies of these documents with your application". So I'm not sure if people applying under the 3 year marriage rule are also choosing to submit all the additional evidence too. I don't want to end up submitting too little paperwork... Edit - here's the link to the instructions for N400: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/n-400instr.pdf
  4. I almost feel like paper is easier because we've done it twice and so there's a routine there that we can follow. That said, I think I saw rumors swirling around on VJ that the online route is faster? I'm not sure how one uploads millions of evidence documents online though...
  5. It really does feel that way! I got approved from LIN as an April filer the same week as another LIN filer who filed in Feb. And there are lots of folks still waiting... I'll be applying for N400 in April too! What paperwork are you thinking of collecting? I haven't been able to figure out what is needed -- it seems they may only need a few marriage-related documents (like tax transcripts?). Do we need to send them all the millions of things again (like joint insurance, joint leases, joint bills, etc.)?
  6. I wouldn't panic just yet. The holidays mean that there have likely been delays in the process both at USCIS and USPS. The Tier 2 officer can definitely see the date of the interview. Back when my interview was scheduled, I called and found out over the phone. So I would recommend that you try calling again a couple of times until you're successful in speaking with a Tier 2 officer. In the meanwhile, you're not in immediate danger of missing your interview date. Most interviews are scheduled at least a month out, so you have some time still to find out the date (either via phone or by waiting for the mail).
  7. Hi all, I received my 10-year card today!!! A great start to 2021. I hope you all hear soon too! My case was at LIN, which is supposed to be one of the slowest centers, so it just goes to show you can't predict any of this process!
  8. It seems overwhelming at first but it's very doable. Search the forums and you'll even find drafts of cover letters and table of contents that you can use. ROC is a separate process from AOS and if you file without a lawyer this time, all the correspondence should come to you.
  9. I didn't submit DLs because we had plenty of other evidence that we live together. But if your addresses on your DLs match, it doesn't hurt to send them in as evidence that you have lived together at a past address (in addition to your present one). E.g., we sent copies of past and current leases.
  10. I applied for an updated SSN card after I got the 2-year conditional GC. I've needed to show my SSN to new employers so it was useful to not have the DHS condition on it. If you're not planning to start a new job anywhere in the near future (or do any other activities that require presenting the SSN card to someone), I think it's fine if you push it off. Actually, most employers also allow you to present several other documents besides the SSN, so I think you're fine regardless.
  11. Thanks for this! Just wondering, how quickly do you have to file to surrender the passport after acquiring US citizenship? Is there some kind of time window?
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