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  1. Someone who filed a week before you in Sept just got scheduled, so you might hear any day now!!
  2. The fact that an August 2021 filer has gotten an interview scheduled makes me hopeful that all of the 2021 filers will be scheduled by the end of this year at the latest.
  3. Congratulations!! How many people took the oath with you today?
  4. This does make me hopeful! When did you file? I filed in Jan this year.
  5. So according to the spreadsheet, people who filed in July 2021 are getting their interviews scheduled for July this year. That means the wait time has reduced to about a year! Do you all think the wait time will continue to reduce? I'm trying to figure out the rate of reduction... if June/July 21 filers are being scheduled in July 22, maybe Aug/Sept 21 will be in August 22, Oct/Nov 21 in September 22, and Dec 21/Jan 22 by October 22. That's assuming they do two months' worth of cases every month -- probably too ambitious.
  6. Weird, my submission date is only 2 weeks behind you but it's still showing 14 months for me (3 year filer). GRRRRR. I don't think this prediction is very meaningful though. It seems like it's consistently 14-15 months from submission to the interview based on the Seattle spreadsheet.
  7. Anyone else here who filed in 2022 and is settling in for a long long wait? Jan 22 filer here 🤠
  8. Ugh I wish they would send people to Portland! At this point I'd be happy to drive several hours to complete this process.
  9. It also says that the online estimation is based on 5 year rule naturalizations, so it's hard to know if the 3 year rule ones are any different (longer, faster...). Congrats on getting scheduled!
  10. That's awesome! Man, I'd be more than happy to drive all the way to Spokane or Portland to get an interview sooner too.
  11. Thanks for sharing this link! If anyone else wants to watch -- the report about using more video-based interviews and evening out disparities in wait times across offices takes place around the 1 hour mark. Does anyone think this will actually happen soon enough to help those of us already in line? I feel like that's hoping for too much.
  12. Hah thanks! Mine switched to being "actively reviewed" within an hour or so of submitting the application, so I figured that was automated and meaningless.
  13. Hi all! Just filed for citizenship, can't believe I get to join the club for one of the slowest local offices!! The system is predicting 14 months, but maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised!
  14. Hi all, I applied this month too! System's currently predicting 14 months for me (Seattle office is slow), but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised! Anyone else filing in Seattle?
  15. Thanks for sharing!! After I posted, I actually managed to find my receipt from paying the fine in my email. Interesting to know that the court houses actually emailed you back - I hadn't even considered just emailing them. I might do this too just for thoroughness!
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