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  1. Did you apply for your citizenship (N400) ? You should try to apply that way your case speeds up!
  2. Well there are two possible scenarios, 1. After passing the test, the officer will give you a sheet indicating that you passed and your application will be recommended to be adjudicated, some officers take the oath there in their office and they give you your certificate in 20 minutes or The officer will tell you to come back a few hours later to take the oath with more people. 2. They will thank you for going to your interview but unfortunately they cannot make a decision on your case or simply do not take the oath that day and they will send you a new letter to attend your ceremony in the coming weeks.
  3. Hello guys, I did have my interview this morning in Nashville TN, I get there by 11:00 am and check in, after that, Apparently it was lunch time and no one did anything, I was the only person sitting in the waiting room for more than 58 minutes.I just wait and wait and wait until the OI called my ticket number at 12:02 pm. I try to be friendly by saying hello and ask him how he was, his answer was direct and dry (good), there was no further communication between us and we only went to his office. I didn't have time to place my backpack on the chair or the OI to close the door when he was immediately asked me to raise my right hand and swore to tell the truth. He immediately asked for my passport, green card and driver's license, my name, date of birth, SSN and address, in just 25 seconds he started asking me 6 questions directly, which I don't even remember because he did everything so fast and we jump to read a sentence on the tablet and write another sentence that he dictated (Alaska is the largest state) From my application he only asked me about my trips outside the United States, if I have ever been arrested, how many times had I been married and questions from 45 to 50, the ones that everyone answered yes. He asks me to verify my information on the tablet and sign twice, he printed a sheet indicating that I passed the test and wrote 2:00 pm at the top, He only told me that I had to return in 1 hour and 45 minutes for the ceremony and he took me out of his office giving me instructions on how to find the exit. 12:10 pm I was in my car without understanding what happened or how, was in shock. I re-entered the building 1:45 pm and 30 minutes later I was already a citizen. that was it, lol. I just have one question, how should I sign my certificate with my full name or my signature? I wish the best to all of you who are still waiting for their cases to be processed.
  4. Hello guys, I have upcoming interview in Nashville TN, August 4. Has any of you had your citizenship interview that can share your experience with me? I would love to know what to expect from this interview so I can to be prepared! thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. Hey Guys, I'm so happy A quick update : interview August/04/2022, Nashville TN, Local office. estimated time went up to 13 months.
  6. No update! 195 days case being actively reviewed. estimated time 6 months. Nashville local office.
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to know the processing times and experiences for those who live in Tennessee. I applied Nov 02,2021 based on 3 years of permanent residence, my fingerprints were reused the same day and I have not heard anything since then.
  8. Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ finally someone in Nashville, Iโ€™m too.I thought I was not going to find anyone in the same boat as me.
  9. USCIS can see everything using only your A### ### ### number so donโ€™t worry ๐Ÿ˜‰. It is always good to add your receipt so that they can see that you are aware of both cases and that you expect a response soon. The fact that uscis has transferred your case is a good sign that they are processing your N400 but in order to adjudicate this case they need to approve and close I-751.
  10. Hey, that means your case was transferred for 3 different reasons. 1. YSC has a high number of pending cases and needs to transfer cases to NBC for faster processing.( this has nothing to do with your N-400) 2. YSC They consider that you do not have the necessary evidence to adjudicate your case and require another interview. NBC is the only office that can process cases for interviews. In some cases, the officer at NBC looks at your case again and considers that the interview is not necessary, you only need more evidence or they simply approve it. in the worst case they schedule the interview. (Again this has nothing to do with you N-400) 3. NBC received your N-400 and you sent a copy of your I-751 receipt, the officer who is reviewing your application realizes that your case is still pending but since you added new evidence that you are still married to the citizen, the officer requested your packet to YSC to then process both applications. here 2 things can happen. (1) The officer receives your I-751 along with the notes of last officer who reviewed your case, based on those notes and the new evidence you sent in your N-400, the officer can approve your I-751 and continue to process your N-400 . OR (2) If the officer agrees with the notes, 2 things can happen. (2.1) schedule an interview for your I-751 only. (2.2) schedule an interview for you N-400 and I-751. In both cases your spouse will have to go with you to the interview Unless your I-751 is approved You will only have to take the citizenship test. all cases are different and unique. For example, I applied on Nov 2 2020 I-751 the office that processed my case was SRC and they did not approve my until Oct 25 2021 almost a year later, No RFE, no interview. During a whole year I saw how other people were being processed and approved by the same office. Why did my case take longer? who knows. Now with my N-400 it's the same again, I'm seeing people receive their appointment for their citizenship test at 3 or 4 weeks after applying and I'm here waiting lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ my advice is continue with your life do not stress that soon you will have a positive response to your case.
  11. I filed 11/02/21 online and I live in Murfreesboro TN, also I apply under 3 years of marriage, I hope they schedule my interview soon. good luck ๐Ÿ€ at your interview.
  12. Wow congratulations, so fast!! let me ask you, wha is your local office ?
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