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  1. I had my "Naturalization Ceremony" today. (06/26/20200) It took only 20 minutes and 4 other person with me. Returned the green card at check-in. Usually, watch video and sing a national anthem, but since it is a pandemic, family members not allowed, the officer read the Oath for us and gave the “Naturalization Certificate” to each person, check the contents and signed. that is all. I want to update my Social Security record, but since the Social Security offices has suspended face-to-face service nationwide, so I have to wait until the offices re-open. then register to Vote and apply for a US Passport as well.
  2. I had an interview today (6/19/2020) at Fort Smith, AR. (Passed!) It took only 30 minutes. also they set an Oath Ceremony Date at interview. (which is next Friday, 6/26/2020) Interview details - Civics Test: Q: What does the judicial branch do? A: reviews laws Q: We elect a U.S. Representative for how many years? A: two (2) Q: Name your U.S. Representative A: (Your State Rep.) Q: What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? A: the Bill of Rights Q: Why does the flag have 50 stars? A: because there are 50 states Q: What is the name of the President of the United States now? A: Donald J. Trump - Reading Test: Who elects Congress? - Writing Test: The people elect Congress. - from the N-400 Application: Part 2. My name / Birthday / Address / Phone No. / SSN# Part 8. Employer Part 9. Time Outside the US (Date/ Country) Part 10. Spouse name / Birthday / what country was he/she born? Part 12. Yes/No Questions. (be sure to read them before the interview.) *item #45 - #50 must need to understand
  3. I have a new interview date for 6/19/2020, originally was 3/19/2020. I just found out on the documents tub of my USCIS account. (I did not get a stats change E-mail)
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