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  1. Hello everyone, Before you say anything, I know I'm crazy. I know I should take a deep breath, I should be more patient, I should wait longer. I know so many others are waiting much longer than I am. I know my faults. But I can't do anything else. I applied September 2019 (My timeline is filled, minus the interview). Interview cancelled March 30. September 2nd, a new interview was scheduled. Interview date was October 7th (last Wednesday). It lasts all told 20 minutes. Very simple questions. Lovely officer. She even repeatedly complimented on how well organized all of my stuff was. I have no visa violation, and the only "record" I have was a parking ticket (which I even included in the original I-485 application). I even offered to submit any updated tax forms, payslips, but the officer says it's not necessary, since the I-864 was satisfied. She kept quite a few bona-fide evidence (100 pages or so). She even explained the conditional green card and how I can apply for naturalization after 3 years of receiving the green card, etc. At the end of the interview, she said (pretty much word for word): All she has to do was to run a background check, which she is not worried about, and if that clears, I should receive my green card in a few weeks. It's been a week. No case update and nothing else of the sort. Still says Interview Was Scheduled. This whole thing has been extremely hard on me emotionally. Every progress in the process somehow just leads to another step back. My (extremely simple) RFE took 3 months to process. My first interview was cancelled, and I waited 7 months for this interview. This interview seemed like a slam dunk. And now I'm sitting here seeing other couples getting approved on the spot/within the day but me. I know everyone is different. Every case is different. But I don't know what went wrong, or was anything wrong at all. The only thing I can think of was that my husband wasn't super aware of the forms. I prepared everything and just explained the process to him and had him sign things. But he answered questions about our relationship without a hitch, and we had a nice conversation with the officer. I hate picking up the phone to call anyone, cuz no one knows what's going on. I'm afraid that if I don't have a decision on the same day, I'll end up waiting till the bitter end. What should I do now, besides waiting?
  2. Hi All. I'm AOS from F-1 (cancelled interview since March 19). My combo card expires Feb 20, 2021, so my "180 days prior to expiration" is August 25, 2020, but I rather wait a week or so to submit the paperwork. That makes me fall in the "new edition" of the I-765, which starts on August 25. The new fee structure (so no more fee waiving for I-485 AOS applicant, category c9) starts on October 2nd. Let me know if I got this right: - Someone applies before August 25: Old I-765 edition. No worksheet (only for DACA?). No fee for renewal on c9 - Someone applies on or after August 25 and before October 2nd: New I-765 edition. No worksheet (only for DACA?). No fee for renewal on c9 still. - Someone applies on or after October 2nd: New I-765 edition. No worksheet (only for DACA?). Gigantic fees out the wazoo for c9.
  3. Submit within 60 days of physical signature date, valid for 2 years. I'm confused about those 1 year comments too, since the rule has been changed for years now.
  4. I prepared months before (I'll say it took up every weekend for about 5 months, but I'm the "everything but a kitchen sink" crew). I think it's important to list out what you need (let say paychecks, credit reports, joint bank statement, etc.) and start building up the load from there. It feels horrible finding that stuff in a weekend, and it opens up to mistakes. I'm telling you, I filled out the I-864 in August thinking I'll file in September. I found some silly mistakes that took forever to correct. So it's better to prepare early!
  5. Like you all, I've been waiting. My AOS interview date (3/31) was cancelled. I popped into the USCIS public webinar on the 18th to see if they have any updates (it's better to hear from the official source, right?). Like what I expected, they provided some useful information, but not much earth-shattering news. They also ended access to the webinar like 2 seconds after it ends :< Basically they go in great details to explain how to enter the facility (mask, health questionnaires, follow the signs, etc). But we know that already. Bellow are a couple things I think particularly applicable to me, and you: Since reopening, USCIS' top priority was naturalization ceremonies, then naturalization interviews and AOS interviews. They explain that since these ceremonies are shorter, safer for people involved, and obviously they can arrange for a bunch of people at a time, this is what they will concentrate on resolving the backlog first. They anticipate to be done with the majority of naturalization ceremonies backlog by the end of July before turning priority to interviews. They will most likely maintain 50% of the interview capacity per day to allow clean-up, distancing. ASC are expected to reopen around July 13, depending on local health orders. For cancelled interview: cases cancelled will be rescheduled first (Generally!!). Tbh I think it very much depends on the CO working on your case. A source on Reddit (a representative is having 3 clients with their new AOS interview - although they are all first time scheduled appointment, so that's just adding insult to injury. https://www.reddit.com/r/USCIS/comments/hbfafp/immigration_agency_resumes_processing_usbased/ Overall, I really hope there're rescheduled interviews coming our way. It will, just have to wait more. From what I can see on our platform regarding new event dates, USCIS is prioritizing: Naturalization ceremonies, then naturalization interviews, then AOS interviews. Hope this help you all.
  6. Prior to October 2021, all you need for domestic flight is a driver's license. If you have the EAD/AP card now, I'm afraid a passport is necessary, and the combo card acts only as verification of an "authorized stay." EAD/AP card is not on the TSA acceptable ID list. So a driver's license, or a passport with the combo card.
  7. Yep it does. Paused my I-765, I-131 for 75 days. Thank the lord that they did not restart my priority date, because that has happened many times before. Try submitting the response as fast as you can, they will let you know when the have resumed processing your application.
  8. We "will". I mean they have not. If the title of your status is like this, you're still in line.
  9. On the visa journey website (it's a tad more real-time). Oh and "My case is ready to be scheduled" and "My interview was scheduled" are completely different things. 1st means you are waiting in line. 2nd means you should receive your interview notice by mail in about 7 days. And also, please fill out your timeline. It helps collect stats, for people on the same journey as you and I.
  10. Congrats! It depends on your local office. You're basically standing in line to get an appointment. So if you're in Houston, NYC, etc., it can be up to a year until you have an interview scheduled (They will update to let you know). Check the "Processing Time" tab to find the average wait time for your local office. If you are concurrent filling, I'll just focus on I-485 updates. They process your I-485 and I-130 "concurrently."
  11. I used tax transcripts for the petitioner, and tax returns for me. Both were accepted without problem so far. I submitted the "tax returns" just the way I submitted it to the IRS, which means the 1040, with all accompanying schedules, w-2, all 1099s. If you submit tax transcripts, you do not have to send anything else with it.
  12. Oh wow that is truly disgusting. Those attorneys need to be disbarred for providing bogus services. After all, what is the point of all of this, if all you can do is hiding in the shadow and doing dishonest work. The grass is never greener on the other side.
  13. "On or after Feb. 24, 2020, we will accept only the 10/15/19 edition of the Form I-864, except those submitted by petitioners/aliens with a physical address in Illinois" I think it is the third pdf file, named "Form I-864 - Preview". That file is dated 10/15/19.
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