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  1. I'm kind of surprised as well to be honest... I would've thought that it was going to take a week at most. Let's hope that I hear something tomorrow or next week. I am hoping to be able to vote this year as well.
  2. Hi everyone, just to add a datapoint, especially for the people that are still waiting on their rescheduled interview. Field Office: New York (7th Fl), Manhattan Office (I am a resident of Manhattan) Receipt Date: 06/09/2019 Based on: 3-YR Rule Biometrics: 06/24/2019 Original Interview: 03/31/2020 - Cancelled due to COVID Rescheduled Interview: 08/31/2020 - Was scheduled on 08/12/2020 Result: Approved In Line for Oath: 09/01/2020 Let me give you all a bit of details about my interview and situation, as I am sure someone will find it helpful. My receipt notice had an issue with the date. It stated that the receipt date was 06/08/2020 and not 06/09/2020, which would get me out of the allowed filing window. This was due to the fact that in my excitement to file for my N-400, I did not consider that their website would not be on Eastern Time (yes, I saw after the fact that there is already a post by @Hypnos about it). A word of advise: if you are in a hurry to file, file at 12:01AM Hawaiian Time!!! (this is the timezone the website goes by). Anyway, when I saw the issue, I called USCIS right away and they responded 5 months later that I would need to address it at my interview. With that being said, the rep on the phone was very helpful and she confirmed that she saw both dates depending on which system she was looking at. Let's be real, we're dealing with USCIS here - so I was not going to wait for my interview to address this. I reached out to the Ombudsman, my Senator (Gillibrand), and my representative (Nadler) - as a side note, don't bother reaching out to Schumer, they never got back to me. All 3 reached out to the NY Field Office to ensure this was not going to be an issue during my interview and as a matter of fact it was not an issue at all. All that was done in Feb 2020 ahead of my originally scheduled interview. Now, fast forward to 08/31/2020. I arrived at the NY Field Office at 8:50AM for an interview at 9:20AM. The security downstairs was fast and let me through 30 minutes ahead of my appointment time, despite the notice stating that we should not arrive more than 15 minutes early. Another word of advise here - the 15 minute ahead may work for all offices in the United States but it does not work for the NY Office because they cover 3 different regions in the same building. I arrived on the 7th floor at 8:55AM and got in line to check in. That took 40 minutes. After that, I waited for my interview for 2 hours and was called in at 11AM. The NY office does allow you to have your computer and your phone - I did not know that and wish I had brought my laptop to get some work done during the 2 hours. Also, bring a snack and water as there is nothing in the building. The office is organized to allow for social distancing, everyone has to wear a mask on at all times, and officers are protected by a plexiglass window. Makes it hard to heard the officers and I really do feel for people that are not very fluent in English. Everyone respected all rules but that may be because NY'ers are probably traumatized by how hard the city was hit with COVID. I got into the Officer's office and as soon as I put my bag down he made me take the oath that I will only tell the truth and we dove right in. I was **stressed** to say the least. He pulled my A-file and it was fun to see everything I had ever sent to USCIS. Right away he asked me for the following: Green Card Passport Drivers' License (not mentioned on my interview letter) Social Security Card, if I had it on me (not mentioned on my interview letter) - thankfully, I had it Proof of Selective Service - weirdly, he took the original card and gave me a copy At first, the officer wasn't very very warm but he warmed up throughout the interview and I had a good time overall - it will be a nice memory. We then went over my biometrics info (full name, address, DOB, employment, marriage info, history of travel, etc). I had changed jobs and had travelled quite a bit between filing and the interview so I had prepared two simple documents on Word: One table showing all my employment history with dates, address, employer, and job title One table showing all my travels, with dates and counties visited, as well as total number of days outside the US broken by year, and percentage of time spent abroad He liked that I had put this together so I didnt have to dictate everything to him (remember my point about not hearing anything because of the mask and plexiglass) and he just added them to my A File. He then asked me if I was ever arrested or convicted - I told him that between filing and the interview I had a traffic violation. He asked me for the ticket and proof of payment, which I gave to him. Without any warning, we got into the US History questions, I got asked 6 questions: How long is the President elected for? How many senators are there? How many years do senators serve for? Before being President, Eisenhower served in which war? What is one promise you make when you become a US Citizen? I honestly cannot remember the last one Then we did the reading test on an iPad - I had to read "Who was George Washington?" and I had to write "Washington was the first President" . We then went over the 50 or so Y/N questions very quickly. Then I finally brought up the date issue and he told me "that has been resolved a very long time ago, it was good you reached out" so at that point I finally relaxed. I also asked him if he needed more evidence or my 2019 taxes (given that I filed in June 2019, I did not submit them) and he told me "trust me I know you're married" and laughed. At that point, I understood that the 260 pages of evidence that I had brought to my interview would not be needed. Then I was asked to review the changes he made to my application and sign these changes, I was asked to give a new signature for my naturalization certificate, I had to sign that I was willing to take the oath of naturalization, and that was it! I was given a form recommending me for approval. I asked if I could have my oath scheduling notice during the interview and he told me NY was still too backlogged from COVID but I should get it online shortly after, and I was on my way. Finally, today my status updated to "In Line for Oath". In regard to attire, I was dressed business casual, as was everyone else there. I hope this helps calm someone's nerves ahead of the interview and that you guys will have a good time
  3. Nothing was posted in your online myUSCIS account, in the documents section?
  4. March 31st interview here, Manhattan office, no movement at all
  5. Applied June 2019, had interview scheduled for 03/31 (cancelled due to COVID) and still not rescheduled.
  6. Patiently waiting for the never-coming rescheduled notice for my N400 interview
  7. Yes, thats what I was hearing but I am past that already... Let's hope for the best. I only had to wait 24 months for them to approve my I-751 in the first place 🙄
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