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  1. At last, here's my experience for my oath ceremony at the Manhattan Office on 10/07/2020. My oath ceremony was scheduled for 1PM and a line had already formed at security when I arrived at 12:30PM. The guard told us to come back closer to 12:45PM to go through security. At 12:45PM, I went through security and was sent to the 3rd Fl, if my memory serves me well. Oath ceremonies for the Brooklyn and Queens offices were in a separate room. I followed the signage indicating where the ceremony would take place, and got in line to check in. As usual, social distancing was respected. I got to the check-in window, which is directly in the oath room and was asked for: All cards issued by USCIS that I have in my possession (EADs, APs, Green Cards, etc) My oath notice The form attached with my interview letter I gave all of this, and then had 3 questions about COVID (Do you have symptoms, have you been in contact with a Covid case, have you been instructed to self quarantine). The officer then proceeded to ask me the questions that I was asked on the form attached to my oath notice and to confirm the answers provided. She then asked me if I had travelled out of state or internationally in the past 14 days. "No, ma'am, as much as I want to be in Miami right now, I kept my butt in NY because there was no way I am missing this!" Let me pause here to give you all two anecdotes from other people at my oath ceremony. Two applicants were denied their oath ceremony because they did not respect NYS-imposed self-quarantine. One came from Miami, FL the morning of the ceremony, and one came from South Carolina 8 days before the ceremony. As much as we all want to leave NY during these horrid times, we should all be making an effort to make sure to stay in NYS for 14 days prior to our oaths. The way I look at it, this is much much much more important than a vacation. And don't get me started with how everyone should be responsible and quarantine when they come from a high risk place... But I digress. In both cases, the officers were nice about it and explained that the applicants should be in quarantine and will not be naturalized on that day. One took it well, the other one not so well. After these questions, I was given my naturalization certificate and was shown to a seat. The room was pretty big and had 60-ish seats, all 6-ft apart. We ended up being only 28 people being naturalized that day. On my seat, I found an envelope for my naturalization certificate, a letter from the President, a pamphlet about the responsibilities of a citizen, a passport application, and a little card with the oath of naturalization, the pledge of allegiance, and the anthem. I got seated around 1:05PM and waited for the ceremony to begin. At 1:30PM, we were told that we should get started shortly and were waiting for one more applicant, who turned out to be the South Carolina person. When she exited the room, an officer kicked off the ceremony by giving us a few guidelines for after we are naturalized: Wait 4-6 weeks before updating SSA records due to COVID You will need an appointment to visit SSA Office You can apply for your passport right away She then gave a little speech about the importance of naturalization, and that even though this may not look like the ceremonies from pre-COVID with friends and family, this was important nonetheless. She then made us rise, raise our right hand and repeat the oath of naturalization after her. Just like that I was reborn into a (Franco-)American! We then exited the room row by row and we were done!! Happy to answer any questions that you may have
  2. US Passport & Card: 2020 Applicants =================================== User Name |Expedited|Sent |Cashed |Trackable |PP Received |PPC Received|NC Received |Location ramboy | Y |01/09/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/21/2020 |01/28/2020 |01/30/2020 |01/30/2020 |Boston, MA (USPS) Mounat02 | N |01/11/2020 |1/21/2020 |01/18/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/06/2020 |03/04/2020 |Houston, TX (Public library) Estrella | N |01/14/2020 |NA |01/21/2020 | |NA |02/14/2020 |Shreveport, LA (USPS) ramboy(2) | Y |01/18/2020 |NA Bank's Ch|01/23/2020 |01/30/2020 |02/03/2020 |02/04/2020 |Boston, MA (USPS) Stevo79 | N |02/02/2020 |N |N | | |  |El Paso, TX (Public library) OBX | Y |02/19/2020 |NA |02/25/2020 |02/28/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/05/2020 |Newark, NJ (USPS) Myrna87 | Y |02/21/2020 |N |02/25/2020 |03/10/2020 |03/13/2020 |03/19/2020 |Dallas, TX (USPS) Luis562 | Y |02/26/2020 |03/02/2020 |03/02/2020 | | | |Anaheim, CA (USPS) sidster81 | Y |02/19/2020 |2/24/2020 |02/24/2020 |03/07/2020 |03/09/2020 | |Dallas, TC (Denton County Passport Office) Suze1 | N |03/10/2020 |03/16/2020 |03/16/2020 |07/14/2020 |N/A |07/20/2020 |Tampa, FL (Court House) alexpop13 | Y |03/11/2020 |03/17/2020 |03/16/2020 |03/26/2020 |N/A |03/27/2020 |Cleveland, OH (USPS) Mounat02(2) | N |04/06/2020 |04/21/2020 |06/08/2020 | | | |Houston, TX (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77 | N |06/16/2020 |06/24/2020 |06/24/2020 |07/16/2020 | 07/20/2020 | 07/21/2020 |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) JaEnglishGirl | N |06/29/2020. | NA |07/08/2020 |10/01/2020 | | 10/02/2020 |West Palm Beach, FL (USPS) Anggva | N |07/11/2020 |07/17/2020 |07/17/2020 |10/06/2020 | | 10/10/2020 |Jacksonville, FL (USPS) BRgirlUS | N |07/20/2020 | NA |07/24/2020 |09/24/2020 | NA |09/26/2020 |O'Fallon, IL (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77(2) | N |07/20/2020 | 07/29/2020 | 07/29/2020 | | | |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) ME_RHEDZ77(3) | N |07/20/2020 | 07/29/2020 | 07/29/2020 | | | |Rancho Cucamonga, CA (USPS) crbabelgium | N |07/23/2020 |07/29/2020 |07/29/2020 |08/08/2020 | NA | NA |Columbus, OH (USPS) NEW CITIZEN | N |07/21/2020 |07/28/2020 |07/28/2020 | | | |Santa Clarita, CA (Library passport agents) Texans_99 | N |06/18/2020 |06/29/2020 |07/06/2020 | | | |Houston,TX (USPS) Volts | N |06/18/2020 |06/25/2020 |06/24/2020 |09/11/2020 | NA |09/14/2020 |Baton Rouge, LA (USPS) Neoblast | N |07/23/2020 |07/23/2020 |07/29/2020 | | | |Tampa, FL (USPS) TreasureHunt | N |07/23/2020 |07/29/2020 | | | | |Beaverton, OR (City Hall) Kiwibean (son) | N |07/08/2020 |07/15/2020 |07/14/2020 | 08/17/2020 | | |Boston, MA (USPS) alucardo3 | N |08/10/2020 | | | | | |Atlanta, GA (USPS) ianthomas18 | N |08/4/2020 |08/13/2020 |08/13/2020 | | | |Birmingham, AL (USPS) swissbuttercream | N |08/4/2020 |08/11/2020 |08/10/2020 | | | |St. Louis, MO (USPS) Neoblast (son) | N |08/17/2020 |08/17/2020 | | | | |Tampa, FL (USPS) thetrademark | N |08/4/2020 |08/13/2020 |08/12/2020 | | | |Decatur, AL (County Clerk) kp2019 | N |07/31/2020 |07/31/2020 |08/17/2020 | 10/02/2020 | 10/09/2020 | 10/13/2020 |Chicago, IL (USPS) lazy (renewal) | N |08/17/2020 | |08/21/2020 |08/29/2020 | | |RTP, NC (USPS) Leo Marti | N |10/05/2020 |10/09/2020 |10/08/2020 | | | |Woodbridge, VA (USPS) Simsim2 | Y |10/07/2020 |10/14/2020 |10/13/2020 | | | |Manhattan, New York, NY (USPS) Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting. Click "Quote" on the most recent/updated posting version of this list. Remove the "Quote Coding" at the top and bottom of the list. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] Make changes and Add Reply. Expedited - Did you choose the expedited option? Yes or No Sent - Date you applied Cashed - Date when your check, money order or any other payment was processed or cleared. Trackable- Date when your case became trackable on State Department website PP Received - Date you received passport back from State Department PPC Received -Date you received passport card Location- Local office where you applied for US Passport book and or Passport Card NC Received- Date you received your Naturalization Certificate back from State Department. Redden timeline after receiving the Naturalization certificate or any other documents back. Also added to Google Doc
  3. No family, the ceremony itself lasted 5-6 minutes and I had to wait 30 minutes in the oath room before it started. It was very quick. I'll write a full report when I have a chance to get some rest - emotions are draining!
  4. Hey, anytime. I came to my interview with a lot of documents: Bank Statements covering the period from when I filed for Naturalization to interview 2019 Taxes New lease for my apt New medical insurance showing my husband and me New assets acquired since filing for naturalization Letters sent to both of us as recently as the week before my interview Photos Travel Receipts Original of my marriage certificate Original of my Selective Service Registration And a bunch of other documents covering rom the date we got married I offered these documents to the Officer but he said that he did not need them - I had sent a bunch of documents as part of my N-400, and a lot as part of my I-751 which was approved just 2 months before my interview. As I said previously, he just took my Drivers' License, my Social Security Card, my passport, my green card, he kept my original SS Card. I am a worrier so I would rather be over-prepared than take the chance of the officer asking me for something that would have been readily available at home, but that I just didnt take with me. The whole process is long enough in NY to not take any chances to make it even longer. Also, with the pandemic going on, who knows if the offices wont shut down again... Better be safe than sorry! I did hear back about my oath. My interview was 08/31/2020 and I was given the notice saying that I was recommended by approval, official approval came on 09/01/2020 online, and I was scheduled for my oath 14 days later on 09/15/2020, and my oath will be on 10/07/2020 in Manhattan. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. Hi so did your timeline go blank for awhile? Had dates but then they disappeared and not repopulated yet...

  6. I'm kind of surprised as well to be honest... I would've thought that it was going to take a week at most. Let's hope that I hear something tomorrow or next week. I am hoping to be able to vote this year as well.
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