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  1. Hey, has your file status changed or interview scheduled? My status is stuck on ready to schedule for interview since April 2019 and Chicago is my local office. thanks
  2. Wow that’s quick. What’s your local office? We have been waiting for interview to be scheduled for over 50 days.
  3. Anyone from December got the interview date as well? Our status changed to ready for interview about 50 days ago.
  4. Our case ends with 751 but begins with different number. We filed in December 24 2018.
  5. I am one of the person who received status update that says case is ready to be scheduled for interview. Most MSC 751 around my case number have the same status.
  6. We got the same notification today. My local office is also Chicago. Additionally, I check the USCIS case tracker app and most cases around our case number also have the same status. Could the status update be an error?
  7. Has anyone completed biometrics? If so, did your staid update on the website? I check few numbers around my case on the app and they all have updated status that show fingerprint review was completed so just trying get a timeframe of how long does it take for them to review fingerprints.
  8. Have you tried talking to tier 2 officer? they tend to have bit more information about the file.
  9. Update on our case: received biometrics appointment letter today. schedule for 1/23/19.
  10. We received NOA 1/18 month extension letter in mail today. Really surprised how quick it was as the notice date is 12/28/18. The notice says fees waived, however, they did cashed the check that was sent. Has anyone else have same happened to them?
  11. Does anyone’s receipt number begins with MSC? What does it mean? I recieved text notifying of acceptance of package and receipt number but it begins with MSC and can’t seem to find any information about this.
  12. Hey Everyone, we submited I-751 on 12/22 and received text on 12/28 stating receipt number MSC19******* and status says that the fees were waived. Is this status normal? We didn’t apply for fee Waiver. additionally, what is my service center for receipt number beginning with MSC? thanks in advance.
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