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  1. Mine has the address from 9 years ago and i wasn`t even asked by the IO at the interview.
  2. Karma will come back and bite her dirty *ss. Letting it go is the only and logical option here.
  3. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings It states in website that offices will be closed on 19th and 20th. You can check office closings daily using link above.
  4. IF you don`t support or need the money, donate it simple is that. And people who generalize others are not wanted here.
  5. He would be out the door in 30 minutes and come to the hospital even if you are in a labor. Unwise to re-schedule it.
  6. i doubt, unfortunately most mortgage agents are not careful and only focus on the digits.
  7. Keep it simple, like your username, immigration is only worse when you start to overthink everything... Get an updated copy, let it go and enjoy your life and the house with your wife.
  8. Yes, my answer was to the post saying if someone is abroad for more two than years, they are no longer GC holder part. That` is not always the case IF one still has Unexpired GC. but like you mentioned it is different with expired GC.
  9. I personally know 2 people who was abroad more than 2 years (unexpired GC) and they came back , passed the border with no issues whatsoever. I was surprised how they were able to get in without no issue at all. So yes they are no longer a green card holder on paper but in reality it depends on the officer so it is 50- 50 but risky.
  10. Listen to your heart, and his actions... You will find the answer.
  11. Social Security offices are a disconnected network of garbage. it`s just riskier to send original certificate to SSN than passport centers IMO.
  12. They looked at my GC before interview started and confirm if everything was correct with form N-445.
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