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  1. Yes, seattle office does do same day oath. It seems that seattle office is doing same day oath right after N400 interview and you can get your certificate the same day.
  2. Hey guys! I just came back from my naturalization ceremony. The interview lasted about one hour, going through the N-400 application, taking Civic, reading, and writing tests. I was approved on the spot. Then, a same day oath was performed. I received my naturalization certificate the same day right after my interview. Thank you guys for all your help throughout the journey! Best of luck, everyone!!
  3. Does anyone know if Seattle Field office offers same day ceremonies on Fridays?
  4. Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you guys! Congratulations!! So happy that there are movements!! =D
  5. Yes, I just received my 10 year green card about 2 weeks ago
  6. I was surprised as well. I was expecting it to be probably next year. Then, suddenly I got a text update saying that my interview was scheduled. I literally do not know how the scheduling system works...
  7. Hey guys, I just got my N-400 interview notice online. It says my interview is in two weeks. Is it normal? I thought USCIS usually gives 4-6 weeks of notice. The letters shows my interview time is 7:15AM and online it says the office does not open until 8AM? I am a little confused... PS: my interview is not rescheduled interview. I was not scheduled prior to COVID-19. This is my first interview.
  8. Yeah.... I am surprised as well....not sure what's going on...
  9. I was not scheduled prior to COVID-19. So this is my first interview! That's why I am updating here so other people know that cases are moving!
  10. Hey guys, another update: My interview notice showed up in my document tab this morning! It will be around 7AM on 06/26. It will be a vert early morning....Regardless, I am so happy to be able to see the end of the tunnel soon! Is it normal that they have interview that early in the morning?(just curious)
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes for the interview letter to show up under document tab?
  12. My Estimated case completion time is March 2021(9 months) and estimated wait time is 8 months. Since I am scheduled for an interview, I concur with many other members that the time on MyUSCIS is not entirely accurate....
  13. Just wanted to share with you guys that I received a text message stating that my interview is scheduled today and a interview notice will be mailed to me. It is finally moving!! My timeline: I filed my N-400 on 12/21/2019 online. My biometrics was scheduled on 01/17/2020, but I walked in to have my biometrics taken on 01/02/2020. No questions asked. I hadn't heard from USCIS since then. Suddenly, I got a text message update from USCIS this morning telling me that my interview is scheduled!! I filed my I-751 on 12/27/2018, got fingerprinted on 05/01/2018. I had not heard anything till 02/03/2020. It said my case was transferred. Then it was changed to new card is being produced on 05/21, case was approved on 05/22/2020, then card was mailed to me on 05/27/2020. I will keep you guys updated once I receive my interview notice. Clarification: I was not scheduled an interview prior to COVID-19 so this is my first interview
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