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  1. I did go alone. Only interpreters are allowed for n400 interviews, even pre covid. The officer wanted evidence that I was still married to my spouse, since I filed based on 3 years of marriage. He was nice enough to let me upload them when I got home.
  2. Finished up my n400 interview yesterday. appt was for 1130, there was a decent amount of folks there. The wait wasn’t too bad though for the call up. Started off with paying out my lpr card, state Id and passport on the desk. Took the oath. Verfified personal info before asking me to read from the tablet and then write on it. For the civics test my answers were - war of 1812 - Pelosi - Pence - the president x 3 then it was the yes/no questions from the forms. At the end after the acknowledgment is where I messed up. Since I filed based on 3 years marriage to a us citizen, I was supposed to have proof that I am still attached to my spouse, which I totally forgot about. Luckily, the guy was nice and I had filed online. He said I could upload those when I get home,, which I did. I uploaded joint bank statement, lease agreement, etc. This morning the status changed to “oath ceremony will be scheduled” So almost done! Good luck to those still waiting
  3. Looks like they are scheduling Feb filers right now...so yours will likely get scheduled in the next couple of weeks
  4. Maybe your documents tab is updated online? That’s how I found mine.
  5. My case status hasn’t, but my documents tab is updated with a new interview notice for n400
  6. Fellow N400 filers! any updates? it’s been 7 months since my original interview that was de-scheduled
  7. They have to work on the possible 2nd stimulus package as well.
  8. I’m in the same boat. orignal interview was for apt 16
  9. Any Atlanta folks get their interview dates yet after de-schedule ? I got my bios done mid feb and was excited for my interview on April 16, but then it was corona time.
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